A large factory that is trapped by a low performance: long-term doubts, to please lead for the meal bowl

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A large factory that is trapped by a low performance: long-term doubts, to please lead for the meal bowl

2022-01-28 12:08:51 22 ℃

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Also to the end of the year "Assessment Season". Dedicated to the "head bald", the performance appraisal is to choose to release the emotions to the social platform.

A Tencent's previous employee shared his own performance of 2 stars: "The tea meal does not think, I feel very waste", so that "Every time I have a performance in half a year, I will insomnia, my body and psychology are close to the collapse. "

On behalf of the performance assessment, KPI, OKR (target and key results), 360 degree environmental assessment (one of the performance assessment methods of evaluation dimension), but not only because the performance result is the rendering of each person's work recognition, It is directly related to everyone's year-end award, promotion paid, internal live water plan and other benefits.

But so key performance assessment, evaluation method is not fully open and transparent in the company. On the one hand, the performance allocation of the large factory, medium and poor, often has a fixed ratio, the most typical allocation of 2: 7: 1. In other words, even a very good team, some must have a low performance. On the other hand, 360 degree environmental assessment, leadership subjective standards, etc., and some workman think "people have a lot of space".

In the face of heavy KPI, the way the big factory is to split it to every week, every day, some people feel that they live in KPI every day, even 10pm every night, I have to work overtime, but finally took a " Low performance. Even if you want to appeal, the possibility of turning over is not big.

The big factory that has been played low performance will be disappointed, depressed, can be in the eyes of many "coming people", low performance is almost a trough that everyone will have every workplace. Idea tells them that face and solve the problem more important than an anxiety that falls into a performance assessment.

Some people have begun to find the next assessment season to avoid shortcuts that have been lowered, and even seek the vocational planners, and some people are preparing to hop to the small factory after assessing their hard strength.

Back, low performance, fall into self-denial

In the middle of 2021, Zhang Xiaoxiang graduated from the post-job Tencent, he learned at the end of December that the performance appraisal at the end of the year back "2 stars". But the leaders expressed his ability and potential to recognize his ability and potential. He understood that this time is "newcomer's back star".

According to the representation of many large manufacturers in the social platform, in Tencent, a year of performance appraisal, according to the star score, general 5 stars, 4 stars Jia, 3 stars, 2 stars and 1 star belong to poor performance, Moreover, this three-speed performance level will be assigned according to certain proportions, and 10% of people will be lowered.

The performance appraisal at the end of the year has long been a big factory standard, and the employee's general payment, the position is promoted, the year-end award, and the internal transfer opportunity is hooked. Although the various assessment systems are not the same, one of the "hidden rules" of many major plants is to have someone to have a low performance, and the employees who have continuously low performance may be "last elimination."

Similar to Tencent's 2 star low performance, Ali's "3.25", bytes, Baidu "M-", US Mission, Quick, Xiaomi, etc. "C". For example, in Ali's system, 3.75 is excellent in performance, and 3.25 means that your work needs to be improved.

Many large manufacturers said that they accepted their own performance and the process was very painful.

Many people's pain is that the work in the past is not recognized. "Too wronged, The year-end award is not the most important, mainly for a few months, and has not been recognized." A US group worker wrote in a workplace social platform, ourselves After four and a half months, I have experienced many post changes. Nowadays, the work is already different, but the leadership is made by no practical output, so that I have a low performance of the group, that is, "C".

In the Shanghai's Internet Grand Plant, I have rarely hit low performance in the past years of work experience, and after the performance of the fourth quarter of 2021 was rated as "C", it took a long time. Falling into negative emotions that are not recognized.

A ID is said to be the pulse user of the US group employee, "I have been played C performance, I can't see hope", and I will have a class in the night to return home, prepare to hop to the small factory.

