"Being committed" Geely: Is the Meizu really weak?

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"Being committed" Geely: Is the Meizu really weak?

2022-01-28 18:05:10 34 ℃

"Meizu" in the domestic machine Others,

In the face of the market share of the sun, you can't support it.

This is the rumor of Geely, is Nirvana to return or end?

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Recently, the industry has frequently rumored that Geei wants to acquire "Meizu", "Finance" also reported that the Star of Geely Group's mobile phone company is in contact with Meizu to negotiate, and is currently in the due diligence. The attitude of both parties is gratitude, not coming.


The earliest layout domestic smartphone

Zeng a sales volume of 22 million a myth

As early as zero, domestic mobile phones are still non-comprehensive screens, and everyone is using buttons. At that time, only a foreign brand iPhone applied a multi-touch screen technology, and Meizu is a group of mobile phone manufacturers who have taken the lead in touch-screen technology.

Source: Meizu Technology

In February 2009, Meizu M8 touch screen mobile phone for sale, this is the first large-screen full-touch screen smartphone in China. Innovation uses Windows CE 6.0's MyMobile operating system, equipped with iPhone 3GS with Samsung processor and more Touch the big screen, the minimalistic appearance of the classic round Home button is also very popular. The Meizu M8 is like this, with 5 months to break the sales of 500 million yuan. Since then, Meizu sales have risen all the way, follow-up M9, MX series has achieved good results. During the peak, Meizu was a myth of sales of 22 million units, and the market estimate once reached 12.97 billion yuan.

Looking forward to the history of domestic mobile phones, Meizu can be said to be a milestone, "Domestic Machine", "Huangpu Military Academy of Domestic Customization System (Meizu Flymes System)" is the reputation of Meizu. However, the glory of the Meizu is already tears in the times, even its "life" seems to come to the end.


Meizu living in Utopia

Finally by the market

In the domestic mobile phone market or the blue sea, Meizu accounted for a single "sea area" with its own technology, the ultimate price, and the ultimate price / performance ratio, and also launched the first echelon of domestic mobile phones. .

When the founder of Meizu, Huang Zhang, especially paying attention to the ultimate pursuit of the product. When the scenery, Lei Jun was also a fascination of Meizu. It is said that Lei Jun has explained the advantages of Amway mobile phones in many dinner. At this time, Xiaomi has not been established, and the Lei Jun once thought of invested a Meizu and helplessly.

Huang Zhang definitely did not expect that he said that he "not to make China's apple." The fascinating "of the world" will be poured with a large-scale cold water in the rapid rise of "Huami Vo" in the back.

In the past ten years, the era of domestic mobile phone market is changing, and the madness of major mobile phone developers. With the sharp rise in people's live consumption, people hand gradually become a reality, which makes the mobile phone turn into a huge cake, how to eat, major domestic mobile phone brands Eight Immortals have passed the sea. Product positioning, advertising endorsement, low-cost sales ... mobile phone is no longer a small market, there must be its own product characteristics, but also to bond a broader audience market, but obviously the Meizu did not do it. The market is still difficult to integrate "small and beautiful", and they have turned to "big and beautiful" China Ovs.

There is data show that the domestic market can only be able to ship in the second quarter of the second quarter of 2021, Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi, Apple and glory occupy the top 5, the market share accounts for 88%, and Meizu, ZTE, etc. "Others" Manufacturers' market share only account for only 12%.

Focus on your own Meizu and finally fall in your mobile phone market.


The scenery is infinitely you

Dropping is also you

Can you return to the peak? Meizu is actually hard.

In March last year, at its 18 series product conference, high-profile announced that the 18 series after the 18 series will give up the Internet advertising, provide a real pure mobile phone to "Charm", build zero advertisements (the system comes out of application ), Zero push, zero pre-installed "three zero system". This is definitely a big gospel for consumers. In the advertising non-hole Internet world, you don't know when you will fall into the "trap" of your advertisement, and it is always true for all applications.

Source: Meizu Conference

The high-profile "three zero mobile phones" also means that Meizu gave up a large part of the mobile phone profit composition, but this approach did not win the market for Meizu. On the contrary, after half a year, "three zero mobile phones" died, in September last year, Meizu official website and official account removal all about "three" reports.

What should I have to go back by the market to replace the original shape? In the face of the market share of the sun, the charm is still supported. This is a rumor of Geely, is the nirvana of the Meizu machine, or endlessly? Also to be observed.

From the incident of Geely and Meizu, we are not difficult to see that the car enterprise enters the mobile phone area is already a general trend, and the game between the head car companies and mobile phone will be a long-lasting battle. Pay attention to me, the next one takes you to see the love and hate between the car company and the mobile phone.