Social e-commerce fell, the push passengers stood up: survived from live e-commerce style, earned 10,000 years from the month to the year

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Social e-commerce fell, the push passengers stood up: survived from live e-commerce style, earned 10,000 years from the month to the year

2022-01-26 00:02:55 58 ℃

Source: Visual China

Recently, Xiaomi has a fish, Jingdong small program Dong Xiaodian has announced that it will stop operation. In October 2021, the Taobao's Tao Ship has just shut down.

In addition to the membership system, this is a well-known name, for the industry, the above platform is also known as the private domain shopping guide app. Active in these apps to promote commodity links as a means to obtain a commodity order commission, and in multi-level distribution mode, the platform is a new practitioner is called a push.

In 2017 - 2020, social e-commerce became the wind entrance of Internet manufacturers, and there were prostitutes such as fish, peanut diary, and Fenxiang and other platforms, rapid fissure by the bamboo shoots after the rain.

"MLM" is the sword of Dhakeley of these platform heads. In 2020, the Chief Operator of Tao Shi was investigated by the suspected pyramid scheme. In the past two years, the wind blows to live e-commerce, further squeezing the living space of social e-commerce, and is attached to the East and small stores of the head e-commerce platform.

Senior Social Exchanger Practitioner Huang Jing tells his experience to the times. He has done a promotion, once promoted to the pilot tutor, and served as a head of the investment merchants of Jingdong Alliance, and the industry experienced the industry, and also witnessed the industry change.

Here is his readme:

Entrepreneurship failure is a push, double 11 days earned 10,000 yuan

I am a 80-year-old, the earliest work in the central enterprise, opened the road of entrepreneurship in 2015, opened a company produced, selling air purifiers, one degree of two thirty employees.

I chose online channels because of the difficult sales network under the construction line. The competition in the field of air purifiers, the promotion price of traditional e-commerce platforms is high, and we are difficult to withstand such a high customer cost. Plus the problem of product positioning, in 2018, my entrepreneur ended in failure.

After giving up entrepreneurship, I didn't find new jobs, and it was more embarrassed, and I accidentally noticed business opportunities in private domain traffic.

At that time, I joined some WeChat "wool" groups, and received a lot of shopping discounts every day. I started to buy buy. Later, I thought about why there were so many people who took the initiative to send shopping discounts. Group friends tell me to promote products. Commission can be taken.

I also learned to build a group, telling people who know, there is a discount, pull them into the group, and then filter the offer information on the Beijing Powder App, share it into the group. All items of Beijing Powder APP come from Jingdong, is Jingdong's CPS (according to the sales fee) social promotion tool, launched in 2017.

On the Beijing Powder App, each item will indicate the specific number of commissions and the proportion of sales, accounting for 1% to 30%. As long as someone points to the link I shared and purchased the goods, I can get the corresponding commission, the buyer can get Jingdong's after-sales service.

Beijing Powder APP

In the first month of the push, my income will be nearly 5,000 yuan. With more and more people in the WeChat group, I have stabilized 10,000 yuan per month. Sometimes at 618 and Double 11 nodes, one day revenue can reach more than 10,000 yuan.

The main points of doing the push is that the goods sent to the WeChat group must match the needs of members in the group. For example, the group is a young man in a first-tier city. Pizza needs to promote quality products.

Become a mentor from ordinary pushers, but income has not increased significantly

In 2019, Fenxiang, who specialized from private domain traffic, Dong Xiaodian was launching, I have joined it. They use multi-level distribution models, and some commissions of the bullet will be distributed to the previous level. I am desperately, I pulled thousands of pushers in one or two months, became a tutor of two platforms of Fenxiang, Dong Xiaodian.

In Fenxiang, users are divided into four grades, respectively, registered members, super members, tutors, partners, registered members can only buy money, super members can share money, the instructor can take 20% of the entire team And the promotion commission is 80% higher than the super member.

Fenxiang member level

Although the mentor commission is higher than the super member, my income has not increased significantly, and the bulletin is gradually lost. There is a problem in the platform itself. On the one hand, it is not attractive. On the other hand, the group control robot replaces people as the operation, the WeChat group life cycle is very short.

