Baidu Tencent Byte, trillion business, to the turning point?

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Baidu Tencent Byte, trillion business, to the turning point?

2022-01-28 18:03:59 36 ℃

"Break the case, the built-in Unreal Engine 4 engine, so that the new version of the QQ installation package is about 1G, it is to welcome the internal test of the super QQ show."

Long-term observation of product dynamic network users Zhang Qiang said, comparing WeChat only more than 400 m (1G = 1024m) installation package, the new QQ installation package volume increased, the market guess must be a wedding Yuan universe, but I didn't expect to be virtual numbers Human way "resurrection" super QQ show.

QQ show was a childhood memory after 80, 90. In November 2021, the news of the PC version QQ show, Tencent claimed that it was only folded. With January 25, 2022, the super QQ show opened internal test, and it also caused vibration in the virtual digital circle.

QQ Show as a "ancestor" of virtual digital people, today's competitors are many.

未 熙 未 未 未 未 未 未 未 未 未 未 书 书 书 人 书 书 人 书 书 书 书 书 书 书 学 学 书 书 书 学 书 书 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学 学Ying Weida creates the "Huang Renxun" that can "Huang Renxun" can attract consumer circles and creation.

"The year QQ is also digging to the first bucket of gold through QQ show. After that, the company has achieved the current Tencent, the first commercial landing style of the Yuancai may be a virtual digital person." Just invested in virtual digital people Shi Yue Xing Cheng's plum blossoming creative, Wu Shichun, told TECH planet, very optimistic about the future of virtual digital people.

Today, the virtual digital people who have the heads also ignite this track. On January 21st, ultra-realistic digital service merchants were investive by SIG tens of millions of yuan. It owns Ali virtual employees Ayayi; January 18, virtual digital research and development business world Yuexing Cheng also announced NetEase and plum Investment of investment; January 6, Hangzhou Li Weiko Technology Co., Ltd., built a virtual IP image, "Lee unable", announced that tens of millions of annuality round financing, and exclusive investment was jumped by bytes. Previously, I developed the company's mission culture with a cross-time virtual IP content, and completed two rounds of financing within 3 months of 2021, integrated with millions of dollars.

In January 2022, there is a virtual digital company in 3-5 days to announce that financing, Baidu, Tencent, Byte, Ali and NetEase's crazy entry, also let the virtual digital track is not hot, mixed The topic related to the Yuanyuan, the virtual digital is the focus of market attention.

Virtual digital people

"Hi, what kind of me in your eyes for the first time, what kind of me?"

On the day before half a year, the burn MW and other executives were gathered in the office, excitedly entered this sentence, and then uploaded the well-made virtual digital Ayayi image, observing Ayayi The first show on Xiao Hui Book. "I didn't find Xiaohong book to talk about cooperation, that is, I feel that the platform is relatively high." Tang Yu told TECH planet, because it was completely cold start, he didn't know that Ayayi could not fire.

A picture, a saying, a greeting, the company has more efforts, this is the fire? Tang Yu's heart is not at the end, "like a wife as a child is pregnant with children." In fact, Tang Yu has a kind of inexplicable letter to Ayayi, "Ayayi's image has been adjusted for more than 40 editions, and the light is debugging for more than a month. We Confident can touch the Z generation. "

The final result is also very gratifying, Ayayi succeeds in the small red book, and the first release of the first release has reached 100,000 +. "This face is too good," "" The sister is AI? "Many message is very surprised to Ayayi. Burning Memo Technology has not been specific to Ayayi in order to maintain mystery. It is only accompanied by a more and more virtual life, and the fans gradually determine this is AI.

Ultra-truthful virtual digital people often pursue red, whether it is a small red book to become ayayi, shake the red Liu Ningxi, and Luo Tianyi, who earlier in B. Behind the reason is not difficult to understand, ultra-realistic virtual people often have a high demand for characters, and IP can stand up.

Standard, these ultra-realistic virtual digital people are a bit converged. "Short hair, sharp eyes, exquisite face" is the main characteristics of this generation of virtual people, with the like of MERROR, Gina, etc. of Xuefang Technology. Of course, there is also a "" of the world, the ancient style of the world, the world's stars.

Tang Yu told TECH planet, the ultimate imaging is this kind of cold but very independent beauty image, not only the coincidence that is trying, but is beneficial to IP to carry more connotation, which is convenient to enter the trend, culture, sports and other fields. Recently, Liu Neixi released a story short drama "Liu Ningxi: Fasciolet", in fact, it is to delay Liu Ni Xi independence character, to create a demon plot for this.

These virtual digital people are your friends, or a lover, even idols. They argue in different ways, ignite the enthusiasm of the public. Many digital people have millions of fans, and even thousands of fans.

