China Unicom's 2022 "Foshan 5G Yunhua Street" opened!Citizens realize a year-on-year change

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China Unicom's 2022 "Foshan 5G Yunhua Street" opened!Citizens realize a year-on-year change

2022-01-28 00:02:49 60 ℃

Duplex Street is an important traditional custom of Guangfu New Year. The New Year is approaching, how to achieve the house, online, can buy the annual flower? In order to actively respond to national policies, promote rural residence, Mango V Anchor Foshan Division United China Unicom Foshan Branch, Foshan Chain Association in 2022 On January 25, the Growth of Foshan Creative Industry Park was jointly held in 2022 "Foshan 5G Yunhua Street" opening ceremony and mango v anchor sea election startup ceremony. Its joint construction "Foshan 5G Yunhua Street" platform will make it easy for the public to purchase online, realize the annual flowers.

Buying a lot of money, a good sign of a rich, good fortune. The event kicked off in Jiang Zhengchao, deputy general manager of China Unicom Foshan Branch. Foshan Unicom Union Mango V Anchor Organizing Committee, Foshan Chain Association and other partners, build 5G online cloud flower street, fully integrate the Mango V Anchor Competition and offline channels to provide more convenient product transactions, buy channels, Create a "landmark" brand and cultural symbol with Foshan characteristics, and also help local companies to increase product sales. As a 5G wisdom live broadcast room, Foshan Unicom will output 5G live network integrated solutions for all types of forms, solve the traffic, professional live, cross-border live broadcast, etc., fast, online And live signal stability and other needs.

Zheng Bin, executive president of the Foshan Chain Enterprise Association, said that live e-commerce models as the emerging model of current enterprises to expand sales channels, is glowing more and more strong vitality. "Foshan 5G Yunhua Street" will further help Foshan enterprises to expand new models such as live e-commerce to expand domestic and foreign consumer markets, combined with the demand for live economic development, promote the development and empowerment of live economic economy in Foshan.

The "Foshan 5G Yunhua Street" platform is the city to promote urban digital transformation and will create a never-ending industry product exhibition platform. Mango V Anchor Competition, will build a live elite talent library, through the model of e-commerce platform + training + farmers + brand, vigorously develop e-commerce sales channels, and create excellent brands. Mango V Anchor Foshan Organizing Committee Chairman, Mr. Li Huajian, Chairman of Guangdong Jiancian Media Technology Co., Ltd., introduced.

The activities of the Growth of the Foshan Creative Industry Park have a wonderful event, rich in content, not only can visit the market to buy discounts, but also watch thousands of traffic networks red star tutors bring wonderful live band in the scene PK Match. Many citizens expressed their great open eyes. They can only see the aquares in the screen, just in front of themselves, it is really a three-minute walk in the stage!

The new year welfare site got Wang Laoji, Chan, Huang Jiede, Foshan City, Mandarin, Mandarin, Mei Ya, Wing Chun, Mi, Weima Auto, Picking Hall, Bama Shen Natural Spring Water, China The beauty products of the Garden Beauty Alliance Science and Technology Innovation Research Center, Shanghai Tiancai Products, Zizhou Zizhou Mountain and other brand enterprises.

Many people participated in interaction at the scene, collected the exquisite paper cuts of non-legacy masters, festive swings; Participated in 1 yuan to take the year, year, new year gift box; win Apple iPad, thousand yuan wine and other benefits, activities Praise. It is expected that 365 days of "Foshan 5G Yunhua Street" will bring more convenient and higher experience.

The day activities were specialized in line special and offline special. Online broadcasts are: "Foshan 5G Yunhua Street" and Foshan 5G Yunhua Street, held by Foshan Unicom and Foshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce. Mango V Anchor Competition star tutors not only brought "steady happiness" Unicom 29 yuan in the live broadcast, but also the fast-moving online experience, anytime, anywhere, anytime, anywhere, from 199 yuan for live broadcast 90g super large stream split card discount package; also brought Foshan old-fashioned Yellow Jobs, Wang Laoji Jiang tea series, sandwich sugar-beta glucan + VB5 silk through mask, MOC series Products and New Year's goods such as Junda Petsu Emergency Safety Appliances, let everyone live safe, beautiful, and delicious over a happy year.

This event integrates the food capital, the four big Buddhas of the city, the intersection of the Kung Fu, bringing the citizens to bring a different tide experience.