Earn. Money is the largest decent of the adult, relying on "video clip" to be a secondary industry, 20,000 in the month

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Earn. Money is the largest decent of the adult, relying on "video clip" to be a secondary industry, 20,000 in the month

2022-01-28 18:04:43 35 ℃

You know what the most sad feeling in the world is?

When I was talking about marriage, my mother's mother did not even have 10W lots.

When parents are sick, you have nothing to do with tears;

Other children are all at 1,200,000 interested classes, but you can only let him watch TV at home;

So, earn. Money is the biggest decent adult!

However, in 2021, the epidemic broke out, don't say more. Money, I received λ without shrinking the water. Thank you.

And someone in life can comfortably earn money:

For example, my brother @ 荣, this year is very unfortunately 20% of the salary, but he said that the benefits doubled, what is this?

It turns out that Hao Rong usually likes to watch movies. This year began to move the film clip to DǒU sound. I didn't expect to catch up with the wind. The first video will attract it to pass through the fans. Now he just look at the movie every day, you can send a video. Get a thousands of receipts.

Of course, I don't encourage you to do movie clips like him.

Just want to tell you, ordinary people want to increase the λ, even earn big money, have to comply with the direction of the times.


From the month to 3000 to 2.W

I only used half a year.

If you often brush a short video, you will find a wave of people, have already found a rich business opportunity in the Dǒu sound.

They have no resources, no background, but in just one year, even in a few months, earned the savings of others for a lifetime.

You may feel incredible, how can you earn so much in a short time?

In fact, I didn't believe in the beginning, until I saw a friend Yingying's experience, from the month, Into 3,000 to 2W, only half a year. I recommend you listen to her story.

I am Yingying, the ordinary family born in a 18-tone city, from small grades, and finally take a general college in the provincial city. I could reach the provincial city, I found out that the original parents gave me 800 living expenses, I can't buy a good clothes, I can't buy the big-name beauty, I can't buy the new mobile phone, and even my classmates are not enough.

At that time, I secretly determined that after graduation, I must earn it. Money, go to the peak of life!

However, after graduation, only 3,000 yuan of salary every month completely knocked me.

I found that everyone's life is extremely refined. It seems that I only only I have a rent hydropower, the firewood salt, the fire, the fire, the fire, salt ...

I haven't graduated, I am not going to sing K is in Judi every weekend, and I will take a few thousand pieces of flowers; college students, every holiday is traveling, and there are people at home and abroad. Friends around them; Everyone is popular with popular new clothes, carrying fashion's bag ...

My collection λ does not meet my material desire, where is it? I can't open the face. I can't open the face with my friends, and I can't open my parents. Therefore, the credit card has become a only choice.

Occasionally a meal 300+, holiday travel 4000+, double eleven shoes 800+, bag 3000+, unconscious, I owe 10W huge money.

But I really don't want to continue this way. I was forced to try to try a variety of secondary industries, fostered, do micro-commercial, and even sent a takeaway, I am exhausted every day, but I can't make much money.

Ok, once an accidental opportunity, I saw a text of the Sape's editing short video showing the course, anyway, don't have money, and I have reported the name.

Before listening to the teacher's class, I thought the short video is those who have a long look, more multi-art, and the technology is playing.

Since the teacher's class, I found the previous understanding of the short video.

I am not smart, but the teacher will make a lot of difficult technological methods, it is easy to understand.

According to the teacher's way, I made a film and television port, cut a few "small house" fragments,

A single month is 100.00?

His sucking gold routine, earn. Money speed is faster than you imagined!

Here is to introduce you to Yingying's Teacher-Sape: Teacher:

He was only a ordinary mobile phone sales, and his wife squeezed in a 12 flat-sharing room, and the two did not get 15 meal eggs, and the days were very bitter.

In addition to the anxiety, Sape started looking for opportunities in the Internet.

As the headline of 2014 today, the short video era came.

Just handle a video, slightly moisturize, and easily rose.

Sapeli realizes that this may be the most likely to earn Qián's wind in the next 20 years!

He goes at get off work every day to study the handling video + mirror + changing channels, soon, it will soon summarize a video clip method that is movable.

1 minute download material, 10 minutes clip, multi-channel distribution. Go to work at get off work every day to study the handling video + mirror + change channels, soon, a set of video clips immediately can be combined.

1 minute download material, 10 minutes clip, multi-channel distribution.

Zoo registered a headline today, the first video was red.

Also become a high-quality author in a short video.

With the emergence of each self-media platform, Zoro distributes video to various platforms.

Receiving λ skyrocket!

Many people think about the shooting segment, show what talents.

Sape has gone "shortcut". He just took the title page of the book, with music with the text attractions, and made 28W fans and 290W.

Soro has discovered treasure-in-law: the book number.He clipped from a documentary / variety show to handle them back, splicing into a complete video, with a book purchase link.

Shake. Sound small shop distribution, free exposure of the platform.

Add some subtitles, music, make the playback.

The teacher used this set of routines, a book number video broke out, selling "3,02781.58 yuan).

This video he said that there is nothing to spend, it is not difficult for 20 minutes, no difficulty.

For example, as a business food promotion, just put the video to shoot the merchant, plus subtitles / transceiver effects, and insert the merchant's offer.

As long as some people look at the video, grab the coupon, there is a commission to collect λ!