[Hard Technology Week 3: Dongfang Space Complete Nearly 300 million yuan pre-A round financing, XR game sports capture technology company Refract completes $ 6 million A round financing

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[Hard Technology Week 3: Dongfang Space Complete Nearly 300 million yuan pre-A round financing, XR game sports capture technology company Refract completes $ 6 million A round financing

2022-01-28 12:10:27 35 ℃

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1. Industry Key Guide

2, first-level market dynamics

2.1, domestic one-week financing dynamics (Figure: financing project details / field / stage / billion finance project)

2.2, domestic titanium media Pro · Project recommendation

2.3, foreign financing dynamics in foreign countries (Figure: Financing project details / field / stage / billion finance project)

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Heavy · Point · Guide · Reading hard technology global mergers total 40, 28 domestic financing, 12 foreign financing; from financing, 9 financing in the field of domestic semiconductor, ranking first, commercial space field There are 6 financing, and the second column is second; three financing in the field of AR / VR fields, the first, automatic driving, semiconductor, and the field of financing in the field, and second. In terms of domestic investment, the Eastern space has completed nearly 300 million yuan pre-A round financing, and the integrated chip enterprises have a 50 million yuan B1 round financing. In terms of foreign investment financing, XR game sports capture technology company Refract completed $ 6 million A round financing, automatically driving a feet car company MOBILITY to get $ 83 million C round financing.

From January 17, 2022 to January 23, Titanium Media TMTBase Global Level One Market Database Total is 40, and there are 40 national hard-science track investment and financing incidents, including 28 national financing and 12 foreign financing.

Domestic one-week financing dynamics

✔. This week's titanium Media TMTBase Global Level One Market Database Total Investment Incidents occurred in China's hard science track investment incident.

✔. From the number of financies, 9 in the semiconductor field, 6 commercial space fields, 5 intelligent hardware fields, 3 3D print fields, automatic driving, new energy fields 2, AI fields.

✔. From the number of financin, the angel wheel will be 1, and the pre-a wheel starts, and the A wheel starts, and the A + rotation is 2, the B wheel starts, 1 of the B + rotation, the D rounds, the strategy investment 11 IPO 1.

✔. This week, there are 11 billion-level financing items, 4 commercial space fields, 3 semiconductor fields, automatic driving, intelligent hardware, 3D printing, 1 new energy field each.

Domestic titanium Media Pro · Recommended Project

Intelligent hardware

Intelligent Patrol Robot Company Qian Tong Tie Technology completed tens of millions of RMB PRE-A round financing

Thousands of patrols were established in 2018, a company that developed mobile robots, AI detection algorithms and digital applications. There are currently AMR mobile robots, AIOT inspection, SaaS inspection business systems and other products and complete solutions.

Thousand patrol technology intelligent inspection robots are currently used in the two vertical fields of power systems and public security systems. According to its official website, in the field of substation inspection, thousands of patrol technology collect inspection data through terminal equipment such as robots, cameras, sensors, using the AI ​​algorithm to identify data, and finally for abnormal data alarms, not only replacing heavy and dangerous artificial live operations At the same time, it greatly improves operational efficiency. In the field of public security area, thousands of patrols assist public security for outdoor regional patrols, which can identify violations, occupation, fire, gathering, departure, sensitive personnel, etc. If the fire extinguisher is equipped, the sprayer can also perform remote risk disposal, and through the robot Realize fast storage.

Intelligent industrial robot enterprise Zhongke Coast for tens of millions of pre-A round financing

Xi'an Zhongke Photoelectric Precision Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2013, and the core technical team stems from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company is designed to solve the problem of "precise measurement, intelligent identification, precision control" facing the unmanned upgrade process in the unwalability upgrade process. With the "Super Blue Collar" as the main trademark, the company provides intelligent welding, assembly, grinding and production collaborative logistics robots, committed to the global supplier of intelligent robots in the development of "industrial 4.0" technology. At present, Zhongke Optoelectronics has applied for 64 patents in three-dimensional measurement, and the intelligent industrial robot has applied for 64 patents and 6 software copyrights.


