Tesla has no new car this year, but there is "Optimus"

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Tesla has no new car this year, but there is "Optimus"

2022-01-27 12:06:10 34 ℃

In the early morning of January 27, Beijing time, Tesla released a strong financial report, but did not bring more surprises in "One more Thing".

The report showed that Turla camp was 17.719 billion US dollars in the fourth quarter of FY on December 31, an increase of 65% over the same period of $ 10.744 billion in the same period of the previous year; the hair profit was 4.847 billion US dollars, 20.66 compared with the same period of the previous year. $ 1004.6%; net profit is 2.343 billion US dollars, an increase of 6.95 million US dollars in the same period last year; attributable to total shareholders of $ 2.05, the last year of 0.24 US dollars.

The strong performance in the fourth quarter creates a new high since Tesla. This is also the first 10 consecutive quarters, and net profit exceeded 2 billion US dollars for the first time.

The car is Tesla's core business, accounting for more than 90%. In the fourth quarter, Tesla car business revenue was $ 159.67 billion, an increase of 71% year-on-year. Among them, the car sales revenue was $ 1533.9 billion, and the car rental revenue was $ 628 million.

In the fourth quarter, the gross profit margin of Tesla Auto Business was 30.6%, an increase of 648 basis points compared to 24.1% in the same period last year, transcending 30.5% in the third quarter of 2021, re-establishing a new high.

At present, the gross profit margin of Toyota and Volkswagen and other global car companies is usually less than 20%. Some companies have even less than 10%; the domestic new energy car enterprises TOP3 "蔚 理" is mostly in this area. Tesla's bicycle make money can be described as cranes.

In addition, once the most net profit of carbon-interanous transactions, the fourth quarter brought 314 million US dollars in income, down 22% year-on-year, only 1.8% of total revenue. In the first quarter of last year, this part of the income is even higher than the quarter net profit.

This means that Tesla will no longer rely on traditional car companies to sell carbon emission accumulation home, and automotive business has become the core of the core makeup engine, the entire company's profit model is healthier.

In addition to selling vehicles, Tesla's business segments also include service and energy storage. Among them, the service mainly includes FSD automatic driving kits. In the last quarter, the driver of this business has been driven by the vehicle delivery, and the income of this business is 1064 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 56.9%. But due to the huge preliminary input, its gross profit margin is still negative.

The energy storage and power generation services include solar roofs, MegaPack energy storage batteries. Tesla has not introduced it into China, and domestic consumers are not deeply perceived, but in Europe and the United States is very popular among consumers, the last quarter income is 688 million US dollars, down 8.5% year-on-year, mainly due to capacity constraints.

Before the release, Tesra has announced that the delivery of 9.36 million in 2021 in early January, an increase of 87% over 2020; the fourth quarter is 309,000 units, an increase of 71% year-on-year. Both data have greatly exceed Wall Street expectations.

At the analyst call after the financial report, Tesla CEO Mask appeared again after half a year. In addition to the "praise" of their own company, Mask did not announce the unexpected new product, only mentioned the Optimus humanoid robot that was unveiled in August last year, said "Optimus may become better than time. Business is more important. "A

In the last quarter, Tesla achieved a gross profit margin of up to 30.6%. Behind the back of the financial data is a huge contribution to "China Manufacturing".

This contribution is first reflected in capacity.

Tesla said in the financial demo materials: "Localized production is critical to reducing unit production costs and improving global supply chain stability. Shanghai Super Factory continues to be our main export node."

In 2021, the output of Tesla Shanghai factory continued to rise, and the annual delivery capacity of 484,000 vehicles, accounting for 51.7% of global delivery; in addition to domestic sales, it also exported to more than 10 countries such as Europe, Asia. Ten thousand.

At present, Tesla has a super factory in California and Shanghai, USA, with hundreds of thousands of people; in Germany, Berlin, Germany, a new plant, original plan for operation, but is subject to epidemic Drag, there is currently no large-scale production, production capacity climbing is more necessary.

This means that the Shanghai factory that has been put into production in the next few quarters will still play Tesla's global engine. The car is a typical economy, Tesla is climbing, and is closely related to the expansion of Shanghai factory capacity.

In addition, Tesla Shanghai Factory has continuously reduced production costs through the localization of supply chains, common parts such as different models. Currently, the plant has achieved more than 90% supply chain, while Model 3 and Model Y two models can share 75% of components.

According to financial report, Tesla 2021 has a total of 930,422 vehicles, an increase of 83% year-on-year. Among them, Model S and Model X were 24,390 units, a year-on-year reduction of 55%; Model 3 and Model Y were 906,032 vehicles, an increase of 99% year-on-year.

Second, Chinese suppliers have draced Tesla's supply chain cost.

As early as in February 2020, Tesla was signed a supply agreement with the Ningde era of domestic power battery companies. In June last year, the parties continued to sign the contract, and the Ningde Times will continue to supply to Tesla during January 2025 to December 2025.

Tesla announced in October last year that the main models MODEL 3 / Y will replace the lithium iron phosphate battery in a global scale. This battery effect is inferior compared to the ternary lithium battery, but the cost is lower, which helps to further pull the price of the vehicle.

Ningde Times is one of the main suppliers of Tesla phosphithium iron-based batteries. According to "Securities Times" In addition, Ningde Times also plans to produce 80GWH batteries in Shanghai.

Production capacity, cost reduction, let Tesla have a larger pricing space, easier to find sales and price balance points. Last year, Tesla was sold in China, but the gross profit margin did not drop.

