The hardware era has passed, can the software define the flagship mobile phone?

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The hardware era has passed, can the software define the flagship mobile phone?

2022-01-28 12:09:53 29 ℃

In 2021, it has been nearly a month. For digital products, this time before the New Year's Day, the Lunar New Year is actually the best time to review the performance of the product next year. It may also be in the same consideration, China Mobile Terminal Lab has officially released "China Mobile 2021 Intelligent Hardware Evaluation Report (Phase II)" on January 26th (second phase) ", with an authoritative equipment and test The way is tested for a representative mobile phone.

The "Report" released this release continued the past released mode, and the test models were tested in multiple dimensions, and the test report was more representative. So what models or types of tests in this "report" are worthy of our concern?

01 Communication ability is the book of mobile phones

First, let's take a look at the fundamental of the mobile phone as a communication tool: communication skills. Although most of these SMSs received, most of them are verification code, most of them are also take-out delivery, but the powerful communication ability of mobile phones is still highly developed, the cornerstone of mobile networks, after all, no one wants themselves The subway station can't open a health code.

From the perspective of China Mobile's test results, Qualcomm is undoubtedly the biggest winner of the communication ability test: no matter how much mobile phone is more than 4,000 yuan, between 2500 yuan or both, the top three mobile phones have been moved from Qualcomm. plan. Among them, glory MAGIC 3, glory MAGIC 3 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Youth Vital Edition is ranked 4,000 yuan, 2500-4000 yuan and 2,500 rating top three prices.

Of course, the mobile phone communication capacity is good and completely made by mobile phone chip platform, software algorithm and mobile phone hardware design also play a key role. For example, in a single test in antenna, Xiaomi Mix4, Xiaomi CIVI and Redmi Note 11 are ranked first, and the location of the network coverage can also provide users with a more nice Internet experience.

However, it is necessary to say that multi-antenna throughput performance and data transmission performance These impact-in-use test projects, glory technology is obviously better: glory MAGIC 3 and glory 60PLUS have a list of 4,000 yuan and 2500-4000 yuan, Xiaomi only won the top position of 2,500 yuan with the millet 11 youthful vitality. Compared with last year's previous test results, REDMI's improvement in communication capacity is still very significant, but if the overall performance of the brand, Xiaomi, glory and OPPO obviously have a certain advantage in communication capabilities.

But the most unexpected also has to be an iPhone performance: According to the test report, the score of the iPhone 13 Pro MAX in the multi-antenna throughput performance test actually ranked 4,000 yuan or more mobile phones, exceeding Vivo X70 Pro + Waiting for a series of mobile phones, second only to glory MAGIC 3. Considering this test is that the data performance under mobile phone urban comprehensive scenes is obviously the best proof of the A15 signal improvement.

It is not difficult to see the signal from the iPhone to see that mobile phone manufacturers have transformed from the "噱噱" to "function" that has been used nearly. Despite 5G-based "killer application scene" has not yet appeared, mobile phone manufacturers have recognized the concept of 5G networks, and will continue to promote the technology development of 5G networks, which is the soil for development of 5G network ecology.

02 fever and battery life

The performance of the power consumption is similar to the last test results, and the mobile phone using the Lianfa chip still has more excellent performance in power consumption test. But just like in communication testing, the new Apple A15 chip has excellent performance in power consumption or fever control. Take the heating performance as an example, the surface temperature of the iPhone 13 Pro Max pressure millet Mix4, Vivo X70 Pro + is a series of mobile phones.

Even in public power testing, the performance of iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max is better than that of most 4,000 yuan, second only to Xiaomi Mix4. In other words, with the A15 bionic chip, Apple can say that it has gone out of the past signal poor, the battery is not durable, has a certain hardware competitiveness in IOS.

Speaking of the power testing and fever, the game performance is naturally the focus of the point. In the mobile game test, the test center chose six popular phones, including the 5 traditional flagship mobile phones, also added the Red Devils 6s Pro game mobile phone. In the fluency test, the Red Devils 6S Pro is also the most stable mobile phone. iPhone 13 Pro Max is poor stability in heavy-duty scenarios, and the remaining phones have also dropped.

