Go another one!Apple car encounters senior deposits, what PK Mask is relying on Cook?

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Go another one!Apple car encounters senior deposits, what PK Mask is relying on Cook?

2022-01-26 00:02:22 58 ℃

In 2021, it is a new energy vehicle brochure period. According to the media statistics, the sales of new energy vehicles in the first three quarters of last year reached 42.56 million, an increase of 139% year-on-year, and 3.24 million in 2020, the penetration rate has reached 7.6%. Under the driving of the head big manufacturer Tesra, the sales of new energy vehicles in the United States in the first three quarters of last year have more than 100% year-on-year, and the growth rate is very amazing.

Seeing Tesla all the way, plus the entire new energy car market continued to prosper, as a generation of scientific and technological overlord Apple can't hold it, early announcement. But in the past year, the Apple's car plan has not been expected to be smooth.

Recently, foreign media broke the news of Apple for more than 7 years. Previously, Qiaoy Bas, who has served as the Software Engineering of Apple Automobile Team, has recently left, transferred to Meta. It is to know that Bath is not the only one in the near future of the Apple's car team, and the loss is not the only challenge for Apple's car plan.

To become the challenger challenger of Tesla in the new energy car, Apple has a lot of homework.

"Grab" to make talents, how can I stay?

As mentioned earlier, Joy Bas is just the latest representative of the high-management of the Apple Automobile Business, is not the only one. According to the public information, the Apple Automobile team has lost 7 executives in the past year, and the speed of talent is surprising.

In February 2021, Apple Automobile Team startup member Benjamin Lyon joined the space company Astra as a general engineer; June, the car robot technology team leader David Scott and the automatic driving safety and supervision team Jamie Divis have left , Pushed this executive to the tide to a climax. By September, Ford high-profile announced the excavation of Apple's senior vice president, the person in charge of the automobile project, Field, also became the highest-level employee in the Higher level of the Apple Automobile Business Department.

In the second half of the year, Kevin Linqi, who took the car sector as the supervisor of the car sector, was regarded as a new hope for Apple's cargo plan, and Cook also expressed the expectation and appreciation of the former in public. But I have never thought, after 2022, the people of the Apple's car team still continued, Kevin Lynch did not reverse the battle.

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Looking back over the past two years of construction process, we can find that this is a process that is constantly digging for others - rejected - rebuilding the team. In the view of the Value Institute, the Apple Automobile Team has a rapid personality to change, mainly in two factors: the qualifications are too shallow, and the industry is too contour.

According to the official information, Apple has launched a code "Titan Plan" in early 2015, but the business team's crazy expansion is still a last two years. In other words, the development speed of Apple Automobile Business is not fast, which also reflects the accumulation of its poor industry resources - such as people, cooperative enterprise resources, etc.

Because of this, when Cook intends to speed up the car plan and crazy to expand the car team, Apple can only grab people from all competitors from all competitors - especially Tesla.

According to the data displayed on Linkedin, nearly 40% of the Apple Automobile Business Team has nearly 40% of the Tesla working background, most of which are still directly hop from Tesla to Apple.

But the question is, Apple can manage these technologies, manage talents, and other competitors can also be made such as art.

High-paying "mercenary" lacks the identity of Apple Corporate Culture, and cannot be integrated into the internal ecological environment of Apple. It is the topic that is constantly mentioned when foreign media sings the apple. From the current high talent loss rate, the relevant public opinion is probably not a hole in the wind.

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Apple's appeal to consumer electronically high-end research and development, technical personnel, almost a unique existence in the industry. Apple can have such a big attraction, in addition to the treatment and work accomplishment, high-end talents agree to Apple corporate culture, and even the worship of Jobs genius.

But change to this track, Apple's followers, I am afraid that the number of believers in Mask is not in a magnitude.

Of course, the Value Institute believes that the top talents of Joe Bath, Doug Field, etc., more or because of the real factors: they are too robbing, others are also giving too much.

Apple official online recruitment information shows that the entire 2020, Apple SPG (special project team, foreign media is recognized) has issued more than 300 positions in the Apple Automobile Team), mainly distributed in the field of road safety, robots, etc. And automation, quality engineering, motor battery research and development and other car software and hardware areas.

However, due to the new energy car and the smart driving industry flourished in the past two years, the core talents of the above positions are just the focus of the whole industry.

Take Doug Field as an example, we can simply review his hopping history. Join Apple in 2008, followed by Senla, senior engineer, was responsible for the core technology of Model 3, and then returned to Apple as a person in charge of the automobile business until the end of last year, the ford in the end of last year - this is also a place where he began to career in 1987.

