Wang Zi or Vice President of the entry Gree, once again distressed 6 billion Luo Yonghao

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Wang Zi or Vice President of the entry Gree, once again distressed 6 billion Luo Yonghao

2022-01-28 18:04:58 47 ℃

According to reliable news, the current Wang Zi has resigned from Zealer position, and the Gree should be the vice president and responsible for the market sector. Gree internal management system image shows that Wang Zi is currently attributable to Gree President and Cultural Training Communication Center.

Wang Zi is the founder of Science and Technology Review Media Zealer, since the opening of digital products in 2009, and immediately expanded to scientific and technological comments. Zealer has taken the first investment of the Changed Fund of Lei Jun. Wang Ziyi has an intersection with Dong Mingzhu. In 2020, Dong Mingzhu many online belt, the partner is Wang Zi. They took the goods with a sales of 703 billion yuan.

However, Wang Ziru's most famous big event is still a Century Network debate with Luo Yonghao. In 2014, the Youku live debate, Wang Zi was forced to the wall of the wall, only the power of the inception, and did not have the power of the B-station. In the past 7 years, Wang Zi is in the job, Luo Yonghao left the hammer and did a live broadcast.

After Loyonghao made live broadcasts, he reconciled with the previous old opponents, such as Luxi Bing, vice president of millet, selling millet mobile phone. Maybe in the near future, Luo Yonghao partner Wang Zi sells Gree mobile phones.

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