Zen3 + architecture shows God!AMD new generation APU runs, soaring more than 30%

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Zen3 + architecture shows God!AMD new generation APU runs, soaring more than 30%

2022-01-28 12:11:22 46 ℃

You may not know what concept is more than 30% of the number of cores, we usually use a word to describe this processor, "u blame"! A New Graphics Architecture (RDNA2), this card, I won ... Su Ma is so happy, don't you do it? To Su Ma's a cup of cappucino ... If you replace the CPU architecture to zen4, I will get killing, but I can't change it ... If you can win me with 10nm CPU, I will eat this wafer on the spot. ! (System Tips: Intel launches 12 generation processor ...)

Of course, AMD's Zen3 + APU is still not bad, just encountering opponents that should not encounter, if you do ultra low voltage, AMD can play 10 (referring to 2 large 8 little Alder Lake-U). Don't watch advertising, do you only get geekbench? This can be (appreciated).

Geekbench5 running points, Ruilong 9-6900HX (high positioning, unlocking frequency) single-threaded score 1593 points, multi-thread 10151 points, APU (Ruilong 9-5900HX) positioned in the previous generation, single thread Holding approximately 10%, multi-threads have increased more than 30%.

AMD's 6000 Series APU, the development code "Lumbar", manufactured by TSMC N6, up to 8 ZEN3 + CPU core, RDNA2 architecture integration display core, up to 5GHz.

However, as I said, Intel's products are obviously more stronger, of which Alder Lake-P reached 6 larger 8 small, 20 threads, "double boxing difficulties", and more intelli Golden Cove is not soft Persimmon, so Intel's i9-12900h compared to 6900hX, more than 20% of the single thread, more threads are stronger than half.

But AMD is not worthless, in the U-series processor field, AMD can still display core performance with more core and stronger integration, pull back a city, AMD's RDNA2 is superior to Intel in performance and energy efficiency. XE (probably). And AMD can play a performance ratio advantage, although performance can not be played, but the cost advantage is part of strength.

Moreover, the notebook processor should consider power consumption. Although Intel has piled a lot of cores, the acceleration frequency is also very high, but it is not that case in the specific computer, the top of the desktop processor is not good, overheating For notebooks, it is not only heat dissipation, but also has a big impact on performance (especially the gamebook has an independent, usually the CPU and GPU will grab power, inserting the AC power supply is also useless, because not full of fire , Expensive electricity, heat dissipation, pear. Of course, AMD can't fall light, power consumption is common, especially this AMD also puts PCIe4.0, 8 CPU cores and a lot of GPU SP, acceleration frequency is also 5GHz, maybe it is three seconds Han.

However, it is worthy of being dead ... is not right, it is the 10nm of Intel finally "can use", according to transistor density, 10nm ESF (has been renamed Intel 7) probably chasing the level of Tower N6 It is, to know that Intel is still DUV, this is definitely the Dengfeng is pole under DUV (before the PTT N7 is not very surprising, the EUV pioneer Samsung felt very embarrassment, I didn't compare N7, I didn't compare N7. Speaking of it?). Of course, I have to admit that if Intel has been "released" these years, AMD has not turned over the opportunity, and I will have the "Return of the King", etc.

But just as I said in front, I changed to Zen4, AMD will "lore", but we can only wait for AMD's 5nm chip. And the problem of production capacity has been plaguing AMD. Even if the "card status, U second Intel", the production capacity is not enough to occupy the market, the key to the problem is that the overall supply of the chip market is insufficient, and the Ying Weida also has a 5nm node. The capacity can only say that Intel's wafer is still useful (Intel: I can't think about it. You must find a desktop, directly forced AMD to cast a Samsung!).

Speaking of the gamebook, recently seen a wonderful "game tablet", ASUS's ROG magic X, simply put the hardware of the gamebook into the AB, and then use the magnetic keyboard. Getting Started model 8999 yuan (standard keyboard, Microsoft you learn people!), Without alone (there is no single game for you to do, you want to add money. This device breaks the limitations of Windows Tablets can only play a general GALGAME (with unique words can play Minori's GAL, optimized GAL can also run, this is the power of banknotes!), Just ... this The thickness is a bit touching (of course, it is much thinner than the average game), and the shape is really "ridicule", but considering the gamebook, Zhang Yang is nothing. As long as you don't have QLC SSD, ASUS is still friends!

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