[SAM] VIOCE Member Opening Guide

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[SAM] VIOCE Member Opening Guide

2022-01-28 18:04:31 32 ℃

This article is a guide for SAM (Sony Music Artists) VIOCE member.


I can know this website, I want to pass an artist's home page, for example: Payton has not yet

(If you don't understand these words, it is actually exiting)

Write in front, there are a few points to remind everyone,

1 Member is the payment system, 330 yen is equivalent to RMB 18.4 per month.

2 The content of the website is limited, whether it is worth it. See here

3 If you pay, you need to use a credit card such as Visa.

(If you don't see the comment area)

4 Don't spread the content inside even if I open it, at least I have done this.

5 By the problem, if everyone is looking at yourself, if you don't have Japanese, it will be difficult to get the cooked meat, the text picture can also use the translation, the video is a bit hard. (I am also positive I am worried about this, have you saved it?

Below I will teach you how to open this member step by step by step.


Enter a mailbox, QQ mailbox, don't register a NetEase mailbox

Open your mailbox, find this email in the inbox, click on the website he gives you

Set password, name. I have a Japanese name to fill my name, and I can fill an anime character. It is worth noting that the second name is to fill in the full corner.

Here the name can be used to give you a reference. If you have the way you want to write, you can turn the full corner fellow name to Baidu, some websites can turn. (Jiangsuchuan Conan エドガワ コナ コナ)

Fill in it, you can also change later.

Confirm information, you can click

Point circle

Enter a nickname, nickname and the name of the previous input can not be repeated, checked the like, the famous difficulties session

Outlet nickname this

Then it is payment

Generally, this is this

Points, only 230 in the first month, this step may need to temporarily turn the translation. Don't 330 as long as 230 / smile

Then the input card number, this step should be

There is no difficulty behind it.