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Disney opposes Disney

2022-01-27 00:03:21 35 ℃

Disney heirs will align their own companies again.

Local time Monday night, Disney female inheritance appeals in interviews, consumers should stay away from companies that are not good to employees, including Disney. In her opinion, Disney pushes prices in the park to the ridiculous level, is "abuse and exploitation customers", just like they treat employees.

This is not Abbegar to stand out against Disney. On April 21, 2019, Abi Gellen CEO Robert Egg Robert Lger's high salary, "I have to say that Eger's salary is very low". Eig 2018 has a total annual salary of $ 65 million, 1424 times that of Disney employee's median income, and Abiegi said that Disney should take half of the executive bonus, and distribute the lowest 10% of the 200,000 employees in Disney.

A three-month interview, when she heard from Disney employees, some employees need to find food from the garbage pile left from others, 59-year-old Ababir once again leads anger to Disney. On the other hand, Disney is denied against Abiegah: "This extensive report is serious and unfair to exaggerate the facts." For this reason, the two sides confront.

The moment to completely broke out in 2020. At that time, the new crown epidemic is swept in the United States, and most of the Disneyland will stop. The company decided to fire nearly half of employees, which to save $ 500 million, CEO Eger means abandoning all salary during the epidemic.

According to CNN Business, Eger's total revenue was 47.52 million US dollars, still more than 900 times the median of Shadi employee income. Disney Company responded to the pilot, the executives have accepted the pay salary to save the company's cash during the crisis, but they still have a bonus. Abiegier is in the twitter, "I am afraid that you only have a dock, you should return someone to the company."

It is worth paying attention to it, although Abiegier is one of the Disney heirs, but she doesn't have a position in Disney, and there is no say. But she is often ignorant of Disney employee, fires in their family in social networking sites and interview programs, especially after 2019. According to Abby Gar, "I am just a kind citizen, but I am also inheritant, the name of Disney, my conscience does not allow me to stand by."

At the beginning of his twentieth, Abby Guli went to Disneyland for the first time, and the small town saw was clean and happy. When the uncle grandfather Walt Disney is building here, repeated emphasizes the principle of chasing dreams - "Dream, belief, courage, action". From her true situation, the real situation of Disney employee began, the dream of the grandfather Roy Disney and Uncle Watri Dishi cooked together.


In July 2019, a Disney employee gave a message from Facebook to Abby Gal, and tomb his miserable situation in Disney. Abiegur decided to see it in Disney in person.

"When I came out, I was very angry because my grandfather educated me, respect those who took your ticket, gave you inverted water, they were the secret of success." She remembered that the grandfather was in the world, he hired I can work for a lifetime in that happiness, he will not agree to Disney's working conditions. Afterwards, Abiegol write a letter to shareholders.

In Disneyland, the employee talked with her mentioned: "When I have to forage in someone else's garbage, I don't know how to laugh." After a visiting Disney, Abiegie found that many Disney's employees They are pretending to be happy. In fact, they may eat unsatument.

The similar dilemma of employees can also be seen from Shanghai Disney. According to the Beijing News, Shanghai Disney's respective staff usually wear more than 15 kilograms of performance service, the performance time is over 15 minutes, because it is too heavy, it is very difficult to do every move, even if it is direct in sunlight, you must keep smiling. But at the same time, they did not enjoy Disney's development dividend.

This is related to the two-level working system implemented in 1998. Employees who were taken before December 31, 1998 were more than 85% of the salary salary, and there were only 54%. Even from 2000 to 2017, the average time salary of Disneyland employees fell by 15%, from $ 15.8 to $ 13.36.

In contrast, the executives have a high-priced annual salary and bonus. Since 1978, Disney CEO has increased by 937%, while ordinary employees have increased by 11.2%. "As hundreds of billions of dollars fall into the company pocket, they usually don't spend on their employees, but brought to repurchase stocks and giving executives." Abby said.

However, Abiegae's allegations have also received Disney's refutation, the latter response, the CEO's salary is based on performance, and Egg has created an extraordinary value for shareholders. " At this point, even Abby Garn praised Ergfa, "I am a great CEO, or even the greatest CEO in the United States."

However, Eig's high income still makes Abiegier can't understand, and the award executives are not unable, but the grassroots employees should not be ignored. "CEO's salary is 500, 600, 700 times the number of employees, and Jesus will not take so many wages." Abbegar said to CNBC. In Abetir's Ideal World, the employee of Disneyland can earn enough money, with a house, and get a decent healthcare. She has put forward that half of the seniors bonuses is put into a special trust fund to help workers with urgent needs, such as insulins, housing, transportation and childcare, etc. With your family to "the happiest place in the world", all of this violates the original intention of the ancestors.

"For a while, I have been quietly complaining about this problem, I am not sure how to open. It is time to lead our male and female, don't let the people working hard, but let the executives take more huge sums of money." At that time, I saw the tragic status of employees, let her firmly oppose the belief in the current status of Disney.