Therefore, in 2021, there were 25 financing in the field of virtual idols, including the mid-term culture, with a total financing amount reached tens of millions of dollars. Investor, there was a star institution such as Capital, Enlightenment, Jinshajiang Venture. . In 2022, there were a number of entrepreneurial companies to obtain financing, and the well-known institutions began to "sweep" on virtual digital headers. Giants have entered the game

Unlike Ayayi, these companies that rely on IP, there is also a virtual digital business that drives them by technology. That is, they carefully promote the practicality and intelligence of virtual digital people.

To create a Baidu of the "灵" digital production platform, launch Tencent of Super QQ Show, and Hangzhou Li Yurki, a virtual person with XR glasses, is a typical version of this sent.

These companies also have IP, but more attention to the research and development of relevant technologies, on the one hand, I hope to shorten the production of virtual digital people's production, on the one hand, let the virtual person "flies into the ordinary consumers".

Baidu's Yeling has 3D realistic, 2D realistic, 3D cartoon three asset production lines, "2D a few minutes, 3D hours generation". Li Shiyan told TECH planet, Baidu's cross-mode generation technology, allowing the digital person's mouth synthesis accuracy to 98.5%.

Similar to Baidu's idea, the current Tencent has two business lines to do virtual digital people, one is the ultra-written real digital person who is doing each other group, her identity is "Xinhua News Agency Digital Reporter", "The world's first digital space "", "Also Tencent also built a digital man-made pipeline XFaceBuilder®, making it a born in Xiaoyu, which takes two and a half months.

Another line is the super QQ show that QQ is being promoted, the character of super QQ show is an anime style, and various cute images are formed by assembling different hairstyle, clothes such as clothes. However, from the perspective of internal testing, if users want DIY their faces, facial features, and clothes shoes, etc., they need to pay.

Super QQ show internal test

Tencent is very hoping to with the super QQ show, let everyone have their own virtual digital people earlier. The dream of Hangzhou Li Weiko is more far more, and Ru Yi hopes to make the virtual digital man as the "Doraemon" in the form of a partner who wants to have the future.

Li Shiyan also mentioned this future: "Upgrade of the new generation of computing platform represented by the Yuan Universe, the future everyone enters the Yuancai, the digital or numbers are infrastructure, on the one hand, let the user Social expressing self, establishing a connection, on the other hand, corporate or institutions can provide thousands of people with thousands of people through service-type digital people. "

Entrepreneurial Company Lee is not a representative of the digital people's era, and its founder Ru recalls the general manager of the Tmall Elf, Xiaomi TV partner, after the employment is entrepreneur, gets tens of millions of yuan. invest. However, XR glasses is the frontier technology product, and Ju Ke told TECH planet: Waiting to Apple's AR glasses released, the market will usher in the real maturity period.

Hangzhou Li Weiki digital person

Lee has not been byte a key company in the field of virtual digital people. But more than this, June 2021, the subsidiary of the byte beats also acquired Hangzhou Taoji Information Consulting Company, which has a virtual idol Women's A-Soul.

Of course, Alibaba has not absent this feast. Its Tharma is also exploring virtual digital people. Tan Ping, the head of the XR laboratory of Ali, said that now the Internet is two-dimensional interaction, and the Yuan universe constituted by the virtual human and virtual world is three-dimensional interaction.

Question, exploration and commercialization

After the virtual digital is bursting, there is more attention to the eyes of more attention.

"What is the virtual person can do, is it?" "The virtual man is not very naive", etc. It is similar to the sound.

Objectively, the early virtual people use most anime style, can't act independently, unable to interact with people, simple flat display, indeed a bit of chicken ribs.

However, for virtual numeria, it is no simply adopted CG technology to make an animation, AI, 5G and AR and other hardware and software technologies, and preliminarily give virtual digital "soul" to make them more stereoscopic and vivid.

"Currently, virtual digital people to L2 ++ levels, it is already able to land" auxiliary driving '", Baidu's digital business person in charge of Li Shiyan used the automatic driving level to describe the current virtual digital development stage. At present, new energy vehicles are generally equipped with the L2 ++ level system, which is essential for intelligent electric vehicles.

The virtual digital people are also the same, and for various explorations of virtual digital people, the Yuan universe that is still in the foam is clearer. Available virtual digital people, also accelerating the market 's understanding of the conceptual product.

Unlike Luo Tianyi, try live bands very early, and now the more mature commercial model of virtual digital people is the ad endorsement. This is also the main reason for Wu Shichun Investment World Yuexing, the layout of the trend of the virtual track, the establishment of 5 virtual IP matrices such as RedDi, Vila, etc., 5-bit IP although it is still Top flow, but also established cooperation with GUCCI, China Li Ning and other brands.

