Powell rumored the erange crit!US stocks staged V reverse, and nearly 1,000 points in the Duan Dynasty

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Powell rumored the erange crit!US stocks staged V reverse, and nearly 1,000 points in the Duan Dynasty

2022-01-27 18:02:01 30 ℃

The three major stock indexes of the US stocks are high, and the tail diving. In the morning, the early 500 points, the decline in the day decline once, eventually falling 0.38%, and the S & P 500 index fell 0.15%, which previously increased by over 2.2%; Naja rose 0.02%, which was about 3.4%.

On the news, the Fed is expected to end TAPER in early March, and hints that the raising interest rate hike is expected in the market, starting the closing table after starting the raising process. Powell, Powell, said that there is sufficient space to raise interest rates without harm to economic growth, strengthen to suppress high inflation, at a series of interest rate hike, and does not rule out the possibility of all meetings of the Federation, requires large-scale abtenation At least the closing table is started after at least once.

Powell strengthens the eagle position, the asset is turbulent

In fact, after the Fed announced the interest rate resolution, the three major stock indexes were still in the district, even slightly pulled. From the process of rising falling, there is a press conference in Powell, Powell.

Powell admitted that there were plans for ending credits in March, but he pointed out that the Federality pointed out that the Fed, "In the case of not threatening the labor market, the increase in interest rates is very large, and does not exclude at each federal public market committee meeting. Interest interest rates. "Powell also revealed the rhythm of the reduction of the balance sheet" may be faster than last time. "

"After listening to the Fed Chairman Powell's speech, it was obvious that the risk of further interest rate hike has risen, and the gains of Wall Street have failed," Oanda's Edward Moya said in a report.

"At each federal public market committee meeting", "said that the number of random rates can be up to 7 times in 2022. This supermarket expectant eagle representation not only makes the US stocks, and the US debt yield and the US dollar index are even shorter.

The 10-year US government bond yield has soared to 1.87%. The 30-year US government bond yield rose by 5 basis points to 2.18%.

COMERICA Wealth Management, CEO, John Lynch, said: "The timing and amplitude of the interest rate hike, and the extent to which the balance sheet reduction should help to calm the market." "We believe that given the global cyclical recovery and less serious pricing Pressure, the US Treasury Yield Curve will gradually become steep, determined by the normal market forces. "

The US dollar index is strong, and the report is 96.51, and it has increased by 0.5%.

The panic index VIX rose 2.57%, and reported 31.96.

The market may intensify the concerns of Ukraine in Russia, and the geopolitical tension is once in the seven years of the seven years to break through 90 US dollars. Ded-off, WTI crude oil futures rose by 2.0%, reported $ 87.35 / barrel, ICE Brent crude oil futures rose by 2.0%, reported $ 89.96 / barrel.

The COMEX period decreased 1.2%, reported $ 1,832.00 per ounce, and the COMEX sub-silver fell 0.4%, reported 23.8070 USD / oz. The gold price erase the increase since this year, and Powell's interest rate hike is promoted to rise. The situation in Ukraine is still focus.

Specifically to see the US stock surface:

Large-scale technology stocks have fallen. Apple fell 0.06%, Microsoft 2.85%, Q4 revenue, the history of revenue, the income of cloud business increased nearly 50%, and the quarter of Azure is the first large business. The number of active users of Teams exceeded 270 million; Google rose 1.81%, Amazon Falling 0.8%, Nafei, Amazon will launch localized content in India. Tesla closed 2.21%, Tesla Q4 financial report is super expected, but the stock price will fall by 5%; META fell 1.84%, the supervision resistance is too large, the META stable coin project abortion; 2021 mobile phone App Download Three Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook.

Most of the shareholders fall, Alibaba fell 4.84%, Stifel disregard Alibaba target price to $ 150, maintaining "buy" rating; Ali Clouds and the Middle East Northern Non-B2B e-commerce platform tradeling achieved cooperation. Jingdong decreased by 1.44%, Jingdong and foreign companies cooperated to provide translation logistics support, and the sales of American brands were shortened to 3 weeks. Spelling a lot of 9.11%. Analysts said that the car factory accelerated transformation 2025 global electric vehicle penetration rate will exceed 30%. It is 4.75%, and it will respond to "considering second-time listing in Singapore": not commented; 蔚 来 ET5 will export multiple overseas markets in the spring of 2023. Xiaopeng fell 1.87%, 2022 new energy car subsidies rested 30%, and the vehicle enterprises have announced the price increase. Ideally fell 1.34%, there is an ideal one owner reflects the ideal one Internet problem: the driver, navigation "痪".

Ten before the turnover is mainly the index ETF and the technology giant. Ying Weida has ranked fifth, the transaction is 17.488 billion US dollars, which has risen by 2.01%, and Ying Weida denied abandoning the acquisition of ARM, the company's response attitude was unchanged. AMD has sold 10.688 billion US dollars, ranked tenth, falling down 0.38%, the agency said that the main cause of the car chip is a surge in demand, and it increases by 30% last year. Nafei has sold 4.548 billion US dollars, ranked 183%, Nafei, Amazon will launch localized content in India. Pay attention to the impact of US stock elections on US stocks

Looking back that the US stock market performance is good during the Fed's interest rate hike, because economic growth often supports corporate profit growth and stock markets. In fact, according to Truist Classification Officer Keith Lerner, in the 12 random rate since the 1950s, the stock market has been returned, with an average annualization of 9%. The only exception was happening in 1972-1974, and he hit a national recession in 1973-1975.

Analysts believe that concerns about tightening monetary policy or epidemic will not prevent the market from making new achievements.

But a little vigilant is the mid-term election of US stocks November. Because the uncertainty of the election results and the influence of subsequent policies, the market returns will often remain low until the end of the year.

LPL Financial's data shows that since 1950, the S & P 500 index has been averaged 17.1% in the middle of the year year.

In addition, data shows that the US President Joe Biden's support rate continues to decline, and in January, the 41% of adults affirmed the work performance of Biden, below September and 55% in August. Most people who accept the survey said that due to soaring prices, the US economic situation has deteriorated.

It is worth mentioning that the famous value investor Grantham, the famous value investor of US stocks "Super Bubble" issues more terrible forecasts, warnings the world's need to prepare for inflation, economic deceleration and labor shortage.