Abiegier is the granddaughter of Disney's founder, and the granddaughter of Frank Subis Disney, but she did not work in the company.

In fact, since 2003, the father of Ababiro's father in Dehua, Disney has no manager of Disney family, and later, the company is mainly served by the professional manager Eger as CEO. Under his care, Disney reversed the chaos of family management and successfully creating a series of outlet works.

The reason why the reason is given to "outsiders", in addition to the company's operations, there is still one reason is Walt hopes that his descendants will avoid family business, not finished by money. It is naturally no exception to Abbeier as a descendant.

When Walt died, held 14% of Disney Company, of which 45% left his wife, sister, and the nephew of three people, and the remaining 45% entered the Disney Charity Trust Fund. Most of these heritages have been inherited in the family trust. For example, the three grandsonies of Walt will receive 20% ($ 20 million) trust assets every five years after their respective 35 years old.

According to Forbes magazine in 2006, the father of Abby Gar's personal wealth is $ 1.2 billion. As a girl in Edward two women, Abbegar is 21 years old and has received a lot of property and a small amount of shares left by her. On June 5, 2019, no one knows the specific amount of this wealth. After that, she told the Financial Times: "I said, I have a $ 120 million, and I have been a period of time."

However, Ababir did not live like the Walt Granddaughter Victoria, sitting on the mountain, but there is a career. Even if Abieg is growing in the Hollywood star pile, she does not like the entertainment industry, after graduating from Yale University and Stanford University, and prepares the papers during the wedding honeymoon.

After playing, she began to make volunteers in some non-profit organizations (NGO). With enthusiasm, smart, there is a famous gas, and Abbeg has quickly promoted the progress of organizational fundraising, and she began to serve in 12 non-profit institutions, pay attention to women, children and other people's needs. She also founded the Daphne Foundation with her husband, mainly to provide grants support for women's services.

Not only that, Abby Garl has achieved a movie. In 2007, she established a Fortune Film Company to create a documentary that "praying the devil back to hell", focusing on the role of women in war. This film covers many awards, showing 60 countries around the world, with a total of $ 90,000. After that, I created a movie such as "Armor Helmet" and won the documentary of the Amy Award.

On the main profile on Wikipedia, Abbieh is a filmmaker, a charity, a social activist, as for the identity of the Disney family, and it is necessary to see it.


Abiegier not only opposes Disney, she even opposed herself.

Prior to the interview with the Financial Times in 2019, Abby Gar refused to disclose how much wealth did. Until in June, she and other 18 super rich have signed an open letter to the presidential candidate, indicating that the organization supports the government's imposing wealth tax, and it is recommended to put this money and generated income, use in governance climate change And improve public health care. On the list, Soros also is in column.

The huge amount of $ 120 million has once sent Ababig's uneasy, even in a serious self-doubt. Many years later, she saw the report of Independent investigation media PROPUBLICA, and the informats called Masque, Bezos, Buffett and other super rich, all taxable taxes using legal means.

She is shocked that hundreds of millions of people can make money on the sofa, the tax is too low, and ordinary people go out to work hard to do the balance of payments. "How can they achieve their hearts when they are in a social structure that makes millions of people in panic in food, housing, healthcare and other basic needs?"

Her morality is unable to see if the gap between huge rich and poor. In 2012, she announced a donation of her family in a shares named Hava (AHAVA) Skin Corporation. In the past 30 years, she donated $ 70 million and also planned a new donation plan. Other other members of the Disney family are also very strong in charity, and donated generous donations such as Children's Hospital and Rebuilding Paris. Just appeal to consumers to stay away from Disney's a few days, Abby Gar and other 102 global super rich, including Abbegir's Gottim Disney, Amazon's early investor Nick Hannol et al. It consists of "Millionaire" organization, proposes a preliminary taxation program, and appeals to the price of more than 5 million US dollars to pay the wealth tax.

"Most of us can say that although the world has experienced huge pain in the past two years, we actually see our wealth increased during the big popular period, but almost no one can say honestly, we pay the fair tax "If their solution is implemented, the relevant departments will receive a $ 2.5 trillion tax a year, and it is expected to help more than 2 billion people.

Walt Zengli built a large-scale theme park, a "the happiest place on this earth", and created the rice mouse, Tang Duck, seven dwarfs, etc. he created. For this paradise, he poured all talents and energy, even if he was objected by many people including his pro.

Walt Hope "Every captain performs like they first boarded the boat during each parade. Every time Hippo suddenly appeared from the water, they should be very surprised. The captain should be surprised as the tourists." I haven't waited until the paradise is built, and Walt is died of lung cancer. The Disneyland, which was built, started scattered around the world, became a symbol of fairy tale.

Now, Abigery is hoping to criticize the exterior to maintain a fairy tale park left by uncle's grandfather.


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