China's most profitable central enterprises, employees earn 10 billion

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China's most profitable central enterprises, employees earn 10 billion

2022-01-27 18:02:11 40 ℃

Wen | Huashang 略 赵

The net profit of one year can reach 744.8 billion yuan, while the employee is less than 700.

You must not be imagined, this profitability makes most companies that don't have a company, which is a central enterprise that you have never heard of the name - China Investment Co., Ltd.

As mentioned in the catalog of money, the names of our mind will first appear in our minds are China Tobacco, PetroChina, or China Railway, and the ability to know in China is far more.

As a country-owned independent company, in the year of 2020, the net profit has reached 700 billion yuan in the year. At present, the total asset size of CIC has reached 8 trillion yuan.

what is this concept?

I often put on the world's top 500 companies, in the first three quarters of 2021, but earned 75.1 billion yuan, China tobacco minus the tax amount of trillion per year, and the remaining net profit is not 1000 There are only about hundreds of millions, only one in the middle profit.

It can be said that in making money, CIC is a low-key king who is reality to the name.

How is the profitability of CIC? This will also be tongly from its development history.

In 2007, in order to further realize the diversified investment of the national foreign exchange capital, China Investment Company was established. At that time, the Ministry of Finance issued a special national bond of 155 trillion yuan, and raised registered capital for CIC.

The foreign exchange of China-based countries is looking for investment globally, and there is an error no one to bear responsibility. Therefore, in the beginning of the establishment, CIC has a huge pressure.

However, no one thought that the first investment project of Zhongtou is aimed at the US Black Stone Group that is preparing to be listed at the time.

CIC has taken up $ 3 billion to subscribe with $ 10.1 million of the Black Stone Group at $ 29.605.

At this time, people are not optimistic about the investment in China. Although the medium investment at 95.5% of the preferential prices before listed on the Black Stone Group, the world has encountered an unprecedented financial crisis after the layout. The stock price of the Black Stone Group also has "a thousand feet", the stock price fell to $ 3 per share.

I am not willing to pay the money in 2008, in 2008, I purchased the shares of 774.92 Mono-Municipal Group, but the money is also "playing water drift", even if the stock price of the Black Stone Group continues to rise, it has never been high. The company's first investment price.

Until 2014, the stock price of the Black Stone Group gradually rebounded to the issue price of IPO, invested in 7 years, CIC has finally profitable, but the annual income rate is less poor, only 4.38%.

Fortunately, China Investment Co., Ltd. did not be discouraged. After eating a long, Zhongtou finally found the correct development direction.

In 2012, Zhongtou subscribed for $ 1 billion in ordinary stocks in Alibaba. Two years later, the Pricing Pricing of Alibaba Group showed that this investment book amount has reached $ 5 billion. In other words, CIC has only rely on Ali's investment, and earns $ 4 billion on the book.

Two years have won four times the benefits, and the invested Shari has become one of the most successful investment cases.

It is worth mentioning that as the largest shareholder behind the Bank of China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Agricultural Bank, China Construction Bank, and Central Huijin are also one of the three major subsidiaries of CIC.

The four major lines of net profit can be added to more than 1 trillion yuan, and the proportion is calculated, and the net profit of Central Huijin can reach more than 470 billion yuan.

Many people may feel that there is such a rich asset, and the size of the employees of China's employees should be very large.

In fact, all employees of Zhongtou Headquarters and Subsidiaries have added only 660, and each employee can bring $ 1 billion in net profit for the company every year.

It seems that the state-owned enterprises that will make money will be worthy of being worthy!


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