Briefly describe the applicable population of four website managed types

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Briefly describe the applicable population of four website managed types

2022-01-28 12:09:16 36 ℃

Unlike the beginning of this century, there are many more options today. Whether you want to build a personal blog or want to build the next Taobao, you can deploy within a few minutes. Only the problem is whether the managed type is suitable for you. Generally speaking, there are currently four different types of managed methods for you to choose. Share virtual hosts, VPS, cloud servers, and standalone servers. These four ways have their own strengths. The most important thing is to find the positioning of your online world.

Among them, shared virtual hosts are the most common choices. Operators have divided a region in one server, sharing resources such as bandwidth, CPU, memory with other users. It is ideal for building small and medium-sized sites and web applications. For large or more complex websites, it is more headache, which you may need to be VPS or cloud servers. They have independent IP addresses, you will get more secure RAMs and CPU resources. Among them, cloud server prices and more flexible billing methods are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises deployment or high-quality sites. Finally, when your website develops matures, it is time to rent a whole server when you have a lot of access IP. You fully have the usage rights and resources of the entire server, and there is significant increase in access speed, security, and stability. A disadvantage is that the website server hosts are high, and deployed or upgraded is not flexible enough.

In summary, choose the type of website managed, depending on your website size and your skills and experience level. Maybe you can choose a more flexible cloud server. When your site visitor expands, you can easily expand the resource and quickly and more reasonable and humanized cost.