However, in the life-fire stage of the game test, the performance of the iPhone 13 Pro Max has exceeded other mobile phones. The 5 heavy load games consume only 25%, while the power consumption of other mobile phones is nearly 30%, and the electricity consumption of the Red Magic is more exceeding. 50%. The temperature of the iPhone, Xiaomi Mix4 and glory MAGIC 3 in the fever test is in the first echelon, but the Red Devil is 6S PRO temperature, exceeding 50 degrees Celsius, and the result is surprising. In the loading speed, quality and sound items, iPhone 13 Pro Max has the best performance. I believe this is the reason why the laboratory decided to select the iPhone 13 Pro Max as the best game mobile phone.

To be honest, when I saw the performance of the game mobile phone in the report, I was really shocked. To know the birth of the game, the ultimate goal is to use more powerful performance and heat dissipation, run the flagship mobile phone. But in my opinion, the game phone said that it is only a temporary solution under the chip cooling bottleneck. As long as the flagship chip can be like a 15 in the performance, blessings and fever, the game, the game mobile phone will lose its meaning.

03 Easy to use more and more important

In the test report, we also found some test dimensions such as the fluency and ease of use of the system in the past. Let's first look at the smooth data: the start of the system typical application, the performance of millet, glory and REDMI is excellent, of which the millet is the top of 4,000 yuan. However, under the influence of hardware performance, system optimization, and third-party software adaptation, the iPhone 13 series is the best in the IPHONE 13 series in a third-party application.

As for ease of use, the iPhone performance that is often called "old man" is not good, from the system, MIUI has a better score, believe this It is depends on the optimization and adaptation of local mobile brand operating systems such as MIUI. In addition, the report is also particularly mentioned in the report that the MIUI mobile phone is better, and the differentiation design of the operating system is not performed due to hardware configuration. In other words, the function of the high-end machine is also available.

In other words, compared with domestic MIUI, EMUI, the unpacked iOS is apparent to the practicality. This also proves that domestic users have considered domestic users on advertising, privacy, and ease of use. It is undeniable that iOS does have a lot of advantages in system permission management, and software ecology is also healthier. But because iOS needs to face global users, how much is in terms of feature. If Apple wants to further improve the share of the Chinese market, it will be a good start for iOS.

04 software makes the mobile phone industry once again

Throughout the entire test report, it is not difficult to see that the 5G era has brought new opportunities to many brands. In the 4G era, Qualcomm has always been the "hegemony" of the mobile phone chip industry. With the advantages of hardware and software, Qualcomm's 8-piece flagship chip has always been the preferred chip when planning the mobile phone. Even in the early 5G, Apple also The 5G baseband from Qualcomm is used in the iPhone, trying to use this as a supplement to the mobile phone competitiveness.

However, in the 5G era, Liaotai seized the Qualcomm Snong and Apple A14's neutral, with the advantage of the process, realized the product leap. At the same time, the cost performance of the UNAVIC 5G chip also allows 5G technology to have a larger coverage. It can be said that 5G gave the opportunity of the United Kingdom overtaking, and the United Kingdom opened a broader market for 5G.

Although there is no need to use 5G scenes, it is necessary to consider the speed of development of the mobile phone industry, 5G development soil will give birth to the application scenario belonging to the 5G era. At that time, 5G can naturally get rid of "incrementing power" The name, showing real strength.

In addition, the "report" also emphasizes the importance of software in mobile phone competition. Whether helping the iPhone's IOS to win in the game link, REDMI, REDMI, who is ease of use, and the system's participation makes mobile competition with more dimensions and application scenarios, and also gives it to the chip field. An obvious small factory an opportunity for a corner overtaking. It is foreseeable that the impact of software on mobile phones in the future is only larger. In 2022 in hardware choice, the software will be the best battlefield for mobile phone brands to compete.