Did you understand the prefabricated vegetables, prefabricated vegetables in the construction industry?

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Did you understand the prefabricated vegetables, prefabricated vegetables in the construction industry?

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In the catering industry, the prefabricated concept stocks have set off a wave of rise and stop. Our protagonist today is a subtraction in the construction industry - assembled buildings. Briefly, it is to prefabricate some parts in the factory, then pull to buildings directly assembled. It is still a lot of similarities with the predicated vegetable industry.

At first glance, you may feel that it is nothing, it is not to put the work on the site to the factory. But it is afraid of people in the world. If you scrute carefully, you will find a big article inside. The temple is also the development of a push-to-puzzle building. This is not, 20.5% of the new building area in 2020 come from it.

Assembled building area (residential department)

Therefore, in the context of the real estate market, the industry players frequently explosive riots, the assembly architecture is the next division, absolutely a meal of the green, supporting the entire industry. Today, the author took you well, see if there is a suitable investment opportunity.

First, green and cost, both hands must be grabbed, both hands must be hard

If we further classify the installation building, we can divide the prefabricated concrete building (hereinafter referred to as PC buildings), steel structural buildings and wood structure buildings, three application scenarios, the current area of ​​PC buildings is the most, It reached 65% (about 413 million square meters).

Assembled building classification and application

Slightly review the history of the assembled architecture, you will find this field, and it is a story that has started early in foreign countries. History is always amazing.

The first assembly building in the world is a Crystal Palace in the exhibition hall of the 1851 World Expo. At that time, it took only 6 months to complete the construction, which greatly shortened the period of time. After World War II, the demand for building reconstruction is huge, while superimposing the global labor is short. In this context, the assembled building has entered a high-speed development period.

First assembly building - Crystal Palace

After experiencing rapid development, the assembly building in developed countries in the United States and Europe has exceeded 80%. Confused, due to the policy system of assembled buildings, related technologies is not perfect, my country has mainly used concrete cast construction in 2016. In 2016, with the issuance of a paper system in the temple, the assembly building began to rejuvenate youth.

"Guidance for vigorously developing assembly buildings" (Xinhuanet)

Is there any advantage of assembling architecture? There is three main points in the author:

1. Carbon. Carbon emissions in the construction industry accounted for more than 40% of carbon emissions in the whole industry, and the green development under the double carbon strategy is not going to slow. Assembled buildings, through industry standardization, shortening the period, can reduce carbon emissions by about 20%;

2. During the period. The last point also said that most of the building components can be completed in the factory, and the delivery time is shortened by at least 30%;

3. Quality. We said that a major advantage in standardization is the quality control (such as soundproof, waterproof, anti-cracking, etc.), which can also be mass production.

In two links in building materials and construction construction, carbon dioxide emissions reduction ratio

Of course, everything must be diabought. As the assembly building is still in growth, the current cost is still 10% -15% higher than the traditional cast-in-place building, and the scale effect is not reflected, and each link of the industrial chain (design - component production - transportation - - Construction) also has a further optimized space, such as constructing the raw material loss of the production process, the transport path of the optimized component.

According to the institutional prediction, with the gradual expansion of the assembled building, the increase in capacity utilization, the landing of subsidies, and the rise in human costs in the traditional cast-in-place building, the cost can be reversed in the next five years. Do you want to not believe? Give you a chestnut. Players in assembled buildings far-off (02163) After the construction of sales of nearly three years, the unit cost fell by 20%.

Decline in a long-term construction (wind)

Therefore, the green low carbon effect brought by the assembled building is inevitable, and the cost decline is also the naked eye.

Second, PC architecture, competition geometry?

Just said, the industrial chain of assembled buildings has a total of four links: design - component production - transport - construction, we will explore the weights in the selection (component production).

In the production of PC buildings, there is currently no absolute faucet, and the far-reaching homes rank first in the industry. In the industry, the author believes that the competitiveness of the core of players is the cost performance of the product. Because the component product itself has a homogeneous feature, anyone can better grab more cakes better through the cost of low cost.

PC Construction Industry Player Share (Company Announcement)

From the perspective of financial performance, due to the PC building component production market, in addition to far-reaching construction, there is no other listed companies, so we selected the selection of the sectors of the next wall steel structure, compare the gross profit margins of the two. It is found that the gross profit margin of far-reaching homes is more rich, and all the year is 20%.

Marriotomy comparison (Wind)

Third, small knot

The development of the assembled architecture, the industrial revolution, World War II, energy-saving and carburizing, etc., is the catalyst of this industry, which will accelerate the development of assembled buildings.Not to mention, in a short time, the fire god, Rayshan Hospital, which undoubtedly proves that the assembled building can be available in the future.It is the three weapons of its development to reduce carbon emissions and reduce carbon emissions.And the cost is the key variable, and the general probability will decline and control after the scale effect is achieved in the future industry.

I really hope that in a certain day in the future, I will build a house as simple as the child is as simple as the child.

Note: This article does not constitute any investment advice.The stock market is risky and cautious in entering the market.There is no harm without buying and selling.