The first year has passed, the radius is excessive, is the NFT platform mature?

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The first year has passed, the radius is excessive, is the NFT platform mature?

2022-01-28 18:05:37 32 ℃

* This article is invoked in the report: "2021 China NFT Platform Research Report", the first in Head Technology Innovation Network.

2022 Just 1 month, the NFT digital artwork has soared, and the high-income of the stars has repeatedly released the high turnover cases.

On the day of January 18th, the big fans should be assisted to Jay Chou 9999 NFT digital roses as a birthday gift, the news quickly rushed to hot search and more than 300 million.

At the same time, Jay Chou himself continued to rise, it is reported that global trading volume of the project has exceeded 500 million.

The NTF research institute has also maintained a long-term concern for NTF. Two months ago, we have interpreted the core value of NFT from the perspective of the industry. If you want to be reluctant to understand, you can stay here:

>> 2021 Vocabulary NFT, is it "hype" or "opportunity"?

Under such a large number of strong exposure, high-transaction NFT projects, we can't help but have different NFT platforms in curiosity?

In fact, since the true sense of the world in 2017, the first NFT project Cryptopunks was born to "first year" in 2021, and has gone through nearly 5 years.

At the same time, the flowers and applause continue, NFTs that "brutal" growth must be supported by the shackles of disputes and regulatory. Taking the domestic market as an example, commission technology and virtual currency paths are not feasible. Therefore, the "uncertainty", "unscheduled" of the trading platform has become one of the main reasons why the public believes that it is considered to be.

In 2022, domestic enterprises and governments were aiming at pain, and they have successively improved the NFT industry policies. On January 25, the blockchain service network development alliance launched the "BSN-DDC Base Network" and entered the trial commercial phase. It is reported that the launch of the DDC network will provide infrastructure capacity support for NFT technology in our country, and escorted their compliance development.

In the moment, my country needs more positions to neutralize, safe and credible and regulated NFT public platforms, and in the future, there is still what constraints and drive factors in the NFT market are worthy of further depth research.

In this paper, the Heart Leopard Institute will focus from the development and barriers of NFT platforms, further explore the development trend of the NFT industry market, and provide interpretation of exclusive industries.

The acquisition of the NFT required for some of the tests has a certain difficulty

According to different NFT services, NFT platforms need to hold different licenses or filings. Overall, the NFT partial license is highly difficult. Taking the NFT of music works as an example, the "block chain information service management regulations" requirements platform will be recorded for the "Network Publishing Service License", "Information Network Dissemarks" or Performance Forms (Radio, Movie TV), must obtain the "Network Cultural Business License" and the Value-added Telecom Business License.

According to relevant licenses, file requirements and practice, some of the licensed acquisitions have certain difficulties, such as information network propagation audiovisual licenses, network cultural business licenses, etc. Taking the "Information Network Communication Audiovisual Program License" as an example, the company applied for this certificate must be a state-owned or state-owned holding company. As of September 2019, China has a "information network propagation audio-visual program license" no more than 600.

At present, the transaction between NFT assets and the first release of NFT assets and their own and occasional acquaintances will be contracted by Chinese law. However, given that the rules and regulations related to the NFT industry have not yet been introduced, in order to prevent the NFT industry speculation, the flow rate of NFT is limited.

According to current China's national policies and laws and regulations, the most insurance in the NFT trading market is to hold a financial license through the license operation, NFT trading market or exchange, followed by a pawn manner.

PGC and UGC are the main type of NFT casting and issuance

The NFT casting and distribution is mainly divided into PGC and UGC. The greatest difference between these two methods is the professionalism of the creator. PGC mode is mainly professional team / person production content, and UGC mode is mainly user creation. The main profit model of PGC is divided into sales and earning a difference. The UGC's profit model is the main fee, followed by the difference between the GAS fee.

The most widely spread in China, the most popular NFT is mainly seen in PGC. Taking Ali's ant chain as an example, on June 23, 2021, Alipay and Dunhuang Art Institute jointly launched a payment code skin based on two ant chains, symbolizing the beautiful nine-color Luwang and Dunhuang most Flying feet. In the future, NFT created by PGC mode will gradually increase and is expected to be the main force.

