[Evaluation] NVIDISTUDIO creation is not limited!ASUS Ling Yao PRO16 out of the box evaluation

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[Evaluation] NVIDISTUDIO creation is not limited!ASUS Ling Yao PRO16 out of the box evaluation

2022-01-26 00:02:45 52 ℃

Author: Yun Yuna

Winter cold wind, I hope the heart is still in the spring ~~

I am Eun, hardware digital lovers. This evaluation machine is provided by a group who is unwilling to disclose, and more generous is that he gave me the opportunity to open the box. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks.

At the end of the article, I will give the recommendation index of the product, as well as the purchase suggestions in this assessment time point. If there is a modification in the future, please be based on the creation time of this article, it is 2022 months.

Today's out-of-box protagonist is the Hua Dan - Ling Yao PRO16.

Just in the past 2021, it was a year of display devices. The expansion of the industry has exceeded 500%; at the same time, it is also a year of laptop, especially NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series laptop GPU's rise, cooperation The new MAX-Q technology of Ai engun, allowing the "small steel gun" performance than in the past, and high performance is not a "silly big black" exclusive.

The popularity of high-quality screens, supplemented by 30 Series RTX laptop GPU's powerful assists, "Studio Design" concept, began to get more mentioned - it is also a thin office with everyone's consistent impression. What is the difference between the game? Let us see it today.

Out of the box

ASUS's notebook packaging design is often more important. The "Tianyuan Ji" of the Yuanyuan Youth Leaves a deep impression. Ling Yao PRO16 This change has been replaced by a simple kraft paper style package, but the Slogan "Wow The World" still reveals an extraordinary breath.

Although it is a 16-inch large-screen creative design. The packaging design is very small and compact, even if it is stuffed into the suitcase, it will not be very space. The power supply is 135W from Delta, the volume is relatively close to the iPhone13.

The Ling Yao pro16 has two types of black / purple, and this book is a very rare purple in the circular circle. A side of the "Mosaic" style, the bright mist, the big ASUS logo is actually a set of RGB atmosphere lights, cool but not divided.

The whole metal body, D-plane design language and fearless series are similar. Through the grid, it is more clear to see the cooling 2 fan 2 heat pipe (ASUS official name "Ice Pipe Plus").

The machine can be easily opened, but it cannot be opened 180 °, the maximum opening and consequence angle is shown. Similar to the famous Rog Magic series, it will take a little bit of the body after opening the cover. This design is not only "high-level", but also more conducive to the wind.

Two USB-A interfaces have been arranged on the left side, and the beauty of the United States is that the protocol version is only 2.0, which is generally only recommended to interrupted the keyboard and the mouse.

The right side is from left to the right, respectively, the advanced 3.5mm headset headset two, Micro SD, full-feature USB-C (protocol version 3.1), HDMI and DC power supply.

C side details, small keyboard praise! Now many 15 ~ 16-inch lights have ignored it ... The keyboard key has reached 1.4mm and the feedback is quite crisp, it is suitable for long typing, the removal direction button is not full size (more influential to creative design Degree), playing game experiences will not be poor.

The power button in the upper right corner of the keypad is slightly chaos the border layout, but doing pressing pressure processing, don't worry about misconduct. This power button integrates the fingerprint recognition function, which can be used with this feature to implement the user's one-click boot unlock, and improve the safety factor is also convenient.

The touch panel is always an ASUS's "Black Technology" battlefield, which is well known that Windows system is not good, this is also one of the regenerates of many designers. The Ling Yao Pro16 has built-in DialPad touch knobs, which can be used to customize the function of various design software, which greatly enhances the touch use experience. After a while, it can be completely enlarged to the mouse.

Pay attention to the green NVIDIA stickers in the lower left corner, and Studio words represent this notebook through NVIDIA Studio certification, and the designer's common design application has been deeply tested, and the stability and reliability of the design process can be effectively guaranteed. Mark, followed by it later.

