360, is a conscience?

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360, is a conscience?

2022-01-28 18:05:20 35 ℃

360 has always been known as "360 full-family bucket", "pop-up master", many users are bundled with many software when installing 360 software, all of which have various pop-up windows, various tampering browser homepages, Hometown!

Recently, a 9.2 high score-friendly mobile browser software is actually from 360, which is a 360 software that is praised by the world after 360 compression.

It's hard to believe that 360 can be so conscience, there will be no items paid in the application, holding the software download!

The result of the results is quite good, and I thought it was the civil masters changed.

360 speed browser

The software is about 14.1Mb, much more than our hundreds of megaby browsers, before I recommend M browser, the size is 23.1MB.

Such a lightweight software, of course, you have to start!

After downloading, think that there is an open screen advertisement, I didn't expect the software directly to enter, the whole process is very silky, there is no delay!

After entering the browser, the homepage actually has no ads, no information, no, this simple page, it is difficult to believe is 360.

The entire page only has a search box and a URL navigation, the following settings action page is also very simple, do not need to pull slide, no other secondary three-level menu! It is indeed a bit similar to M browser.

More importantly, the 360 ​​browser also supports the extension plugin, which can be turned on in the settings, the system has built-in pages security protection, wallpapers, chameleons, video clips, etc., can also install the Google kernel, download more Plugin in the Tale store!

For example, the optional wallpaper insert here, you can choose the browser home wallpaper, quality is also possible.

Interestingly, the speed browser also gives a obsessive disorder, allowing users to further customize their own browsers, such as forbidden web pages from opening the app, disable the recovery of the pop-up prompt that the recovery does not close the page.

This browser default search engine is 360 search, you can replace it according to the needs, as for the search results to filter a part of the advertisement on the basis of the major search engine, is still very good.

Overall, this browser from 360 is light, simple, playable, and is currently worthwhile, I hope it will keep this way later!

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