There are also people to guess their performance in early performance. Zhang Tong was in Baidu for more than three years, and he had encountered the first "M-" of Baidu's career at the end of 2021. In fact, he was promoted to other departments in the middle of the year, but he did not walk together, he began to worry about the performance assessment of his second half. Now I see the results of M- performance evaluation, he still caught in a time.

People are worried that the low performance directly affects income.

Li Pengjie in Baidu, was directly entered in February 2021, and when the performance assessment of the current student, he was given a low performance with the reason for "not enough, the output is not enough", he said, this Representing yourself will not get the year-end award.

Zhang Xiaoxiang, who Tencent learned from his colleague, was played 2 stars, meaning tens of thousands of pieces less than the year-end award. However, in the leadership did not deny his ability, he gradually accepted the reality of being played 2 stars.

One byte beat the employee to deep ignition, the difference between the department, M- and M + corresponding year, at least two months of salary.

On social platform, the staff also knows that the year-end prize and performance appraisal are hook, but it is unclear that the specific coefficient calculation method is anxiously asked, how much the year-end award corresponding to his performance appraisal. Some major manufacturers have tense their performance, but also for some big plants to set up a PIP protocol (Performance Improvement Plan). After the employee signs the PIP protocol, if the work goal is not completed within the specified period, the company can this be based on direct "optimization".

The PIP protocol is considered to be a "layoff" agreement with a "layoff". In their eyes, I signed the PIP protocol, representing the ability to admit your ability to do not match the current position.

"Jobs, Jobs in the afternoon Jia Yue Ting." Zhu Ju, who is human resources expert, has a summary of deep burning, and many large manufacturers have been easily dominated by KPI and performance appraisal.

"I still feel that I am a commercial elite, but I have a low performance emotion in the afternoon because of the work of work, and I will set myself a loser. This is the same as the external employment situation. The more, the more people, more people. Put your energy in the moment. "He said.

KPI, there is low performance

A large factory dominated by performance appraisal is often unbeatable. The factors affecting performance, work skills, work output is only part of the assessment, and there are many uncontrollable factors, such as the low-performance quota, 360 degree environmental assessment, leadership measures.

"There is a part of the performance appraisal of the big factory, and the excellent team will also have a low performance." Zhu Ju Peng said that the stronger the team membership, the more tragic competition. Under this set of mechanisms, some teams have formed "Performance Subsidity".

Zhang Xiaoxiang learned that the newcomer's "2 stars" is very much, "Many team hidden cultures are, new people from the new business to the low performance '2 star', is the most suitable." "

On the social platform, there is a small-scale performance of Xiaomi's new employees, which has been played with low performance, and therefore triggered the topic discussion of "big company should launch new people's protection mechanism?"

However, multiple HR and large factory practitioners said this said that such settings are not feasible. "Some major plants may impose a relaxed performance appraisal to new employees, but it is difficult to set up a protection period for all newcomers;" give a good performance, poor newcomers, is not reasonable. "

Leaving byte beating is close to one year, Zhang Ziyi still can't forget the pain of of the performance appraisal for three years. He recalls, Byte performance assessment involves 360 degrees EIA, performance evaluation includes multiple parts, including individual, leaders and colleagues. "Maybe a colleague who is not very coherence, you can give you a performance score, and it can operate in performance appraisal."

The vast majority of large manufacturers' performance assessment of "life" is still in the hands of direct leadership.

The front large factory HR Hong Yunfeng has a deep anthrargon, and the superiors will see if there is any helpless to complete KPI. Some superiors may be more subjective. For example, the subordinate business is not bad, but because the relationship is not good, it is low performance. There are many cases.

According to his observation, this matter can only be made fair. "Because performance is very sensitive, the end result will not be disclosed, there is a certain space for a certain dark box."

Not only is it uncontrollable, but also makes the people who are sad, but the KPI they carry is getting higher and higher. Many human resources related practitioners told deep combustion. Since the 2019 Internet industry enters the cold winter, the large factory's KPI has a growing trend.

