Just add it!Fully solve the Amazon Marketing Plan impact rankings!

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Just add it!Fully solve the Amazon Marketing Plan impact rankings!

2022-01-28 12:11:20 62 ℃

The seller should heard that Amazon Attribution and Amazon Brand Referral Bonus Programs, Amazon attribution and Amazon brand recommendation award programs, understand and use them, and better help develop e-commerce business.

With the rise of Amazon, the increase in cost (CPC), and the platform takes a more tough position to the black hats ranking strategy, more and more sellers have been looking to attract external traffic to their Amazon product details page.

In addition, some brands, especially those who do not directly face the consumer website, or those who wish to use external traffic sales to help improve the natural ranking of e-commerce giants, will turn to advertising outside the Amazon to help promote Transformation of those rankings needed.

In the past, the disadvantage of transmitting external traffic to Amazon was that the result and conversion rate of traffic cannot be tracked. Amazon is not allowed to add pixels in its product details page, so it is difficult to determine the effectiveness of external activity marketing.

In addition to the lack of transparency in addition to external flow, it is also necessary to consider the cost of Amazon and advertising costs when calculating profitability.

In order to solve this problem, Amazon launched two project plans, they can work together to help understand external traffic performance, this is Amazon attribution and Amazon brand recommendation reward.

Why attract external traffic to Amazon?

Often, it is best to attract traffic from the Amazon Advertising Platform, because this can improve the visibility of the advertising activity and reduce the cost of many products.

However, the external traffic is sometimes attracted to Amazon's true meaningful. Amazon's Top of Funnel advertising products are still in its infancy, and some target positioning is not as advanced as they found on other platforms.

In some cases, there are more opportunity to conduct effective advertising for specific populations or target groups other than Amazon, such as Facebook, Google or Instagram.

In addition, most of Amazon's advertising products have seriously restricted the number of creative creativity that can be included in the advertisement. For many Amazon's advertising, the main idea is from the list itself. Therefore, it is difficult to make custom advertisements for different audiences, or provide education or brand awareness for the product. Ads made on Amazon usually allow more freely in creative images and text.

In general, sending external traffic to Amazon may be more expensive, because in addition to paying the external cost of advertising, Amazon fees are required. This additional cost means that a higher advertising return rate can be profitable.

This is not the choice of each seller or each product. However, if the profit is allowed, handling properly, overall sales and profitability will increase.

There is a meaningful situation that is meaningful from the outside of Amazon, and two tools can help improve the popularity of the campaign and reduce overall cost.

Amazon attribution

This plan allows you to track specific indicators that use Amazon attributable traffic to traffic. As part of the plan, Amazon will create custom links to track specific indicators generated due to traffic you send to your product details.

Amazon declaration, "Attribution report includes clicks and Amazon transformation indicators, such as detailed page views, add to cart and purchase."

To participate in this program, you must register the Amazon brand. If there is no real-time logo, you can participate in the Amazon IP Accelerator program.

Amazon's home mode is to assign a custom link for the seller and provide 14 days last contact, cross-device attribution model.

Amazon Brand Recommended Reward Program

In July 201, Amazon launched a brand recommendation incentive program. When this plan attracts external traffic, Amazon will use the traffic to pay the payment fee using the traffic sent to the seller product details page. Amazon said the brand averages 10% from the eligible sales.

The program is moderately, when the seller sends external traffic through the plan with Amazon, will receive the recommended fee when you sell your products on the Amazon platform. The recommended credit credit will depend on the seller product category, which is the same as the recommended fees on the platform.

According to the type of advertisement, there are up to 14 days of attribution time, after sales, there are two months of waiting period, and bonuses will be assigned to your account.

Note that you must use the brand recommended award plan, you must first participate in the Amazon attribution plan and brand registration.

The first step in registering these two plans is to ensure that the registered brand registration plan or intellectual property accelerator project depends on the specific situation of the seller. A real-time trademark is needed to participate in the Amazon Ideal Property Accelerator to potentially accelerate your brand or product trademark.

Then you need an active Amazon account and registered Amazon attribution. After completing these steps, you can register the brand recommendation incentive plan.

Remember, external advertising is used with Amazon's internal ads, which is a powerful strategy for competition category products or new categories, thereby increasing overall sales or product adoption rates.

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