NVIDIAGEFORCERTX3050 graphics card first test: more than entering the door, can you 2K game?

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NVIDIAGEFORCERTX3050 graphics card first test: more than entering the door, can you 2K game?

2022-01-27 12:07:29 55 ℃

Author: Yasiu

As a small little brother in the GeForce RTX30 family, RTX3050 is really a long time. But one thing is worth paying attention, the previous generation is a graphics card product without 50 suffixes, what makes the old yellow decide to release the RTX3050, let it replace the GTX1650 that does not support light? In this first test, I think I found the answer:

Or is there that light, but has a better DLSS and NIS to ensure smooth screen.

Feel the RTX light tracking effect, it will have a common pain point: too eating graphics card performance. The opening of the light is obviously able to feel the decline in the frame rate, so that many people choose to turn off the light pursuit. NVIDIA also knows this, DLSS and NIS these two techniques are used to enhance the game screen frame rate, so there is RTX + DLSS + NIS three swordsmen to enhance the game experience. In the first test of the RTX3050, my main goal is also to see how the three swordsmen are cooperating, followed by the performance performance of the RTX3050 in each game.

In this first test content of this RTX3050, you can see the following, you can choose according to your interests:

RTX3050 parameters, appearance and test platform;

RTX + DLSS + NIS three swordsman;

RTX3050 benchmark test runs and actual game performance;

Overclocking efficiency, full load temperature testing and other;

Target population and purchase suggestions.

RTX3050 parameters, appearance and test platform

As the RTX30 family enters the door-level grade grade grade grade, the parameters of the RTX3050 are not mysterious: using NVIDIA's latest Ampere architecture like Dad, let RTX3050 have light tracking technology under the blessing of the second-generation RT Core and the third-generation Tensor Core. AI image processing technology, re-supplemented with the latest, volume doubled 8GB GDDR6 high-speed memory, and higher 1552 - 1777MHz core frequency, let this "entry" threshold, even more, even for game demand High users, this time you can experience the new experience brought about "Intelligent" and "Performance".

And the card I got in the first test, still from the old friend, the seven rainbow, named the battle ax Geforce RTX 3050 Duo 8g, is a medium-size graphics card for double-fan double heat pipe design, and there is a war ax Geforce RTX 3050 8G Deluxe Edition of the three-fan design graphics card, just more introduced. The whole card uses a knife and a red-colored design, and provides metal backplanes, praise in this price.

Considering that the RTX3050 itself is not high, the cooling requirements are not high, so this card uses a single 8PIN power interface, two 90mm heat dissipation fans, and two 6mm heat pipes, which can be expected to be expected to consume, overclock over Performance of the full load temperature. The interface is old, three DP 1.4A interfaces, and an HDMI 2.1 interface, which is quite a lot for this price.

After reading the parameters, look, then take a look at this test platform. In order to ensure that other hardware do not give it back, this use is the hardware combination of I9-11900K + ROG M13H + 16GB DDR4 4000MHz, although not the latest 12 generation but the RTX3050 is no problem. The display used alien AW2721D, the resolution reached 2K and also supported 240 Hz refresh rate, at least 2K games, can also be measured.

RTX + DLSS + NIS Three Swordsman

Old Huang Souphen put RTX on entry-level game graphics card, then put the test of RTX + DLSS + NIS in front.

Let me talk about the meaning of the three swords to NVIDIA. At present, the new games are more perfect for RTX, DLSS, and NIS. From NVIDIA's promotion strategy to technology, RTX light is chasing the preliminary use to high-end game players, play brand influence, but from ordinary players It is really too far, it is impossible to stand on this card; and DLSS and NIS are all players really care and can be enjoyed. It is also necessary to continue to heat up, so regardless of technical iteration or propaganda. It is very frequently available in the naked eye. These three swords can theory can be a single play, but only they can unite, in order to play the biggest effect: whether it is for NVIDIA, or the player's game experience.