NFT creator type classification and proportion

According to the results of the survey, China NFT creators can be roughly divided into individuals and groups, of which personal creators are the most important NFT creators. The NFT creator based on individuals accounts for more than 90%, and the team NFT creators account for less than 10%.

Although NFT creators are currently dominated, the future team creators will be expected to become the main force. In November 2021, Village Upper and Virtual Fashion Brand RTFKT Studios cooperated to develop Clone X NFT plans. Each role has an appearance of a random allocated feature combination, and the village will design the character, mouth, helmet and "characteristics" and inject its representative cartoon aesthetic element. This project is completed in a team's way.

Disclose the mainstream NFT sale or trading platform of China, in contrast the global market, China NFT trading market is different

At present, China's NFT market is still in its start-exploration phase. The domestic mainstream NFT delivery or trading platform mainly includes Ali auction, ant chain powder and hyperi. The digital auction channel of Ali is divided into two categories of digital copyright transactions and digital collection.

Digital copyright trading channel is on August 15, 2021, and its lots are based on copyright alliance block chain "new chain" for certification, authentication and upper chain transactions, and buyers can obtain copyrights other than the right to signature and other personal rights. Copyright transfer can be transferred again after 90 days.

Digital collection architecture on ant chains and tree chains, cover art, sports, electricity, etc. The ant chain powder is a small program launched by Alipay. Its NFT collector is based on Ali's ant chain. The digital collection is copyrighted by the issuer or the original person, the buyer only receives non-commercial use rights, purchase Subseparable from 180 days, but does not support trading.

At present, the ant chain powder has a rack of more than ten NFTs. The "Magic Nuclear" app is a NFT selling platform in Tencent's PCG business group in August 2021. Its Tencent's letter-based chain performs NFT casting and distribution, platform regulations that buyers have no copyright, buyers buy digital collection For collection, it does not support incrementing and resale. At present, the magical karma released two NFT collections.

The global market and the Chinese market in NFT transactions are reflected in the block chain, transaction currency, transaction rising decline, and infringement issues:

1) Block Chain: Overseas Market mainly focused on live, such as Eth, Flow, etc. The Chinese market is mainly based on the league chain, such as ant chains, Chang'an chain, etc .;

2) Trading currency: Overseas markets can be encrypted with tarpai, RARI coins, etc. The Chinese market can use the RMB and the digital RMB's French transaction;

3) Transaction rose decline: overseas declines are relaxed. China's rising decline is controlled;

4) Infringement Problem: Overseas infringement is difficult to accept. China NFT copyright needs to be determined.

Deep insight: NFT market development drive factor insight, China NFT trading rules and opening up of secondary trading market

In the future, traditional consumer companies enter the NFT market. More and more traditional consumption areas embrace NFT markets, using NFT to market. Audi is based on New Audi A8L 60 TFSie's plug-in mixed traits and classic design elements again, limited edition "Fandasy Superway" series five NFTs.

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton launched a NFT game "Louis: The Game", players can more understand the LV brand story, the game will be sent more through the game. Limited Edition LV with the BEEPLE NFT.

The block chain games and Yuan Cosmic areas will drive future NFT industries expansion. With the basic facilities layer, Layer2 and other expansion solutions and decentralization can repair the technical breakthrough in storage system, the transaction speed and transaction costs have significantly reduced the block chain game, the economic system of block chain games and Yuancai There is a secure storage guarantee. Since the third quarter, the number of game categories represented by Axie Infinity has increased significantly. The market's demand for block chain games has increased, and the number of active wallets in the area of ​​the block chain game in July increased by 121% to 804,000. April further increased to 883,000 in August.

In the future, China will establish and improve NFT-related transaction rules, and gradually open the NFT secondary trading market. In China, since NFT's attributes are not qualitative, lack of relevant departments and documents supervision and constraints, which leads to a slow development in China, poor flow. With the development of block chain technology and the continuous expansion of NFT market, China will gradually formulate and improve relevant documents to assist NFT industries in China. At the same time, under the guidance of the government, the NFT industry is expected to gradually open the secondary market, "NFT" is the first two-level trading market in China.