It can be seen that Doug Field in more than a decade has been in the circle of several heads, and it is a talent that major companies compete. (Picture from PEXELS)

In fact, in addition to Apple, Tesla, Ford, General and other new and old car giants have also constantly showing high-tank loss, the core talents are excavated, but they can use strong talents, technical reserves pass these crises, and foundation The shallow apple is inevitably hurting the bone.

From this perspective, the Value Institute believes that the loss of talent is just a mirror of the difficulty of Apple's business business - due to the lack of industry-based, in the development of automotive chip and automatic driving / smart driving core technology, there is also a supply chain construction In the process, Apple will encounter more trouble.

Self-research chip and build a supply chain, two puzzles for apple

In all difficulties facing the car business, chip development and construction supply chains are undoubtedly the most difficult problem.

First look at the problem of the chip. At the third quarter of the earnings last year, Cook, who bluntably bluntly felt the shortage of the chip supply, and directly caused more than 6 billion US dollars. More importantly, even if the apple chip does not implement the autonomous research and development of all chips, some core technologies are still subject to people.

In view of this, after the 5G baseband chip supply problem is fell into various disputes on the 5G baseband chip supply problem, Apple will determine its own baseband chip. Plus the M1 chip that has been considered Apple's core products, Apple has spent a lot of resources and energy on the investigation of consumer electronic chip, whether the research and development of car chips will be delayed in the focus of foreign concern.

According to Bloomberg broke the news, the first generation of Apple CAR chip processor core research and development work is Approe Engineering Team - the team is also the main R & D team of iPhone, iPad and Mac processors. In the case of the core team, it is not necessary to feel a worry about the technology research and development process of the Apple Automobile Team in the case of retaining.

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Since Apple has strict confidentiality work on the production of the car plan, we are difficult to learn from other channels to the latest processes developed from other channels. Of course, the non-hole is not in the US media, or will give us some valuable messages from time to time.

In November last year, Bloomber broke the news that Apple had successfully sorted high-altitude car chip and will be tested in the California test team. However, in accordance with Bloomberg report, Apple is the earliest to launch the first unmanned car in 2025, and there are still more than three years.

Three years, there is still a lot of variables for Apple for catching up new energy vehicles, smart car opportunities.

Second, look at the supply chain status.

In the consumer electronics field, a "fruit chain" to create a "fruit chain", which is supplied to the apple, but there is no imagination in the construction of the car supply chain.

On the one hand, traditional car companies are generally unintentional to Apple to create a car, causing the latter to build production, supply chain, and difficulty in supplying the latter.

At the beginning of the "Titan Plan", BMW and Daimler and other car giants have refused Apple's cooperative invitation, indicating that traditional car companies have a vigilant and conflict of this intrudator. According to the "New York Times", since the announcement of the car, Apple has negotiated cooperation with more than ten traditional car companies. In addition to the BMW, Daimler, there are Nissan, BYD, McLaren all There is no olive branch that is handed over from Apple.

On the other hand, like the talents mentioned earlier, the superior new energy cars is also a scarce resource. Apple will admit in the entire market, naturally face a large resource competitive pressure. For example, as the Ningde era of the global electric vehicle battery leading sheep, there is no apple to ask for the US construction plant, and the cooperation plan of both parties has been stranded.

At the end of the root, it is because the new energy vehicle production capacity is in the climbing stage, and the main suppliers of Ningde Times have been produced in "explosion". In the second half of last year, Ningde Times and Tesla continued about three years, and the battery over 90% in the past three years is serving the domestic market. Apple's big cake is also attractive to the Ningde era.

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However, we don't need to completely lose confidence in apples. After all, these questions, Tesla starting phase has also been encountered, and Apple is still delighted in the supply chain. According to foreign media reports, in 2021, Apple's high-rise will visit South Korea, and LG, SK and other battery giants to discuss cooperation. Japan's Panasonic is also expected to supply Apple.

However, in the view of the Value Institute, in the face of the shortage of supplier resources in new energy vehicles, the seller's market dominates, Apple may need to change the high-voltage management model of suppliers in the consumer electronics field, becoming more open.

Tesla has been dealt with quite clever in this regard. As of 2021, Tesla officially certified a secondary supplier has exceeded 600, and it turned three times before 2018. But for supplier management, Tesla did not take over intervention, but in the way, support the high quality supplier + open supply system, continue to expand its supply chain team.

Tesla is more soft, and more open supply chain management model, which is a value worth learning from Apple.

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Want to turn into the car Tesla? Apple should seize two main lines

Through the analysis of the previous article, I believe that everyone also seen, from talent, technology, supply chain to the market's all-round competition, talking about Apple's car is always around Tesla.

