The strange happiness index increases, the good helper of the shovel, AQARA smart pet feeding C1

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The strange happiness index increases, the good helper of the shovel, AQARA smart pet feeding C1

2022-01-28 12:10:48 33 ℃

The new one is a 3-year-old little kitten. I started to use the pet feeding in a few years. I used to use the pet feeding. I used to use it when I was traveling. Later I often forgot to feed it because I was busy. Sorry directly moves the feeding machine directly, given the new one of the new monarchs every day, now the little guy has been accustomed to this kind of food, sometimes there is no meal, and even guards next to the feeding. Waiting. Out of grain, a proper food.

Three years, I tried a few pet feeding, big and small, I have encountered a lot of problems, I summed up, mainly the following three points.

1. It is easy to kick. A few times, I saw that there was no cat food in the feeding. I thought it was a little guy today's appetite. I found that it was a cat food card in the grain. I didn't have food, I could hungry. It's enough. 2, power out, broken network cannot be used. The old feeding is required to connect the power cord. If you can't get on time, you can't get on time, caught up with no one for a long time, and the consequences are unbearable. 3, forget to add cat food in time. The responsibility of this third article is mainly in me. Every time I receive a lack of overlink, I have been invested by my selective forgotten until I have been in the new resentment of the little eyes, I think I have forgotten to add cat food, embarrassing ~

▼ AQARA Smart Pet Feeding C1, is the first product from AQARA to the pet field. To tell the truth, I am still quite expected for such an intelligent pet feeding. Postgraduate? Let us experience it next.

First, appearance and accessories

▼ AQARA This smart pet feeding C1 is a larger volume in the numerous feeder I have, and the pure white elliptical body is very small, placed at home, and is very suitable for small apartment families. The storage bucket of the semi-transmissive matte material is mixed with a white base, a simple style, which is very good to integrate into the modern furniture style. The middle deep blue manipulation area has a starry emperor embellishment, and it is more high-level feelings.

▼ This translucent storage bucket is really great, there is no, the cat food stored is there, and I will know how much I know the cat food in the grain bucket every day, so that I have to eat in the new one. Timely supplement, so you don't have to worry about the poor guys. (How to listen to yourself to find an excuse!)

▼ The top of the top cover is a snap design. It is necessary to press at the same time to open, so you can prevent the bear child from adding yourself. On the top cover, there is also a small box specializing in the deposit of the desiccant, preventing the cat food from being stored in a tidal deterioration. For the southern partners, it should be quite practical.

▼ The internal storage structure is in the form of six-grain, the stirring piece is a soft silicone material, which is relatively unique, I use my fingers to pinch the stirring tablets tried, when there is a cat food card in the fan leaves When the gap between the grain bucket, the soft silicone sheet can be avoided by deformation, and the phenomenon of the cache is eliminated from the source, which is still quite color.

▼ AQARA Smart Pet Feeding C1 is wide, smooth exit is smooth, there is no barrier, further guaranteed that the grain is smooth, there are three manual buttons in front of the operation area, respectively, the reset button, the grades, and recording Key, in addition to one-click manual reserves, the recording function is the biggest bright spot of C1. The owner can record your own voice. Every time I call for pets every time, this feature is particularly friendly for business travel, and pets can hear every day. The owner's call, think about it is very warm.

▼ The base of the potatine is connected to the fuselage. When not in use, it can be easily removed, the entire feeding system is very solid, the food bucket, stirring tablets, and grain leaves. The 304 stainless steel food disc uses food contact grade materials, which will be more secure to give their own treasures.

▼ After the unpacking, I found this AQARA smart pet feeding C1 very carefully in many details, and the designer reflects the designer's considerable use habitual use habit. I will give you everyone. Several examples, first of all, this stainless steel isometric design, doing detachable design, when cleaning, only need to remove the catada, do not need to disassemble the entire base, it is convenient.

▼ From the side, the cattle potte is higher than the automatic feeding of the automatic feeding before me, and the base is a certain tilt angle, so the design can make the head without having low in the head, long-term protection of cats. Cervical vertebrae, in line with cat body, and such design is not easy to miss the cat food, cat food is always accumulated in one, not easy to cause waste.