Power-on real shot, the Ling Yao Pro16 is equipped with a 4K OLED HDR mirror screen of a 16:10 ratio, but the whole machine does not seem to be too "square", the left and right bless width is about half refers to the upper and lower, and the upper and lower frames are three times respectively. Refers to / one finger.

Configuration list

Different from most of the notebooks previously opened, the Ling Yao PRO16 uses 32G + 1T large memory + storage design (of course, there is also a lower version of 16G + 512G). When the economic conditions allow, I recommend 32G memory to small partners who have productive forces, 16G actually constrained 8 nuclear CPU performance.

The CPU is R9-5900HX from AMD, positioning a mobile end fending processor based on the Zen3 architecture. 7nm process, 8 core 16 thread, 16M three cache, acceleration frequency 4.6GHz, actual maximum can accelerate through PBO2 to 4.8GHz, but most notebook vendors do not open this feature.

The machine is a dual GPU, considering that the independent notebook users generally do not know, to the nuclear display. Soraw is the protagonist of this period, after all, in the past, it is often only seen in thick games - GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Laptop GPU from NVIDIA, using award-winning NVIDIA AMPERE architecture, equipped with new RT Core, Tensor Core and SM Multi-unit flow processors can bring realistic light tracking and advanced AI features such as NVIDIA DLSS. 8nm process, 2560 CUDA core, 4GB gDDR6 memory, support light tracking / DLSS technology. The acceleration frequency is 1035MHz. It is visible to a thin version of the energy-saving GPU, and ASUS has no open dynamic acceleration function - but it can be understood that it is not a gamebook.

Some small partners will be curious, what is the difference between NVIDIA's prefix? Knocking on the chalkboard -

GT / MX is entry-level: core scale is smalleled, and it is generally cut off digital creation related functions (such as Nvenc video coding units). Therefore, the positioning is "litter card", daily look at the video playing game.

GTX belongs to the performance level: the core scale is gradually increasing, and the complete digital creation is retained. When you have a chestnut, GT / MX is basically relying on CPU to constrict by CPU; while GTX can turn on the GPU hardware acceleration.

RTX belongs to the light chasing performance level: In addition to the GTX, the RT core and TENSOR core is added so that it can support light tracking / DLSS technology, which can bring especially realistic light tracking effects, and have stronger depth learning / AI performance . In fact, for the 30 Series GPU, RTX also means that its coding unit has been updated to the seventh generation, plus light tracking and AI boost, even if the 8K video clip has a heart, you can give full play to your creative potential.

Memory is 32GB dual channel DDR4, and the timing can be seen from 22-22-22-52, and the particles are Samsung C-DIE.

The hard disk is a 1TB version of Hissant BC711, PCIe3.0 * 4 channel, which is currently supported by the Ruilong 5000 Series platform.

The screen is also one of this machine and a distinctive place, from Samsung's 16 inch 4k 16:10 (actual resolution of 3840 * 2400) OLED screen, the maximum peak brightness reaches 550nit.

Combined with Spyder X elite using red spider X, measure its SRGB, Adobergb, P3, NTSC color gamut covered by 100%, 97%, 100%, and 95%, in line with the 100% P3 color gamut value of its propaganda - currently Mainstream consumer grade / gamebook, this value is usually 75 ~ 80%.

OLED screen original color is popular, and Asus has a built-in color management file. The actual measurement is 1.78, the maximum value is 4.60, which has reached the mainstream LCD screen. I hope that the color is as accurate as a small partner, you can get a higher degree by colony; you can also access the details in GeForce Experience to get better display effects.

The screen is a mirror screen and does have a very high brightness and contrast. Even with a certain illumination in the outdoor, it is also possible to use it.

Theoretical run points

Ling Yao PRO16 supports shortcut keys FN + F instant switching performance mode (the desktop will have Chinese floating icon prompts) -

Quiet mode: This mode limits the fan speed, so that the noise is controlled within 28 dB, suitable for quiet scenes such as library, self-study room;

Standard mode: The default mode is released according to the load intensity intelligent scheduling CPU / graphics.