In the eye research, whether it is from the development trend, market and performance, or from policy environment, growth potential, new energy cars seem to be more than consumer electronics - this also decided that Apple must cross Comfort zone, and Tesla come forward.

For example, we can compare the performance growth situation of Apple and Tesla in the past two years. According to the data of WIND, in 2018, the Model 3 price reduction and Tesla super factory successfully mass production is divided, Tesla walks into the transit growth stage. Data show that Tesla 2018-2019 Tesla sales annual compound growth rate exceeded 41%, MODEL 3 became a real phenomenon model, with more than 300,000 pieces of results a new energy car in 2019 .

Take the history, Tesla's current performance and Apple are similar in 2008-2009. At that time, the annual compound growth rate of iPhone was more than 100%, and Apple's stock price, the market value entered the high-speed growth period, and the city share has increased steadily to 16%. However, after 2016, the smartphone market shrinks, and Apple's consumer electronics business enters the stock competition, mobile phone shipments have fallen into a negative growth.

(Picture from China Merchants Securities)

In the face of such a situation, you can say that Apple lead Tesla ten years can you say that Tesla has a better future ten years than Apple. However, standing in Cook, the consumer electronics market declines, the rise of new energy vehicles is an indisputable fact, Apple can't sit still.

As foregoing, Apple has successively touched the wall in the supply chain and talent team, reflecting the huge differences in development and management model, which is a reinforcement of Cook and its team. In the view of the Value Institute, referring to Tesla's happiness, Apple wants to create a product that redefines new energy cars as the product of the new energy car is, to seize two main lines - to create a closed ecosystem. Dead smart software technology.

On the one hand, the software redefines the hardware, and software technology is used as the driving engine of the automotive industry, which is an industrial trend in the past two years. The most direct evidence is the upstream AI chip manufacturing enterprise and software platform, and it is increasingly important roles in the automotive industry chain.

According to the statistics of the US Road Safety Commission, 90% of the serious motor vehicle traffic accidents occurred in 2021, which allows the outside world to fully expect the future of intelligent auxiliary driving systems. From this perspective, we may also understand the impact of Joe Bas' s hopping on Apple.

However, for Apple, the good news is Tesla without an overwhelming advantage in automatic driving software, and the competition pattern of the entire market is still very open.

According to multi-party news, Kevin Lin Qi is in charge of the car business, Apple has always placed the focus on basic software and driving technology. As the main bone of the Apple Watch R & D team, Kevin Lynch has no car business, but has software technology R & D background, may be the most suitable leader in the current Apple Automobile Business Department.

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On the other hand, since the importance of technology and software, it has to mention the old line of Apple in the consumer electronic field - to create a closed exclusive ecology, which is the key to building a moat, extending service boundaries and income source.

At present, Tesla has been explored in ecological construction and gradually tries paying business model. In October 2019, the newly upgraded 10.0 software system, and the previously launched Robotaxi has achieved good results. At present, Tesla has begun to collect service / subscription costs for advanced connectivity, fully automatic driving, etc., and Apple iOS ecology profit model is exactly the same.

Of course, Tesla's automatic driving technology, the auxiliary software ecology is not yet mature, giving Apple out the opportunity to catch up. In the eye research, subverseded tradition is the key to Tesla Rise. In other words, Apple wants to catch up with or even surpass Tesla, it can't follow it behind, but it needs to make a more bold technological innovation bend overtaking.

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Written in the last

In November last year, Wall Street investment tycoon, Ark Fund's head, the famous "Wood Sister" Cathie Wood recommends the acquisition rumors of Apple and Tesla when they accept media interviews. "Wood Sister" believes that Tesla is blocked in Model 3 production capacity. When you are looking for external capital injections, Apple should put it in the bag, Masque is another initiative to contact Cut, but the latter hesitation Apple is wrong with this acquisition opportunity.

Today, Apple has turned into the chasing by Tesla, and the "transposition" of the two once again proved the change of the business world.

It is worth mentioning that for the "Wood Sister" broke the news, Cook once returned indirectly. At the end of last year, he attended the DEALBOOK summit of New York Times.

"I admire and respect for Mask and his company, but I feel very good about our situation today. Although I don't remember to contact Mask's acquisition." In fact, Apple's car can be successful,Will you pose a threat to Tesla in the future, and you may have no bottom in the heart.However, in the face of the reporter's repeated questions, he is full of confidence in the development of Apple - this is enough to explain that Cook will not easily "bow down", Apple will continue to pay the money..

Objectively speaking, the potential of the new energy car market has not been completely released, such as China, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia and other important automotive markets, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles is not high.It is now facing a multi-difficult apple, and the technical person is lost, whether you can reform the flag drum as soon as possible, and accelerate your own car plan.