Google will launch a new "privacy sandbox" technology Topics

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Google will launch a new "privacy sandbox" technology Topics

2022-01-26 00:02:47 45 ℃

Punning January 25th, according to Sina Technology, Google today announced that after being opposed by advertisers and regulators, it is now decided to abstain the previous "privacy sandbox" technology, turn forward new online advertising. System "Topics" to prevent third-party trackers in the Chrome browser (cookie).

The new system will still prevent cookies, but will inform the advertiser user interest in the field of interest, such as "fitness" or "car and vehicle" according to the user's last three weeks of Internet. Before deleting, "TOPICS" will be retained for three weeks.

Google will start testing "Topics" in the first quarter of this year. Google plans to eliminate cookies before the end of next year. This may be a huge shift, although it is still uncertain, Google will reduce the worry of advertisers and regulators.

Google said today, "TOPICS" will solve some worries proposed by the privacy advocate to prevent more hidden tracking techniques. The ultimate goal is to protect user privacy by dividing the audience into a "larger group".

Google said that according to the previous plans, potential "queues" have tens of thousands, and the new "Topics" system "queue" is reduced to less than one thousand. Google said that users will be able to see Topics, if they are willing, they can delete these topics.

Google said that "Topics" will use manual administrators, not like the Floc program, allowing machine learning techniques to generate user groups. This will eliminate some possibilities, for example, based on sexual or genocide, sensitive features, are divided into user groups.