However, Tesla didn't intend to put all the eggs in a basket.

On the one hand, Tesla hopes to copy localization strategies to the market outside China, in which the key is to Europe, Germany, Berlin Factory. At present, this plant has produced Model Y, which plans to start delivery in March this year.

It is foreseeable that with the production capacity of the Berlin plant, the export volume of the Shanghai factory will gradually decrease. Tesla will thus reduce a considerable shipping and tariff expenses.

On the other hand, Tesla is using a 4680 battery with excellent development performance. The first batch of Model Y using this battery will be delivered in this quarter, produced by Austin, USA. At present, potentials of this battery include Panasonic, LG, etc. At that time, domestic manufacturers will face a small challenge in Tesla supply chain system.


At today's earning report, Masque disclosed Tesla's next product road map, while calving the owner of the departure of the departure, it also disappoints the users who expect more cheap new cars.

Mask said, plans to launch electric pickup Cybertruck, electric truck head SEMI and a new generation of Roadster sports cars in 2023. Tesla did not release new models in 2022.

CyberTruck debuted in November 2019, once released, it has been popular, accumulating more than 1.25 million orders, and the mass production time is pushing, from the end of the 2021st 2022, now changed to 2023 .

Mask said in social media yesterday that I have tried the latest prototypes for Cybertruck in the US Super Factory, "Experience is very good".

However, Tesla layout electric leather card has played a big morning, but he rushed a gap.

Rivian, US Electric Cart, is the main opponent in Tesla in the field of pickup. The first model R1T has been delivered in October last year, and the media and users have given praise. Tesla Cybertruck at least for 1 year, leaving Rivian a quite a long market blank period. In addition, Maske denied the rumors of the Tesla 25,000 US-electric car, said that the company did not carry out this research and development.

He said that the current focus is true automatic driving, making transportation costs by 4 to 5 times. The current business is too busy, there are many products; the company may launch a low-cost new car at some point in the future.

High-end trees, low-end sales, is the long-term strategy of Tesla. This set of play has been verified and is especially good in the Chinese market.

Public data shows that the domestic market sales of Temla Model Y and Model 3 is 167,000 and 151,000, ranked third, four in the new energy source sales list, respectively. The price of low price Mitsubarahong MINI and BYD Qin occupies the top two.

If you have released a cheaper model in 2023 or later, Tesla will once again play the "price butcher". It is expected to pull the price within 200,000 yuan; domestic manufacturers such as "Qi Qi" will face More cruel competition.


Fully expand capacity, is the primary goal of Masque's Turki set.

Tesla, said that the challenge of global supply chain, transportation, labor, etc. in the fourth quarter of last year restricts the factory to achieve full capacity. The shortage of chip shortage that has long been plaguing the global automotive industry will still exist, and will be alleviated in 2023.

Mask said that the two super plants currently in Berlin, USA have begun to produce. Among them, the Dezhou factory has begun to produce Model Y, will start delivery; Berlin factory starts equipment test last month, but the distance is still approved by relevant departments. In addition, Tesla also plans to maximize the production of California and Shanghai plants.

At the financial report, Mask announced that this year will be based on the next Tesla super factory, and the results are expected to announce in the end of the year.


Masque is very optimistic about the annual output and believes that 2022 will increase by more than 50%. This means that Tesla will first achieve annual production of millions.

In addition to electric vehicles, humanoid robots are Mask's key publicity objects. "Over time, Optimus may become more important than car business." Mask said.

Mask said that developing Optimus people robots is one of Tesla this year. This machine will first be deployed in Tesla Factory for mobile components. Mask believes this helps to solve labor shortages.

In August last year, Tesla released a humanoid robot on Ai Day. Timana Mask said that robots can not only implement various tasks, but also potentially develop unique personality, becoming "partners with help in different ways."

However, from the latest speech, Mask's robots are finally employed.

In addition to hard technology such as electric vehicles, robots, the other focus of the outside world is Bitcoin. Tesla was disclosed in the earnings report that the company did not sell digital assets in the fourth quarter, and the value of Bitcoin held in the quarter remained unchanged in the last quarter, $ 1.26 billion.

Tesla was a price of $ 1.5 billion in bits worth $ 35,000 in early 2021. This investment is not large in Tesla financial statements, but it is frequently exposed under Mask and the outside.

In March last year, Masque announced on social media that can purchase Tesla products with Bitcoin. But after two months, Mask called this payment method because "worried about environmental impact". He said that once the renewable energy in the Bitcoin mine increases by 50%, Tesla will accept Bitcoin again.

But the more real reasons, I am afraid that Bitecuro has risen, let Tesla do not eat. As of last week, Bitcoin has fallen to $ 330,000, and Bitcla is low. In this case, Tesla is naturally impossible to let go of the currency "薅 wool".

In Wednesday US stock trading, Tesla is 937.41 US dollars, up 2.07%. After the release, Tesla fell 0.79% in the trading trading.

Since Tesla has released a lot of pilots in the beginning of January, the stock price is stable and unpleasant. However, despite the strong sales of existing models, new products such as CyberTruck are still in the stage of painting, but the Optimus humanoid robot fly to the sky, or more or less affects investors' expectations.

At present, Tesla stock price has fallen from the highest $ 1243.49 in 52 weeks to $ 900, which has more than 30%; the market value has fallen below $ 1 trillion. In the case of a short-term favorable basics, Tesla wants to boost the share price is not easy. Silicon Valley Iron Man Msk, outside the sky, you need to come up with more convincing vision.