The real Yuan universe is not what you think.

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The real Yuan universe is not what you think.

2022-01-28 00:02:57 31 ℃

Many people understand the "MetaVerse" as Utopia, a parallel world that is separated from the reality.

This is definitely misunderstood "MetaVerse".

Although there is a "universe" in the name, it is not another realistic, but it is a package, integrated auxiliary reality.

As for this technology, it is possible to realize the "hack of empire" digital world, not impossible, but now you can't do it.

It can now be done by changing people's experiences between people, people and people to change people's experiences in the realistic experience, which promotes the development of society and human awareness.

The technique of helping reality is actually a lot, the aircraft rocket, telephone telegram, and the Internet are calculated. They also have realized the development of society. For example, the aircraft removes the distance around the Earth to 24 hours, strengthens communication and interaction between different cultures and civilizations. The Internet can get information on the world without leaving home, and changed people's social, production, and consumption patterns.

The "Yuancosian" is an existing dimension of "Experient".

Playing games is just a small part of this "experience". If you just play games, the application scenario is too limited.

"Yuanhe" wants to be truly developed, and must play a role in education, medical, communications, business, etc. It is like now every day's food and clothing in the Internet and mobile phones, it must be done this level.

But the problem is that there is necessary to upgrade the existing daily experience?

I think it is.

Some people think that there is no possibility that it has not been an important to upgrade. I used to buy something to go to the store, how many people think of Alibaba's size today?

Now, it is often used, for example, learning the ancient history of China through books, complementing information on the Internet, and delivering knowledge is by plane two-dimensional mode.

With the "Yuan Cosmic" technology, you can go back to the Tang Dynasty, in the virtual Tang Dynasty world, in the world, experience the dynasty, passing Changan's street alley, listening to the debate of the emperor and ministers in the court.

In the past, you have to die hard "An Shu Zi's chaos is the civil war in the early years of Tang Xuanzong from the early years of the Tang Dynasty."

Now you know how to see the An Lushan and Shi Siming to conspiracy to plan, how is Tang Xuanzong's shocking, and how the group will offer a policy. These knowledge is in your heart through your true experience, you don't need to die hard, you not only know in your mind, now you know the whole body and mind.

It is not difficult to achieve this application, and many museums are in use, such as this Van Gogh exhibition:

Van Gogh's "Starry" experience

Van Gogh's "fishing boat" experience

Van Gogh's "farmhouse" experience

For example, in the past, science and technology have been close to time and space, but people are still far away.

I can call you a message in Pacific, but I can't let you do it, I can't share with you, I can't give you a real hug.

"Yuancos" can do it.

It can break through a series of technical barriers such as holographic projection, electronic scanning, neuron copy, biorectivation, let us feel the same scene in the Pacific Ocean.

For example, I summon you at the concert at Mayday, you can look at REAL-TIME and I will watch it with me. You are immersive, I can also enjoy your company.

Long distance transfer watch concert

Long distance transfer watch concert

Basically, what is the Internet can do, add a "experience" dimension, which is what "Yuan Universe" can do.

Therefore, it is not accurate to "virtual reality" as "virtual reality". It doesn't create a new reality, but use computer technology to combine virtual information and real world superimposed, integrated, "enhanced" time and space. The possibility of a scene experience. So the "enhanced real experience" should be more accurate.

"Experience", don't look small, it is not only comfortable, and it is fun. "Experience" is the premise of our family.

In other words, you have to pursue a good customer experience, must respect the individual's experience, and establish a product in most people's experience will also trained those Outlier, and finally produce some of the product ecosystem consensus.

This product is known, the user experience is built in an individual, but in the end, it is a convergence, even if there is Outlier, it will also "correct" to "correct". Can refer to Apple's product development.

Therefore, the "Yuan Universe" to the end, the most important role should be to further promote the integration of the entire society.

In fact, if Zuckerberg predicts the correct words, the "Yuan Universe" is not long, but the distance between people and people.

It is like aircraft, high-speed rail, and Internet promotes global supply chain and business model. People who have never unhappy now must do business, match and cooperate, and people must establish some degree of understanding, trust and consensus. .

"Yuancosian" will strengthen this global link while driving more understanding and consensus.

In fact, there is no development of the Internet, and the current LGBTQ movement does not reach this scale. It is a personal access to sharing channels on the Internet, through sharing stories, testimony, and experiences the social level of the social level and the support of today's various private and policies. You can imagine these sharing plus a "experience" dimension that feels with people, what kind of interaction and resonance will be generated between people?

People and people's sorrow can't be connected, it is because "I" has no channel to enter "you" story.

I think this is the real meaning of the Internet and the Yuancosian.

If this is the case, then the world is indeed developed toward the direction of the human fate community, and the collective awareness of the entire human beings will become more and more integrated, and some of the policies and policies that hinder this integration will ultimately in accordance with history. Development is eliminated.

"Yuancosian" may be just a starting point, these technologies have contributed to understanding and intelligence between human beings, and improve their ability to love.

When human beings can do not have to achieve their minds, emotions and consciousness are getting closer, and lover is no longer a bitter, then human truly one is achieved.