Efficient mode: Due to the allowable range of the thermal ability, the maximum performance of the whole machine is exerted.

The following theoretical running points are carried out in the "high efficiency" mode, clean background (other visible software before running), running, no shifts, no heat.

I joined two comparisons, which were previously measured small new Air14plus and small new Pro16 GTX version. The main purpose is to show GEFORCE RTX 3050 Ti laptop GPU, compared to GEFORCE GTX 1650 / MX 450 two more off-site entry level GPU upgrade.

The old rule is put in front, and the detailed screenshot is put down. The little partner that is too long can only look at the top and fast forward.

CPU-Z is a lighter physical performance test, and its single-core score relationship CPU's mild single-core performance (such as switch software, web browsing); multi-core score is light polymer multi-core performance (such as compression software, multitasking office .

R9-5900HX itself belongs to the physical properties of R7-5800H, with stronger performance limit and energy consumption ratio. Ling Yao PRO16 runs out of single core 620 points, the multi-core approaches 6000 points, the performance is substantially equal to I7-11800H, which is equal to the mainstream thick gamebook.

Cinebench R23 belongs to a heavier physical performance test, and its single-core score relationship CPU's severe single-core performance (such as UI refresh, slag optimization game); multi-core score is seriously multi-core performance (such as video transfer, program compilation). Since the test load is longer compared to the CPU-z, the results of the Ling Yao PRO16 have declined compared to i7-11800H, but it is still equivalent to the mainstream thick game this R7-5800H, which is significantly stronger than the same creative design R7-5800H.

3DMark Time Spy is graphical performance test, which reflects the physical rendering performance of the CPU, but in fact, it is not related to the game; the graphic score can reflect the upper limit of GPU game performance (especially 3A masterpiece).

The GeForce RTX 3050 TI equipped by the Ling Yao PRO16 as a new generation of performance grade light chasing alone, performance has no huge progress than the previous generation - in ASUS did not open dynamic acceleration, so that the power consumption should be less than 5W, single The graphics card score is still close to 4900 points, leading the small new PRO16 close to 50%.

Here, this extra introduces the NVIDIA Studio driver pre-installed in Ling Yao PRO16 - Xiaobai players actually understand it into "workstation driver of game card". The Game Ready drives that Studio drives and gamers are different. It is mainly for the daily content creators for pictures, video, and multimedia outputs, focusing on making rendering faster, live clearer, video editing effect is better. From Light Tracking, VR to AI-based 8K video editing, free exclusive Studio drivers, can support your creative application to exhibit excellence.

The AIDA64 is mainly measured by memory and cache performance. This piece of branding is very small, and it is basically the performance of the CPU and the performance of the memory itself.

Although the memory of the Yao PRO16 is 32g onboard, it is still a performance of removable 4BG (commonly known as double-sided particles). A three-level cache is unfair to two small new, after all, when testing them, the relevant bug has not been repaired.

Crystal Disk Mark is mainly hard drive performance, but in the circular circle is mixed with the same level, this test can only be used as a reference.

The 1T version of the PRO16 is equipped with a larger capacity / cache, which is better than the previously measured magic tyrants.

Productivity and battery life

First look at the performance of modern office, select "Efficient" mode. No shield is high, no heat is removed.

In the new generation of performance level, the GEFORCE RTX 3050 TI is bonded to the GEFORCE RTX 3050 TI, and the Yao PRO16 fully demonstrates the advantages of creative design compared to traditional light office. Digital creation performance, detail, rendering, scissors. It is significantly stronger than a small new pro16 that is unique (power consumption or even higher); it is stronger than the small new AiR14PLUS that is entry-level exclusive.

In addition, R9-5900HX acts as a special mobile terminal high-performance processor, and the Rui frequency response speed is also much higher than the lower processor. The switching software is significantly faster than R5-5600U and R7-5800H.

