There is another money in the bill!Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Will Cancellation Display Fee

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There is another money in the bill!Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Will Cancellation Display Fee

2022-01-27 18:03:21 41 ℃

Recently, according to the news of "Leading Message Board" of the People's Network, the "caller ID" will reply to the "caller ID" to the "caller ID", and the caller ID is not priced by the government, and now only In some cases, there is less than 2% of the old package users who have been stopped, and the call display fee will be gradually canceled within 3 to 5 years.

As the name suggests, the caller is a business that can display the number of the incoming call on the screen. When the mobile phone address book function is not developed, people are calling who is called by remembering the number. Even today, many middle-aged and old age groups are still in this way.

In the impression of Small Thunder, the caller ID costs of different packages are also different, such as 2,3g users generally 3 yuan / month, 4G users are 6 yuan / month. In order to save a few dollars, they will let the salesperson will cancel the call display when the card is issued. However, users who have no electricity display, mobile phone call records should be "unknown".

Of course, the pricing power of the caller is in the operator, different operators, cities, and package will be different, and some will charge August / month, even 10 yuan / month.

After walking into the 4G era, there is no more telephone package for call display costs. Xiaoliang is open in 2017, the Call and B station card, the caller is the business, the 5G package should not generate it again. cost of. Users using the old package still need more than a few dollars every month, even less than 2%, but the group is still very large, according to 6 yuan per month, they will pay more than 72 yuan.

Some netizens have an attitude towards incoming calls. They think that because there is an incoming call display, your own number is easy to be disclosed, becoming a "bombing" object such as selling insurance, selling buildings. In Xiaoli's view, the caller is not a "scourge" of the phone, and the information of the sale of customers under private is.

In fact, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attaches great importance to the recommendations of the user's call display tariffs. Since 2017, it will drive operators in the new and selling or contain call display services in the package, and gradually remove the relevant tariffs for the old package users, but whether it is What kind of business, driving comprehensive popularization requires a process, and 3 to 5 years is also reasonable.

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For users who do not want to pay the call to display tariffs, they can also send an unsubscribe text message to the operator, or for the package upgrade.