Buy Xiaomi or buy OPPO or Vivo, netizens say truth

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Buy Xiaomi or buy OPPO or Vivo, netizens say truth

2022-01-25 12:02:37 47 ℃

Last year, Huawei's mobile phone was hit hard, and the performance of domestic brands was the most fascinating performance of Xiaomi, but everyone really inclined to Xiaomi mobile phone? Nothing, the same price is still tangled in a small rice or buy OPPO or Vivo. I have said true words to this netizen, see if you have been said!

Xiaomi: Value price is high, but there is no reason to refuse

In some netizens, Xiaomi mobile phone is indeed the best domestic mobile phone selection other than Hua. This is not because Xiaomi has Huawei's strong self-research technology, but is the same as Android, and the same purchase, Xiaomi and OPPO, VIVO in the specific product contrast, the same price millet is still a more winning. Take the latest generation of Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor's flagship machine, Xiaomi first launched a representative of Xiaomi 12 and other representatives, and it was full, while OPPO and Vivo did not grab the opportunity.

In addition, although Xiaomi has clearly clarified the layout of high-end flagship products, and the REDMI sub-brand is not helping to control the low-end cost-effective market. Last year, Redmi K40 is the most vivid example. Its price is affordable, and there are two main highlights of performance and screen, compared to OPPO and VIVO's cost-effective models.

In this way, whether it is a high-end flagship, or a low-end cost performance mobile phone, everyone is a comparison, it is easy to choose small rice, and its configuration and price are very conscience, and people have no reason to refuse.

OPPO or VIVO: extensive development direction, brand deep into people

Of course, there are also netizens in the same budget, I would rather choose OPPO, VIVO, and don't consider Xiaomi. This is not a prejudice for Xiaomi brands, mainly because OPPO or Vivo offline store layout is very extensive, and people in the small town can easily conduct actual investigation in the physical store, and then start, always feel More assured than online, I can't see it, after all, a mobile phone is just thousands of fees. In contrast, Xiaomi's offline physical store is still less than OPPO and Vivo.

In addition, Xiaomi has the title of "grocery shop", and now it is still involved in various fields, and this "Guang Sang" is also favorable. It can improve millet income and market expansion, but we also weaken the influence of brand in the field of mobile phones to a certain extent. OPPO and Vivo can be said to be more deep in the mobile phone. In the past two years, the development direction of fast charge and other mobile phones is also very characteristic. The user-word of mouth is good, so some people are more willing to tend them.

all in all:

Xiaomi and OPPO, Vivo are all domestic big cards, and also domestic representatives, in addition to the development of mobile phones, the same price is the same, the same price is similar, and their experience is actually not too big. Everyone just needs to combine their own utility needs and focus, and then compare the choice, and is not strict. Which brand is not good. Xiaomi is generally configured high, suitable for severe players, OV is generally higher, suitable for female users, how do you see?