RTX light tracking and DLSS are all often talking, and you will not blind here, mainly to see NIS.

NIS full name NVIDIA Image Scaling graphic enhanced, there is no other Chinese name, which is a bit opposite of DLSS: DLSS is a high resolution picture of the cloud practice rendering, and then output the corresponding resolution on your computer. Realizing more fine, smoother game screens, is a technique of high (resolution) to low (resolution), the advantage is to reduce the occupation of graphics resources, so that resources can be used elsewhere (such as increasing frame rate, increasing light chasing Effect, etc.). NIS is a screen where local rendering is lower than the actual display resolution, and then enlarges to the actual resolution to achieve a smoother game screen, which is low (resolution) to (high resolution) technology, benefits and DLSS Similar, it can also reduce the graphics resource occupation. Considering that the DLSS has a premise of cloud training, this means it has certain support thresholds, such as the GTX series graphics cards cannot use DLSS, while only trained games can enable DLSS technology. And NIS is powerful, since it is implemented directly in the NVIDIA graphics driver, it is theoretically supporting all NVIDIA GPUs (after the GTX900 Series) and all games, just set the corresponding parameters in the GeForce Experience driver, and then open the game It will automatically implement NIS effect. It is important to specifically, although DLSS and NIS can be superimposed effective, theoretically, priority use DLSS effect and income will be more, and NIS is recommended to open when the picture cannot be used without smoothness.

Regarding the combination of three swordsmen, I also found two representative games: "God of War", the old tour of the old tour, did not expect it to support DLSS; and got the altar, "Sai Bo Pek 2077" in the altar. It is a pity that NIS is to zoom in to the drive end, and the additional hardware video capture card is required to capture its actual effect. Therefore, this first test temporarily and NIS say goodbye, follow-up, I will update it in a dynamic form.

Let's take a look at "War". This magical game, just boarding the PC to support light tracking techniques and DLSS technology, even see the figure of NVIDIA Reflex technology in the screen settings. Here I tested the DLSS at 1080p and 1440p resolution, and the different grades of game screen performance, direct views can be directly viewed.

It can be found that although it is 2018 game, "God of War" is still very good to eat GPU performance, and the upper limit of quality is quite high. Here I use the highest image quality to test, even 1080p can not reach an average 60 frame, but after opening the DLSS, the number of frames has a large increase. By the way, "God of War" has just landed in the PC. If you are the graphics card game play in the RTX3050, it is recommended to transfer the painting to medium or high to play. DLSS is also recommended to open to balance. It is very difficult to open "DLSS Ultra Energy Performance", which is measured to have obvious beats in individual regions, and the sharp decline is more severe.

The famous "Sai Bo Depens 2077", now is still hardware killer, but it can be found that under the help of DLSS, turn off the RTX light tracking at 1080p or more, pay attention to this is a full high effect. . It is also necessary to remind a situation that DLSS is not recommended to open, and the picture is also blurred to the highest realm, which is generally turned on.

Here I also put it on 1080p, open the contrast of DLSS + RTX and native screen, and the screen after opening is obviously more sense, and the number of frames has a larger improving.

1080p opens DLSS + RTX

1080P native picture

To this, summarize: The RTX3050 can indeed turn on the RTX light tracking effect, but in some new game masterpieces can cause the frame rate to decrease, it is only a taste, it is useful to the RTX3050 target user, may be DLSS and NIS these two techniques.

RTX3050 benchmark running points and actual game performance

After the RTX3050 can be ranked among the RTX30, let's take a look at how it has performance.

In several benchmarks of old friends 3Dmark, the RTX3050 is slightly stronger than GTX1660 Super, but it is still thrown away by the RTX2060. It can only be said that this knife is very wonderful, reasonably in the multi-performance ladder to find the RTX3050. Accommodation.

