Beautiful camera refine beauty management and upgrade, launching more people's beauty parameters, AR nail function

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Beautiful camera refine beauty management and upgrade, launching more people's beauty parameters, AR nail function

2022-01-28 18:06:34 50 ℃

New Year friends and friends are gathered, and a photo is essential. As a "modern social etiquette", it is essential to multi-person turntorming in front of the social platform. But now the beauty camera innovation has launched many beautiful features. Users only need to set up the beauty parameters of many portraits in advance, and you can make more people to take pictures, convenient and easy.

Innovative image black technology breakthrough

In the moment, the market is generally used for the user's personalized handling means, and the ID login solution is generally adopted. After logging in to the ID, the user can set the beauty parameters based on personal preferences to achieve personalized beauty. But under the photo scene, this program can only make beauty in the multiplayer, which is difficult to meet the aesthetic needs of many users in accordance with the single parameters set.

Beautiful camera "Multi-person Beauty Parameters" function

Beauty camera has been launched this time, can support the beauty parameters of many people in one ID, thereby achieving multiplayer beauty. This feature relies on the Face Identification (FR) technology of the US Motor Imaging Research Institute (MT Lab), obtains high accuracy and high stability face recognition results, ensuring the beauty effect of many people in the same box.

Even if it is a complicated scene, many people's beauty features of the beauty camera can accurately recognize the characteristics of others, and based on the identification results, the corresponding beauty parameters match the different users, to meet the user's personalized beauty adaptation need.

Many people with beautiful cameras, before the technical crack industry problems, take pictures, detail, sharing efficiency, and bring convenient and interesting imaging experience.

Multivariate function satisfies fine demand

In the face of the new year's life scene, the beauty camera also launched the AR nail function, supporting a landscaping effect of a button to switch nails, so that the US users easily have exquisite nails, and the innovative technology continues to meet the user's increasingly fine variety of demand.

In order to create a real AR nail function, the beauty camera passes the target detection model technology of the United States, MT LAB), combining multi-type data dynamics and hand models, using multitasking adaptive attention The nail model of supervision can also guarantee highly accurate and achieve nature in small resolution.

Beautiful camera nail function

From many people to nail function, beauty camera uses innovative technologies to meet the US demand for users. In the past year, the beauty camera focuses on the pursuit of exquisite five-official, based on the three-dimensional face rebuild plan for the Meitu Imaging Research Institute (MT LAB), launches 3D abundance head, 3D rhinoplasty, and realizes the beauty beauty. Beauty effect, reaching the industry's top level in terms of speed and accuracy.

The United States-League Institute (MT LAB) industry leading technology, making beauty cameras to innovate, upgrade iteration. The beauty camera is increasingly rich, and it is also constantly satisfying the US demand for users, providing users with a higher level of color management services.