After using 7 days of millet 12pro, I decided to change my MATE40PRO?Just because these 2 points

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After using 7 days of millet 12pro, I decided to change my MATE40PRO?Just because these 2 points

2022-01-28 18:06:45 47 ℃

Last month, Xiaomi released the Xiaomi 12 Series flagship machine, and it also became the opening of 2022. Just a prize in the year, I will start this millet 12pro.

However, just 7 days, I changed back to the previous Huawei Mate40pro, why? The reason is mainly because of the following two points, which leads to me that Xiaomi's new flagship machine is not interested, directly gives a girlfriend. Not saying that Xiaomi 12Pro is not excellent, but it may not be very suitable for me!

1. Huawei's old flagship machine is more good at taking pictures, and vision zoom can still surpass Xiaomi 12Pro!

There is a saying, Xiaomi 12PRO's performance is very powerful, this makes me feel very well. After all, the processor chip it use is Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Gen1, which is currently the strongest SOC in the Android mobile phone camp. The Rabbit rabbit can reach around million, play a variety of large games without pressure. But as a photographer, I think Xiaomi 12PRO is difficult to meet his own beauty needs.

Xiaomi 12PRO's camera module is not low, the CMOS sensor equipped is Sony IMX707, 50 million pixel three-fitting imaging effect. However, it actually canceled the telephoto lens, turned to equip with a portrait, just support 2x optical zoom.

Conflexible Mate40Pro, 50 million pixel super perception movie, itself has a very high hardware quality, and adds a 12 megapixel long focus lens, which can achieve 5-fold optical zoom and 50x digital zoom, which is called mobile phone. telescope. In normal mode, Xiaomi 12PRO's photo effect is actually very good, but if you want to shoot a vision, your ability is far less than this Huawei's flagship.

2. The Hongmeng system is an additional entry, which is advised by the small bug of Miui13, and the phone temperature is high.

At the same time as the millet 12 series, there are millet MIUI13 systems. Perhaps because of the reasons why you have just launched it, Miui13 did not imagine so easy, occasionally there were some bugs, bringing me a lot of trouble.

I know that after a period of market feedback, Xiaomi official will gradually repair these defects, and the MIUI13 will continue to evolve. But why I am an acute child, can't wait for so long! And Xiaomi 12PRO is high, which makes me feel very uncomfortable.

In contrast, Huawei's Hongmeng 2.0 system is perfect, and it has already spent the newbie, and the stage is very stable. The use experience of the Hongmeng system is not inferior to the MIUI system, and my home also has Huay's tablet and laptop. Through the connection of the Hongmeng system, the different types of digital devices are integrated, breaking hardware, it is very convenient, this is MIUI The advantage that the system does not have.

3. What are the advantages of Xiaomi 12PRO? I am very relieved to girlfriend!

Although I don't plan to continue to use Xiaomi 12PRO, I didn't completely gave this mobile phone, but I gave it to my girlfriend. Although Xiaomi 12PRO has its own shortcomings, the advantages are also obvious, that is, the comprehensive performance is a properly bucket machine. Not only has the top chip, Samsung E5 material 2K micro-curved screen is equally possible, the front view is beautiful and beautiful, and the feel is also very popular.

Its charger power has reached 120W, and the charging speed is like lightning, far exceeding Huawei Mate40Pro. And it is equipped with a small part like Harman Carton's four speakers, which can be said to be very useful. Its vision zoom is weak, but the Selfie is very good. Give this mobile phone to my girlfriend, I will be very relieved!

all in all:

Xiaomi 12PRO is a very excellent high-end flagship machine, hardware configuration specifications are very high, but it is not suitable for me. Xiaomi 12PRO is not suitable for shooting vision photos and videos, MIUI13 system is still unstable, and there will be some bugs. For this reason, I will give up it and continue to use this Huawei flagship machine issued two years ago. If you want to change your phone, I will wait some equal!