Here is the way to make a small science: NVIDIA has cultomized in the picture / video processing and special effect rendering, the mainstream software is basically the acceleration of the graphics card, and of course there is a good CPU / large capacity memory bottoming. In addition, the effect of the VR class (such as VR blur) is only supported on the GPU, and this type of work is dependent on large capacity memory. Under the premise of "explosion", the acceleration effect of the same graphics card is similar; the different generation of graphics is generally more than the new architecture, and the new is not bought.

Then the performance of the electricity, unplug the power and select "Standard" mode, and the brightness adjustment is 50%. No shield is high, no heat is removed.

It is very different from other Ruilong 5000 laptops. The Ling Yao Pro16 will still maintain considerable performance from the daily use or digital creation. In addition, the machine equipped with a larger battery has caused long-lasting combat power, 99% of the electricity, the 12-minute load is only 4%, and the intensity is reduced by daily use, the battery life can reach 12 hours. The above; a total of 24 minutes of modern office test power consumption 9%, and the severe use can also stick to approach 5 hours, considering this is a 4K screen + RTX alone high-performance creative design, this battery life is absolutely called It is excellent.

Next, let's take a look at the performance of the "Adobe Three Sets" that the content creators often have to deal. Plug the power and turn it back to the "high efficiency" mode, use the newer 2022 software to combine the PuGetBench plugin for testing.

This set of plugs uses a "relative value" algorithm, with a 1000-degree reference performance with a hair burning desktop (GPU GEFORCE RTX 3090). Adobe's full-family buckets have excellent optimization of NVIDIA GPU, especially new version after 2020, with the ADOBE Dimension accelerated by RTX GPU, combined with Ai nerve filter such as fish on the new architecture graphics, can help you. creation. The PS has a high score of 957, which is already comparable to the burning desktop. AE compared to PS more test performance, the rendering of various special effects is more software and hardware developers to optimize, such as VR aberration, one type of function, as mentioned earlier, will also be tested. GeForce RTX 3050 TI + Studio's driver is equally excited, and the Ling Yao Pro16 runs out of 709 points under their blessings, and is still in notebook first-class level.

PR's computer configuration requires higher, CPU multi-core performance, memory / memory size, hard disk swallow, 8-core CPU + 4G memory, PRO16 is slightly exhausted, only 453 points. However, this test has a large strength (4K 150Mbps), which has exceeded the range that most people can contact, and the daily clips used to do ordinary 1080P high-yaw rates completely.

The excellent optimization of GeForce RTX 3050 Ti can still be seen during the test, even if the original material of 4K 150Mbps, video playback, editing, and export are still very smooth, no need to generate a proxy.

Finally, I will run the commonly used SpecViewPerf modeling rendering test, which is more close to 3A, mainly testing the performance of the GPU, and the CPU is adjacent to the GPU.

GeForce RTX 3050 TI + Studio driver's productivity advantages continue to be inherited, compared to my daily use of Rog Magic New Gamebook (GPU also higher level), 1080p resolution, Ling Yao PRO16 still gains GAME Ready driven by about 2/3 of the performance - To know that the entire game is 2 to 3 times the whole machine compared to this creative design.

Test screenshot on modern office -

Games & Entertainment

Although the positioning of the Yao PRO16 is not a game, it can be seen from the 3Dmark run from the front. It is still enough to compete for most 1080p game requirements.

The space limit simply ran the final fantasy 15 benchmark, this test is different from the Benchmark, which is different from most games, just put a few outfield animations, it is real containing such as riding, fighting, summoning, etc. The content of the actual game. Ling Yao PRO16 has achieved 4819 points in 1080P resolution + high quality setting, rating Fairly High, has reached the standard of mainstream 30 Series gamebook - the performance of other similar notebooks, high painting There is no pressure in playing in the ground.

Remove the game, 30 Series GPU's selling points also include a new NVIDIA AV1 decoder, officially claimed to watch 8K HDR Youtube video. Test the local video playback performance, directly 4K 120Hz.