The Shouyue Star undertaker is the birthplace of the marketing circle, knowing how to land, which also makes Wu Shichun to meet with the world star. At the same time, the World Star has launched China's first meta-cosmic trend Digital sports brand Meta Street Market. Another digital enterprise burning wheat technology, also recognizes the profit model of the brand's endorsement. After Ayayi out of fire, "There are 500 brands to find us to talk about cooperation, we finally chose about 40 or so." Tang Yu told TECH planet, and they finally decided to find a family, such as the car's industry selection is Porsche. In order to cherish the difficult brand effect.

More habits to Baidu for Do B business, preferred to introduce digital people in commercial images. Baidu's current virtual digital people are mainly divided into performance artificial digital and service-type digital people. Deductive digital people have CCTV network virtual host small C, Aerospace Board Mars Car Digital People Zhuquing No.. Serious digital people are displayed in the image of corporate customer service. For example, Baidu's first digital person is a bank customer service, and dozens of outlets have been served.

Two types of three types of Baidu

"I have recently goes to an outlet experience Baidu, I found the number of business users in front of the digital human hard integrated hardware, and has exceeded the ATM machine next to it. Prospects. There will be many digital people in the future online, they can communicate smoothly with people, understand business, and understand the services, this is the reason for Baidu to optimal virtual digital people.

Li Shiyan summarizes that 95% of virtual digital users in the next four dimensions: social, acquire goods, consumption information, and acquisition services. Although Baidu also has His Sain and Baidu live this APP for C-terminal users, Lishi said that expanding C is more cautious.

For Tencent, the B-terminal virtual digital business progresses is not fast, and the super QQ show for the C-terminal is about to launch the line in the near future. Whether it will pick up the user's pinch and interactive boom, there is still to be observed.

The cold and heat of the trillion market

Today, there is no suspected virtual digital concept of fire, the market is encouraged by its future imagination.

"From the current report, the Internet-based virtual people market space is 270 billion, while Web 3.0 virtual digital people will arrive at trillion."

Wu Shichun told TECH planet, and the business value of virtual digitally released is still relatively shallow. A virtual digital endorsement cooperates, almost millions of millions of prices, and the industry has a cooperation of 3,400,000 yuan. More business in the future combined with virtual digital people, market prospects is wider.

For example, the current virtual digital commercialization has just begun in the field of live broadcast and brand endorsement, and the future of Web 3.0 is in the world, the virtual digital social, e-commerce, education, games, payment and other business conduct will happen. Many business models may change.

"We use the handheld 12306 to buy a ticket (now is a webpage form), in the three-dimensional world of the Yuan Universe, I believe it is a digital person plus countless visual interfaces, providing users both providing both information services and warm people. "Li Shiyan is optimistic about the future numeria to provide more technical services.

In web 3.0-based virtual digital practices, the footsteps of fuel wheat technology are faster. Based on Ayayi's NFT brand and digital blind boxes are trial. Multimedia Digital Art Exhibition will be held this year, which is an important force in the fuel for virtual IP planning.

"Web 3.0 makes digital assets more significant." In Tang Yu, virtual digital people need to cross this step and really have real value. This is also the virtual numerous people will not go to the line, such as the reason for the development of Ling Na, a future gate has been opened, copying the old road of De Shi Ni, is not a distant visit.

Of course, although virtual digital people show an infinite imagination, they also face a lot of development and challenges.

For example, in terms of digital human expression, there is a "terror" (the virtual human expression is not true, there is a zombie feel). Virtual people interact in real time Feedback expression, each giant is in the primary stage, and entrepreneurship basically does not have this capability.

On the other hand, the cost and efficiency is optimized, this aspect of the giant is the medium station. In Li Shiyan's view, Zhongtai is not only fast to make virtual digital people, but also to output intelligent modules, allowing digital people to learn intelligent dialogue and commercial knowledge.

At the same time, the development challenge caused by virtual digital people has also been paid.

Today, "Does the virtual man will occupy more labor markets, and human grabbowows?" Just on the Internet, especially in the 2021st New People's Newcomer Award, the Vanke Group, "Cui Yu Pan" "After this sound is more.

Cui Wei is a numeric man who is a financial tax. I will never know what is tired, and I will always be passionate about people, and therefore I have an ordinary person is difficult to enter. More than Cui Wei, now in various fields, virtual digital employees are emerged, and these digital employees are also allowing the workplace more contracted.

On the other hand, the digital people during the Web 3.0 will bring more unknown challenges. How to avoid violations and speculation, and the industry is also required to advance progress and market supervision.

If you are, virtual digital people are coming to us, perhaps the future.