▼ We are most worried about how to meet the net break of the net, every day, take a few times a day to see if the feeding is available on time. Aqara's feeding is also considered in this regard. It has a big battery position at the bottom of which can be placed in three batteries. When it occasionally, it can be used as emergency use, even if it is a broken electricity The net can also perform the original feeding plan for grain, three batteries can achieve the longest supply of 45 days.

▼ The accessory is also very useful, the power line length is about 3 meters, and all of this anti-scratch-bite design, the outer nylon fabric is very thick, how to scratch it.

▼ To make the experiencer experience C1 more features, Aqara has sent an E1 gateway and a remote single key switch, which is not only practical to save money, I have to give a full praise. Second, use experience

▼ As an intelligent pet feeding, C1 not only supports remote feeding, but also automatically gives pets to pets. It is really liberation for our shovel. It is necessary to pay attention to C1. The AQara Home app, and the gateway that supports ZigBee can be used, so the first step is naturally a networker for the E1 gateway.

▼ After the gateway is successfully distributed, it will be much more convenient for the feeding network.

▼ The grain bucket despite it looks very small, but can be used for 2 kg of cat food, dry food with a diameter of 2-12mm can be used, according to the new monarch's current food, you can eat for about two weeks, It is necessary to have a lot of money to make a lot of money every morning.

▼ To use this automatic feeding device, I am most worried about the problem of coriette, so after connecting the power, I immediately start testing whether the C1's grain is smooth, click on ten grain buttons, and every cat food It can be smoothly slipped smoothly, and I am relieved.

▼ Recording function is also very interesting, you can record the words you want to say after pressing, I record a: new one, open, come on, come on, refuel, refuel, refuel, eat more. This way, a little guy every day, runs over and dinner in my call, haha ​​is too interesting.

▼ As a smart home product, the C1 smart pet feeding can achieve more intelligent operations in a perfect smart home platform of AQARA. The mobile phone app is designed very concise, and the functions are also at a glance. The decline menu of the home page can be designed for each feeding, 6-10g per grain is about 6-10g, according to the new food, each time you go to the grain. Two two times a day.

▼ After opening the automatic feeding plan, you can quantify the grain every day, liberate the hands of the shovel, and enter the equipment log management function. You can also clearly view the time and share of each time, let every time you eat. It is available in order to make more accurate tracking of baby's eating.

▼ Of course, if you want to give your pet, just click the button to feed the button, the feeding will immediately go to the grain, every click, this trick is especially suitable for hiding cat, every time I can't find a new monarch, As long as you have a job, you will never know what inexplicable place, this trial is not a trial.

▼ As an intelligent home product under AQARA, the pet smart feeding C1 can also link with more AQARA's smart home products, such as this remote single key switch sent together, will bind it with the feeding binding I can fed a remote one, I usually put him on the bedside table in the bedroom. I need to give a new meal when I have a meal. I don't need to take out my mobile phone. I will go back to App Operation, technology is really liberation Our hands have improved the happiness index.

▼ With AQARA's Smart Camera G3 pair, you can achieve a richer linkage. For example, when you go to grain, the camera will automatically turn to the feeding, and open the pet tracking function, so that even if you know the baby, do you have recently? Eating, and then track the health of pets, this camera has already joined my shopping cart, I must arrange it to the new monarch.

▼ I always want to try if the smart feeding situation will remind me if this smart feeding is in this time, it has not been smashed once, I can't force the symptoms. Resident, but according to the introduction of the official page, once the card food situation, the mobile phone will immediately receive a alarm notification, and the work log interface will also record this card food situation, reminding the shovel to make it in the first time. reaction.

Third, product reviews

After starting using the AQARA smart feeding, my life is really relaxed. I don't have to get up 10 minutes in the morning, I have to prepare breakfast for the new one, and I don't have to strictly control the new food. I have a C1. The smart feeding device is for me, it can access a series of operations such as automatic feeding, remote control, even if it is a broken power network, don't worry that feeding plan will be disrupt, for the shovel, it is definitely one If there is a good thing to improve the feelings, if there is any regret, I hope that C1 can join Mijia app as soon as possible, and more smart home products such as Xiao Love, completely liberate their hands.

Then this experience is over, thank you again AQara and Zealar New Year gift, I wish you all a happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger, we will see you next time!