Vocational Planner Qi Brother reviews that in the past five years of experience, the previous Internet is in the redpere period, the performance appraisal of the large factory is not as strict, with the large environmental changes, the performance appraisal of the large factory is getting strict Harsh.

Zhang Ziqi experienced the three-year development of the byte, the biggest feeling is "serious overtime, too long working hours", 996 is nothing, often sitting to open until 45 o'clock in the morning. Later, because it is difficult to withstand high-intensity work, I want to find a balance between work and life, Zhang Ziqi chooses to leave.

During the second half of 2021, the first reaction of many bytes of bytes is that overtime pay is less, but the workload is constant, and the pressure carrying is not reduced.

Near the end of the year, the news of the termination of the Internet big factory continued, correspondingly, some of the KPI of some in-service workers increased. Earlier, there was a large factory employee, including Baidu, Tencent, said that the KPI behind the departments of the department, the KPI of a single employee has become more.

"It's so tired every day, and I have to get off work after getting started at 10:00, and I have to worry about low performance." A large factory staff recently said on social platform.

The big factory is survive, but it can't lose rhythm

In the face of heavy KPI, many large manufacturers are in the quarter, monthly KPI, split into every week, every day, live in the split KPI. Today, even if you have been played low performance, in order to survive in the big factory, the majority of people will continue to find the survival law in the large factory.

Zhang Xiaoxiang understood that this time was smashed, it was not entirely because of his ability. This loss.

Seven brothers mentioned that at the end of 2021, because of the low performance to pay, seek to make up for the countermeasures, much more than the year. Seven brothers and they discovered that the big factor was more worried about the influence of low performance than ever, because high performance is more keeping. He said to deep burning, the more encountered difficulties, the workplace should summarize the summary. Seven brothers helped him to analyze the reason for the "Old Yellow Cattle", told him when he was smashed, "You will only work hard, but your boss is 'ear type' leader, unlike those result guide type , Take the initiative to observe the leadership, your leaders pay more attention to the feedback of his ear. "

Seven brothers give him a suggestion, replicating, combing work content, summing up personal value, digitally presenting personal value, then take answers to advance, and keep regular communication. "This can make the leaders to see their bright spots and value, and the efforts are not wrong." Qi Ge said, after more than ten days, the "old yellow cattle" received some forward feedback from the leader.

However, Zhu Jupeng did not agree with it. He mentioned another extreme situation. "Many employees have become only leadership, and they are pondering about leadership KPI, how to cater to leadership, and pay attention to the leadership of the department leaders and the division of the division. Once the leaders are found to be a certain The direction is more optimistic, rushing to the previous completion, put the energy on 'upward management', think that this can at least guarantee performance assessment results. "

In his opinion, most "fatal" is that many people will be taken by the big plants, give up their own rhythm, ignore personal growth, but more easily become a can have no screws, affecting their own occupation career.

"The workplace is more important in the employment choice, it is one of the forms of performance of KPI." Zhu Jupeng found that the large factory more inclined to compare the security project group, rather than the dangerous coefficient, did not ran out innovation Project Team. "It is likely to be eliminated once you can't do it in the short term."

In human resources practitioners, performance KPI is often an embodiment of a company strategic direction. Reasonable KPI can drive employees to move towards the company's overall goal, but too strict performance appraisal system, but will become a strong management tool.

"It is the experience that is difficult to escape from most of the workplace." Hong Yunfeng said, even Alibaba partner Tong Wenhong also said that he was played low performance.

Zhu Ju Peng reminded that work is not only a large factory, and the large factory can use performance to screen talents, and each workplace can also find a working environment suitable for you.

But the same, the iron is still hard, if the personal ability is outstanding, even if it is not in the big factory, you can find a matching position. "It is better to have a good performance once, and the reflection is good. It is not a good choice for a long time." Zhu Ju said.

* Questions and texts are from visual China. In response to the respondents, Zhang Xiaoxiang, Zhang Tong, Li Pengjie, Zhang Zikai, Hong Yunfeng, and Qi Ge.