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Serial server industry report

2022-01-28 18:06:47 50 ℃

2021 Serial global server market sales reached $ 310 million, is expected in 2028 will reach $ 410 million, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.8 per cent (2022-2028). Regional level, the Chinese market in the past few years, rapid changes in the market size of $ 2021 million accounting for global% is expected in 2028 will reach millions of dollars, when the global proportion will reach%.

Moxa, DIGI and Advantech serial device server is the industry's leading companies, which collectively reach nearly 30% market share. China region is the major regions of the global market, accounting for about 25% market share.

This report examines the global and Chinese markets serial server capacity, production, sales, sales, prices and future trends. It focuses on the major global manufacturers and the Chinese market, product features, product specifications, prices, sales volume, sales revenue and a major producer of global market and Chinese market share. Historical data is 2017 to 2021, and the prediction data is 2022 to 2028.

Major manufacturers include:


Digi International


Siemens Industrial Communication

Comtrol Corporation




Atop Technologies Inc.



EtherWAN Systems

Korenix Technology

Sealevel Systems

ORing Industrial Networking Corp.

Chiyu Technology

Tibbo Technology Inc.

Silex Technology America, Inc.

Sena Technologies

Shenzhen Yu-Tai Technology Co., Ltd.

According to different serial number, include the following categories:

Single-port serial device server

Dual-port serial device server

4 Serial Server

8 Serial Server

16 Serial Server


According to different applications, mainly include the following aspects:

Access Control System

Attendance System

POS system

other apps

Focus on several areas as follows:

North America




South Korea

Taiwan, China

The text of this article is 10 chapters, the main contents of each chapter are as follows:

Chapter 1: Statistical reporting scope, product segments and major downstream market, industry background, development history, current situation and trends);

Chapter 2: Global overall size (capacity, output, sales, demand and sales data, 2017-2028 years);

Chapter 3: major players competing on a global scale serial server analysis, including serial server capacity, production, sales, revenues, market share, price, origin and industry concentration analysis;

Chapter 4: Global server serial analysis of major regions, including sales volume, sales revenue;

Chapter 5: The world's major manufacturers serial server Basic information, including company profiles, serial server product type, sales volume, revenue, and the latest price dynamics;

Chapter 6: Different serial number of serial ports worldwide server sales, earnings, share price and so on;

Chapter 7: Application Serial different global server sales, earnings, share price and so on;

Chapter 8: chain, upstream and downstream analysis, sales channel analysis;

Chapter 9: industry trends, growth drivers, opportunities, favorable factors and unfavorable factors hinder, trade policy;

Chapter 10: Report Conclusion.