Netease Strategy Signing Zhejiang Media College explores high-level digital talent innovation training path

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Netease Strategy Signing Zhejiang Media College explores high-level digital talent innovation training path

2022-01-27 12:07:19 45 ℃

Southern News: NetEase Company and Zhejiang Media College signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, jointly set up the "Netease Industry College" Zhejiang Communication College "(hereinafter referred to as" Netease Industry "), focusing on digital economic fields such as digital culture, and launches talent training. , Research innovation, industrial integration and other depth cooperation. The two sides will focus on exploring digital talent innovation training models. Joint training a group of high skills, application, leading talents needed to meet the development needs of enterprises, also meet the digital industries, national development, with education to educate people as incision, promote numbers The common wealth of the times.

Figure: Tao Jianqin (left) and Zhejiang Communication College, President, Netease Group

Zhejiang Media College, Xu Xiaoba, Netease Group, Intermittent Vice President, Tao Jianqin, Vice President, Zhejiang Media College, Wang Rongyao, NetEase, deputy general manager, deputy general manager of Adult Education, Zheng Liqin and Zhejiang Media Academy, departmental college, department head participated in the signing ceremony And a meeting.

It is reported that the NetEase Industry College will carry out a diversified production and research projects in the core of the talents. The two sides will start from national cultural science and technology development needs, strengthen cooperation in front of digital economy and other digital economy, and jointly break through "unmanned district" and overcome the "card neck" of the industry.

Tao Jianqin, executive vice president of Netease Group, said that the Zhejiang Media Academy has not only cultivated outstanding talents in a large number of media fields, but also seeing the picked up of Zhejiang Chung's student in the short video, live e-commerce and other emerging industries. NetEase cultivation culture, education, AI and other digital economic sectors have deep accumulation in content, technology, products, and talents. The two sides have an innovative co-development concept. I look forward to the two sides to train the company from the traditional training "front" to the campus stage, joint innovation, explore high-level digital talent training paths.

Tao Jianqin said that adheres to education and educating people, set up a NetEase Industry College, and the two sides have echoed the country to strive to be a large digital economy called, responding to the construction requirements of Zhejiang 's common prosperity demonstration zone, and actively explore the new model of the numerical talent training. Expect the two sides based on humanistic logic, accelerating a group of high skills, applications, and leading talents that meet both corporate development needs and meet digital industries, national needs, and brave breakthrough technology innovation "unmanned district". Through human development, people's improvement, promote the development and common prosperity of digital economy.

Xu Xiaochang, the principal of Zhejiang Media College, said that Netease has more than 20 years of innovative experience and accumulation of more than 20 years in the frontier technology and blockchain, etc., is committed to using the most advanced Internet technology, and strengthen people and people. Communication and sharing between information. Zhejiang Media College is a university in the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government and the State Radio and Television Administration. , Develop a large number of applications that meet the development of the times, close to the needs of the industry, innovative talents.

Xu Xiaochang emphasized that the cooperation between the two parties coincided with it. School-enterprise cooperation should be "hematopoietic" cooperation, look forward to working with deep cooperation in digital cultural entertainment, collaborative exploration, two sides have complement each other, mutual help, benefiting work, winning new breakthroughs in digital economic critical areas.

A few days ago, "The" Digital Economic Development Plan "of the 14th Five-Year Plan pointed out that the digital economy is becoming a key force to changing the global competitive landscape. Recently, the Work Report of Zhejiang Provincial Government also proposed that in 2022, we will fully promote the strength of digital economy, deepen the digital economic "No. 1 Project", and strive to increase value by 12% of the number of digital economic core industries.

In this era background, education education is not only an excellent entrance to the current support of common prosperity, but also a good interpretation of digital economy to promote common prosperity. NetEase will actively share the experience of talents in smart education, open class, adult education, etc. Talents, the NetEase Industry College is built into a benchmark sample with industry demonstration significance.