From the outside environment, live e-commerce in the past two years has become a tone, and sometimes a live sales can be sold for a month of small e-commerce platform. Internet manufacturers chase hot spots, and there are fewer investment in the East and Tao stores, and the support of the pusher is small, and my income will become less.

This product has a fish, and the eastern-storement is closed, and the impact on the push is not affected, unless it is specially relying on the distribution mode. Pizzas can be translated to Fenxiang, or there are many platforms that can make commissions. There are many CPS social promotion tools, there are no multi-level distribution models, and the pilots do not need to share commissions with others.

In my peers, there are a lot of powerful pilots who don't need to absorb the lower level, you can earn a lot of money, millions, millions. Some pushers have tens of thousands of WeChat groups, and the wall is all mobile phones, connecting the data cable, and manipulating through the computer.

Earn channels, business two money, one year to pay one million

Over time, I gradually walked up to the industry chain. At the end of 2019, the Jingdong Alliance founded the Merchants Group, I met the alliance's requirements for marketing, choice ability, and opened the investment group for the first time.

I met the golden period of the development of the Merchants Group. At that time, some people did two or 130,000 yuan to buy the quota of the Merchants Group. During the Minister of Merchants, I collected products that need to be promoted to the merchants. In order to achieve the goal of single product explosion, I promoted the commodity to the community, microblogging, Zhi, public account, shopping guide app, distribution mode app, such as Fenxiang, honey source, peanut diary, private domain The promotion channel of the group is still looking for a lottery.

I earn two money, on the one hand, send the product information to my own WeChat group, earn commissions, on the other hand, according to the sales comprehensive collection of service fees in all channels, service fees account for a big head, and do hundreds of busines for hundreds of businesses .

At that time, I was aware of China's business, and it was more passive. It was a small business introduced me through a friend introduction or an e-commerce platform. I took the initiative to contact me. My name is smaller, there is no big brand to find the door.

At that time, I only had an assistant, the business is small, if the team, the business can double, the famous gas can be done. A total of more than 10 million yuan in 2020, went to the ceiling of the personal team, decided to study in the industry, pave the way in the future.

Short video reaches people to the most powerful channel, start to create a personal IP

At the end of 2020, I joined the old shopping guide platform worth buying the group's team leader team, responsible for providing the brand / merchants to provide full-channel goods service, bringing performance increments for listed companies, and brings a large product to the company.

Our team has nearly 100 people, there is a special person responsible for choosing, I will take these goods to match the channel, such as pet food, match the channels of promoting pet products, talking about single price coupons, commissions, service charges. I am responsible for docking, the external channels such as hanging, fast hands, Weibo, Zhizhi, etc.

I am responsible for the channels of docking, short video is more powerful, they have to charge commissions, service fees, and pit fees, they also press prices very low, while other channels only need commissions, service charges. But there is no way, the number of live goods goods is limited, and the merchants rushed to broadcast.

When docking the short video, we will encounter a lot of "pit". For example, some people don't have goods, fans have no purchase power, the merchants spend 300,000 yuan, please an anchor, the last 30,000 yuan of goods is not sold. Out, many people's belts are brushed out.

As a middle side, we will try our best to avoid these situations, choose to have an anchor in the capacity of the goods, if the merchant is lost, will lose the opportunity to cooperate.

Of course, this is not to say that the private domain community is not important. At present, I rarely operate the WeChat group, just send a single day, but I can get 200 yuan in the day.

Merchants attach great importance to private domain traffic, if the live broadcast, the process is very cumbersome, and the prices should be communicated, the sample, live broadcast is also guaranteed. Compared to the promotion of the community through the community.

And many push teams are very energy, may cover millions of WeChat users, with strong belonging. Of course, the community has its own selection logic, fast food, daily necessities, digital products, more popular, if the promotion car is definitely not good.

In 2021, I have created 10 million yuan for the value. At present, I have channel resources and are ready to get two jobs after obtaining merchants. Because the e-commerce industry is resource-based, all aspects of capacity, resources, I also need to learn. At present, I have left it worth buying. I want to go to the big e-commerce platform directly to docking the merchant. There is a company in the industry to dig me in millions of years.

At present, social e-commerce traffic is spread, the content form is diversified, and social circles is related to a trend: the future will form countless personal small center flow points in the multi-platform. So I am building my personal IP, do experiments in a WeChat group, operate with heart, the things you need, I can find a discount.