Using the playback software for PotPlayer, after the hardware decoding is turned on, there is no pressure in full frame, and the load of GeForce RTX 3050 Ti is nearly 80%, and the power consumption is only 20W. The verification of the Ling Yao PRO16 can also be perfectly thoroughly solved the same size video.

Let's challenge 8K 60Hz. At this time, the power consumption of GeForce RTX 3050 TI is slightly higher than that of 25W, but the load is low to less than 50%, and there is no pressure to play with the same frame. If you change the nuclear, you will look slightly weak, you can only run to 30 frames.

Cooling performance

Normally, the CPU heavy load temperature will not exceed the single baked FPU, and the GPU heavy load temperature will not exceed the single roast Furmark. But notebooks in both games, video rendering, etc., one of the CPUs and GPUs (often CPU) temperatures, may exceed both baked.

When the heat dissipation test, select "high efficiency" mode and room temperature is 21 ° C. No shield is high, no heat is removed.

Single baked CPU, R9-5900HX maintained a 65W 3.85GHz for about 1 minute and a half (4.2GHz), the temperature has not touched the mobile terminal 95 ° C wall; gradually declined to the full core after 1 minute and 3.65 GHz jumps back and forth, the power consumption is stable at 54W, and the temperature is stable at 80 ° C. This release strategy is almost exactly the same as the previously used small new Pro16, but the latter's R7-5800H physique is significantly lower, and there are 0.2 to 0.25 GHz.

Single baked GPU, because there is no dynamic acceleration mechanism, the performance of GeForce RTX 3050 Ti is very stable, and the power consumption is stable in 50W, and the frequency is 1042 to 1125 MHz, and occasionally can be rushed to 1200 MHz or less than 1000 MHz. The temperature is only 63 ° C, very cool. The double bake, CPU and single bake have maintained an approximately 1-half clock of 65W, 3.85GHz (at this time that reached a temperature wall); then gradually dropped to 40W, 3.2GHz and maintained more than 6 minutes; about 7 minutes The time is slightly dropped to 35W, 3.0 GHz and maintained, and the temperature is also from 80 ° C or lower. The GPU is full of stable in 50W, only the frequency is slightly reduced, and 1020 ~ 1072MHz is het.

Overall, this heat dissipation design is not small (especially for graphics card), ASUS should also be more radical. The 135W power supply is also complete enough to use the CPU + GPU, and the entire test process has never taken a phenomenon in the past.

Summary and other

More subjective, everyone is not necessarily completely credited. Suitable for me, not necessarily suitable for you, suitable for you is the best.

Shape: ★★★★ ☆ As the designer - this universal aesthetic is more discerning group of high-performance light thin, the value of Ling Yao Pro16 is naturally no need to say. If you pick some thorns, your individual still feel that this class is mainly facing the office-oriented machine appearance should be slightly low-key, and the Mosaic design + RGB atmosphere lamp in the plane is still conspicuous.

Work: ★★★★ ☆

Performance: ★★★★ ☆, GeForce RTX 3050 TI + NVIDIA Studio, Cherryer Guarantee Combination! Combined with 8 nuclear high performance CPUs is like tiger to add. Of course, from the roast chicken temperature, the performance release of this machine has a margin, and ASUS can also set more.

Welding: ★★★★★

Price: ★★★★ As a high-performance notebook in the regular sense, it is expensive; as a STUDIO design for the designer group, the price of the top version of 1W is still more moderate.

Duration: ★★★ ☆ Although the next-generation Intel / AMD processor is on the road, the absolute performance and energy ratio of R9-5900HX is still veryable, the only regret is only to support DDR4 memory.

Overall recommendation index: ★★★★ ☆. Since the creative design does not emphasize the limit performance released like a game, Ling Yao Pro16 is still worth starting, especially considering it, it also has an excellent screen. Considering that new architecture is often accompanied by more stability / software optimization related X factors, with hardware enthusiasts tend to be a small partner, you can consider new products;

It is recommended to start the crowd: 7000 ~ 1000 (8000 or less, 4999-26) designer, front-end programmer, and need often output graphic, video Media worker.

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