Car laser radar system supplier Liang Road intelligently completed more than 100 million yuan A + round financing

Light Road intelligence provides a station-of-stop solution for car manufacturers, including laser radar perceived systems, including laser radar hardware integration, perceived algorithm development, and high data-based test verification and function iterative services. At the same time, Liang Road intelligently actively layout smart transportation, its road side perceived fusion system continuously obtains domestic and European mainstream customer orders. 3D printing

Metal 3D printing industry Hanbang Technology completed nearly 400 million first round financing

Hanbang Technology is a metal 3D printing company, with a full set of technical programs such as equipment, software, materials, printing technology, covering aerospace, industrial, medical and other fields, industry coverage and market share rank forefront. By the end of last year, Hanbang's cumulative shipments exceeded 500, sold to more than 20 countries and regions around the world.

At present, Hanbang Technology has successfully developed a total of 23 models, and the product matrix is ​​complete, and the total cooperation and service customers have reached thousands, including steel research groups, future workshops, Shanghai Liangying, Shanghai Fosun, Gree, Japan Matsushi, Shenzhen Guang Yunda and other industry head customers.

At the same time, Hanbang Technology uses intelligent, automatic, digitally, providing enterprise "Intelligent Production Line + Bulk Manufacturing + Industrial Wisdom" integrated high-quality metal 3D printing solution, providing customers with more efficient, Flexible new state cooperation.

Eastern space completed nearly 300 million yuan pre-A round financing

Oriental Space (Shandong) Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established in 2020, aims to explore new models of aerospace development, helping human beings expand its development space, effectively supplement my country's aerospace launch capabilities, allowing space tentacles. Since its inception, Dongfang Space has maintained rapid development. At the beginning of 2021, the company completed the gravitational -1 solid bundled medium-sized launch rocket arrow, and the initial research phase was officially transferred in the primary development stage of the division system and the overall plan in November-December, 2021.

Oriental Spatial Gravity -1 Launch Rockets overcome the bundled multidisciplinary coupling design, batch manufacturing structural design, medium-sized transport rockets, etc., key technology, etc. In terms of technology iteration to realize innovation. In December 202, the company officially launched the construction of the commercial launch rocket assembly test (AIT) center in Shandong Haiyang City, which is planned to be in use at the end of 2022.

Seth Jisi completed more than one million yuan angel round financing

SCIREN was established in January 2021, focusing on the innovative research and development of ultra-low orbit aerosol intelligent aircraft and its application model, the company's main product system covers ultra-low orbit series satellite platform, optical load, network communication, ground test, etc. Products and their system solutions; future will focus on ultra-low orbit plan design and implementation, constellation construction and operation, product equipping test verification, data intelligence processing and other business services.

At present, the ultra-low orbit satellite program of Sethime has completed the design, which plan to make the first test satellite within one year.


Standard integrated chip enterprise spending less 200 million yuan B1 round financing

In 2019, the world's first depositary chip is released. Since then, it will continue to be iterated, and the chip energy efficiency is 2-5 times per year. WTM2101 chip is officially released in 2021, using embedded Flash processes, processing a minimum of 50ua during the AI ​​operation, peak power consumption down to 5mA, standby 1UA, neural network model parameters can reach 1.8MB, AI peak intensity 50 gops. Compared to the equivalent power consumption product, the force is more than 10 times, which can be applied to many embedded scenes including intelligent voice, intelligent health, lightweight visual, etc.

Follow the micro-electronic completion hundreds of millions of D round financing, from Wuyuan Capital

In January 2016, the company's business mainly involves high-performance simulation and mixed signal chip technology and its application. The company's headquarters is in Wuhan, in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Europe and the Americas. R & D and sales center.

Currently, companies hold dozens of independent intellectual property rights, 3D visual and smart audio are the two major products of the company, and have dozens of independent intellectual property rights. In March 202, the company issued a back-illuminated, high-resolution TOF sensor chip in China, which was suitable for high-precision applications such as face recognition, 3D modeling.

The smart audio chip and solution of the company have completed hundreds of millions of shipments in the first-line mobile phone manufacturer of OPPO, Xiaomi, Samsung; the 5UM VGA-level back-illuminated high-resolution TOF flight time sensor chip has been successful, and The technical assessment and testing is completed in several industrial headers and batch orders; at the same time, the linear motor drive chip and optical sensing chips are about to achieve scale production.


Overseas financing incidents, overseas recommendations and this week's policy dynamics see the full text.

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