In the game actual combat, the performance of the RTX3050 is actually quite surprised. First look at the low difficulty "Watching Pioneer", "Double Brand" and "Extreme Racing: Skyline 4". Even at 1440p resolution, the highest image quality effect, it can reach a smooth picture of more than 100 frames, "Double Braided" is affected by different levels, and the number of frames will be floated, but the smooth running is completely no problem. It can be said that the performance of the RTX3050 has been fully able to touch the smooth game of 1440P resolution. Of course, it is only a beginning. The difficulty is further improved, and the "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey", "Assassin's Creed:" The Hall "is not good at game, and" The Tomb Raidth: Shadow "," Control "this is optimized, but Games that are highlighted in quality. The "Assassin's Creed" series does not be very friendly to the RTX3050, 1440p need to significantly reduce the quality to 60 frames, but 1080p resolution is still mainstream, slightly reduces several picture quality settings to stabilize 60 frames. "Tomb Raider: Shadow" Because it is a game that supports light, it is also good, to "control" here is not controlled to reduce frame rate. But here believe that you can also see that "control" is very good for the support of DLSS. At the same time, after opening the DLSS and RTX, there is still nearly 60 frames at 1080p, 2K can not open RTX, can also squeeze into 60 frames and grid lines .

Then the performance of the RTX3050 performance is the next conclusion, that is: mainstream game 1080p is not in the words, and even a part of the game is happy to run in 1440p.

Overclocking efficiency, full load temperature testing and other

Before chatting overclocking, first look at the colorful rainforce RTX 3050 duo 8g This graphics card full-load performance. After an hour and a half hours of Furmark pressure test, its full load temperature is stable at 64 degrees, and the full load power is basically around 127W. The fan speed is only 48% speed, which is grateful, it seems to have overclocking and crushing space. . Open GeForce Experience, after opening automatic overclocking, the core frequency adds 172MHz to 1927MHz, then run the Furmark pressure test, full load temperature is stable in 66 degrees, full load power at 133.7 W.

Run the next baseline, 3Dmark's score of the graphics card is basically 5% improvement, of course, in the actual game, it may probably bring 1 frame of income every 20 frames. This automatic overclocking is not a performance improvement method. Players who have fun, can also try to manually overclock, see what surprises can also bring about RTX3050.

Look at the color of the colorful rain ax Geforce RTX 3050 DuO 8G this temperature and power consumption, plus double card slot, double fan model design, almost clearly say it is for ITX chassis, if you are patient enough, hands-on Strong, and there is also enough creativity, then the Xbox Series S of the PC version is completely no problem, because the performance performance of the RTX3050 will be slightly in XSS, and even if you can do your office work, volume Also close.

Outside the graphics card, talk about two techniques of DLSS and NIS. DLSS is a big king card in the NVIDIA Geforce RTX series, which brings a lot of money, helplessness is made by AMD with FSR technology, plus experience DLSS has a certain threshold, so NVIDIA is still uncomfortable. This also has the emergence of NIS. In fact, in 2019, NIS was born. Only the overall performance of the latest NIS has been different from previous years, the earnings are higher, the scope of application is wider, and the coordination with DLSS is equivalent to put FSR technology is in it. It is really a beautiful counterattack.

And in my understanding, NIS is obviously more suitable for entry-level game graphics cards such as RTX3050, as well as the game of the intermediate price, and their main battlefields are 1080p. In some popular games, NIS technology is The smooth screen provides another possibility that it can be said to be a special welfare from the old yellow.

Target people and purchase suggestions

The positioning of the entry-level game graphics card, replaces the existence of GTX1650, basically a target crowd belonging to the RTX3050: playing online games, or love to play games but not so pursue high quality, or both Light game light office. Of course, I hope to play ITX small steel cannon, pursue the ultimate small volume of DIY players can also try RTX3050.

The RTX3050 of $ 1899 is priced. This time it is said that the volume is also very considerable. The Spring Festival is going to change a new graphics card. It can be moved.But in case the original price can't be found, I don't recommend the purchase price, after all, this performance level and price have a lot of replaceable products.What is worth buying app all net shop shopping prices