Exclusive | Small Red Substructure Architecture Adjustment, Community Department and E-commerce Department will merge

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Exclusive | Small Red Substructure Architecture Adjustment, Community Department and E-commerce Department will merge

2022-01-25 12:02:17 51 ℃

"New Finance" is known from multiple trustworthies that Xiao Hong Book has been adjusted in the recent organizational architecture. The original community and e-commerce unit will merge into a new community department. In addition, there is news that Xiao Hong Book Coo Connone is an e-commerce business.

"New Finance" is concerned about this matter, Xiao Hong Book said that Xiaohong Book said that the community vision of Xiaohong Book is a multi-lifestyle gathering, and the transaction is an important part of community life. The user's trading mind is to develop in the community, and the merchant's trading ecology should grow in the community. The merger community and e-commerce business, systematically organized natural iterations in the process of achieving the common vision.

This or means that Xiaohong Book E-commerce business will re-plan, reintegrate the network to the e-commerce link, plus the fusion layout on e-commerce and community business, and obtain more users on the existing basis. Traffic and commercial change pathways, expand profit models.

"Don't afford to help" e-commerce business?

Since 2014, the e-commerce business has been opened so far, the development of e-commerce business in Xiaohong Book is quite bumpy and has experienced multiple adjustments. Among them, the conversion is the split of the 2019 EEG Division. In February 2019, Xiaohong Book put the "Sanfang E-commerce" business in the independent e-commerce department into community brand (commercial) system; self-operated e-commerce still exists as an independent business.

Although the Mall is still an important sector in Little Red Book, its weight is significantly reduced. Starting from 2019, the community has become a small red book founder Yan Feng's foreign keywords mentioned more.

Since 2020, the small red book begins with the e-commerce executives of many other platforms to join the small red book e-commerce business. In the first half of 2020, the intensive recruitment of multiple e-commerce executives. According to the graffiti financial report, the senior vice president of the original mushroom street, the head of the live business, JIN Ting, joined Xiaohong Book; according to late report, Xiao Hong Book digging a large cross-border e-commerce platform executive, responsible for the front end of e-commerce La New, Victory; The other is the front Ali middle layer, and the small red book is responsible for brand account, e-commerce link marketing tool.

In 2020, Xiaohong Book also added a boom of live goods. Xiao Hong Book has also said that e-commerce live is the live form of the most small red book. But on the line for nearly two years, the live broadcast of Xiaohong Book is not warm, and there is no bright GMV data, and there is no emergency anchor.

According to the "2021 Little Red Book Brand Research Report" released by the Head Research Institute, 2021 small red book income is mainly composed of two parts: advertising and e-commerce, and the proportion of the two is 80% and 20%, respectively. The revenue of e-commerce business seems to be more cold in front of the advertising business.

Can a community and e-commerce binding?

In fact, the business of the merged community and e-commerce does not give up e-commerce, but it is necessary to build a shorter trading link by community, and leave the transaction as much as small red book.

Xiao Hongshi Electronics Business is facing unfavorable situation: stronger than planting grass, weaker, more is to give the e-commerce platform for weding.

In 2021, cutting off Taobao's outer chain, online "number", declared Xiaohong book, once again opened the barrier between community and e-commerce.

At the end of last month, Xiaohong Book Business School launched "Home Opening Plan", there is no limit on fans, 0 fans can open the store, further reduce the user's threshold of the small red book. At the end of December 2021, Xiao Hong Book also went online note function, and the account opening of the store can be inserted into the goods in the note. Users can buy it after breeding, ie graphic, short video belt.

In addition, it can be seen in some community projects that Xiaohong Book is intended to bind the community and e-commerce.

In November 2021, Xiaohong Book was on the first line of the first line, and sold more than 270 tide and tried to do e-commerce in the community.

In November last year, Xiaohong Book completed a new round of financing of $ 500 million, and the estimated value of over 20 billion US dollars, Xiaohong books needed a diversity of realization model to maintain development. This or the main reason for this e-commerce business and community business combination.

From an external environment, Xiaohong books face competition in other platforms. For example, the shake is constantly incorporating the grass business, launched a graphic function in China, and testing the cultivation of grades, strengthening the content of the creative content and e-commerce business. The Taobao's Taobao is launched in recent "Friends" App, and the positioning is interesting grass society, or generates activities with Taobao, thereby achieving the possibility of content with the goods; US groups also joined planting functions in the store, users Not only can you evaluate the store, but also a video planting, it improves the business's order conversion.

Whether it is internal development, it is still necessary to compete with external competition. This adjustment, the community and e-commerce binding can be effectively effectively, and still to be observed.