Dropping from 4999 yuan to 1858 yuan, 40W + Leica three-fitting, Huawei flagship second-hand price

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Dropping from 4999 yuan to 1858 yuan, 40W + Leica three-fitting, Huawei flagship second-hand price

2022-01-27 12:07:21 51 ℃

Ask everyone, do you have used second-hand electronic products? As a senior digital editor, these years have no less buy second-hand products. In my opinion, the value of second-hand mobile phones is still quite high, especially if the Android mobile phone preservation rate is universally universal, "buy new and not buy old" said that Outdated. In general, as long as it is the second-hand mobile phone in formal channels, the color is not bad, and the last, the original owner is generally the film shell, and the luck can buy the exact new machine without scratch. Just, this time it helps a friend color phone, because of the limited budget, I finally decided to buy second-hand mobile phones.

I found a circle found that in addition to the second-hand iPhone is worth the price, Android mobile phone price is big, even some new mobile phones, the second year is almost "half discount", let alone the second hand is. In the case of this Huawei Mate30 5G, the first price was 4,999 yuan, and now the second-hand price fell to 1858 yuan. For some pollen from non-5G mobile phones, the second-hand Huawei Mate30 is still cost-effective. In the Huawei new machine sold, almost all 4G networks are main, Mate40, P50 price is more than 4,000, the price is still high.

In contrast, the second-hand Huawei Mate30 cost-effective advantage is obvious, with a budget to buy a red rice phone, you can buy high-end MATE30, why not do it? As a second-generation 5G mobile phone, Mate30 is equipped with Kirin 990 chip. This is a 7nm craft chip that integrates 5G MODEM into the SOC chip. After abandoning the external baseband program, it brings better power consumption. Huawei as the old communication giant, with thousands of 5G core patents, Mate30 5G network speed experience beyond expected, even in 2022, still better than most flagship machines.

The first time I saw Hua's MATE30, I was really attracted by its ring lens, unique design language, design inspiration originating from Porsche, looks very well, redefined high-end mobile phone's lens. In addition to gorgeous appearance, Huawei Mate30 also has a top camera hardware, with Sony IMX600 sensor, back 40 million +16 million +8 million long coke lenses, support OIS anti-shake and autofocus, the front camera also has 24 million pixels, as long as Master some composition skills, Huawei Mate30 easily loosen.

If Hua Wei Mate30's Liu Haizong has a shortcoming, then the OLED screen is added, regardless of the configuration of the brocade. The resolution is 1080p, supports screen fingerprint recognition technology, and the whole machine is very narrow, and the mobile phone screen is greatly improved. A rare era, Huawei Mate30 also supports 40W fast charge technology, with its 4200mAh battery, with a good standby ability. At present, Huawei Mate30 has been switched to Hongmeng OS system, and the power consumption is more stable. The galaxy in the same time has different degrees of Carton. Huawei Mate30 is perfect.

Talking about the last

Other aspects, Huawei Mate30 supports 30 times digital zoom, with RYYB color frame technology, can increase 40% of the amount of light, which greatly enhances its night shooting ability. It is such a mobile phone. The second-hand price is low to 1858 yuan. Huawei flagship is a low-end machine from the high-end machine. For some users who have 5G Huawei mobile phone, the second-hand MATE30 has a high value. Considering that Huawei is temporarily unable to produce 5G mobile phones unless you can accept 4G Huawei flagship, or I will suggest that you will consider the second-hand Huawei, do you agree?

[1858 yuan after the coupon] second-hand Huawei Mate30 5G version