OTT big screen marketing enters the expressway, Lu meeting another traffic

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OTT big screen marketing enters the expressway, Lu meeting another traffic

2022-01-28 18:03:30 33 ℃

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Today, the "C Bit" of the Volkswagen living room has been firmly occupied by OTT.

"2021TT Commercial White Paper" shows that the activation of OTT is 295 million as of 2020, and the user has an increase of 400% from the Internet. The advertiser's investment intention of OTT is also improved, and the second-handed research report on OTT marketing value shows that in 2021 OTT advertising has increased by 109% compared with 2018, digital advertising traffic pattern (PC, Mobile, OTT three End), OTT advertising flow share is gradually increased from 11% to 20%.

The industry has developed rapidly, and the advertisement recognizes, and OTT also releases its greater market value while creating new lifestyle.

Although most advertisers' sighters are also focused on exposure advertisements, now the entire industry has entered a fast lane, and the big screen camp is bound to expand more likely. The advertiser can connect the user's mind with a more innovative model, and the players who enter the OTT also need to give more innovative reference samples.

Hardware + content brings new increments

As one of the players of OTT in China, the innovative gameplay found by Xiaomi Marketing is "doing content."

In November 2021, Xiaomi TV Internet Business established a content center, and announced the creation of the first independent content of the large-screen industry: Sheng Jingying Industry. Its core positioning is a deep-moving upstream industry, based on the incubation of Quality Film and Film IP, realizing IP sustainable creativity, complete the content ecosystem of the collection of film and television information, self-made content, derivative content.

Better content, more exclusive content means more traffic and stronger user stickiness. With Xiaomi TV to enter the upstream content, the next movement is undoubtedly to dig in good IP. Since the establishment of November, the Shengjing Film has participated in multiple film and television projects, and cooperates with all-line quality content platforms, anti-feast, help creators to create quality content, and explore new models of OTT content cooperation.

On January 25th, the domestic first-grade maternal and child enthusiasm enthusiastically broadcast by Shengjing Film, Xiaomi TV, and John Union. Hot mom "officially launched. This is a realistic star lineup full of team, preferably a hot mother sang and other talents, and the first attempt of Xiaomi TV Internet Business Incoming Variety IP track. In particular, this variety is "large screen tracking, small screen interaction" gameplay, and the shake is both a platform for sea election, and the marketing position after the show, there is therefore a new social × OTT new station network Variety mode.

The hatching of quality content IP is not easy, theme, distribution, and market environment are factors that affect the contents of explosions. Xiaomi OTT uses intelligent terminal hardware into the entrance and entrance, and innovation can also start from the hardware level, why will it always choose hardware and content "two-handed"?

Answering this question, we need to see from the perspective of the industry, millet itself and the main three parties.

First, based on industry characteristics, OTT and content is not sluggable.

The big screen itself is a natural carrier carrying video content. Users read the habit of watching the episodes of the drama on the large screen. Although the mobile terminal occupies a great leisure life to a certain extent, from the "2021TT Commercial White Paper", the long video content is transferred to the big screen, in the survival of the user long video media, Use smart TV to watch TV series, users of variety programs account for 87.9%, 82.4%, all over the mobile terminal. Board Chairman and CEO Chen Rui and other executives said in the three quarter of the financial report in the third quarter of the year, the monthly active user of the B station TV has exceeded the PC side, and became the second device ranked second in MAU. The TV end is also longer than Other terminals.

Group of "2021ott Commercialized White Paper"

And in the current brand marketing, the user is also very high for the audience of the drama, variety, etc., such as the Vipshop in various drama concentrations, with "star with the same paragraph" There is a sense of feet; the snowflake beer has been "this is a street dance" for three consecutive years, and because of the strong exposure and deep binding with the high thermal IP, it has obtained a reputation and cognition.

Secondly, based on itself, Xiaomi Internet TV business entry has a clear advantage.

Today, OTT marketing's launch scale and the rising rising have been continuously self-leased in the inner entry. When other players do innovation in exposure and the technical gap is not large, they take the lead in jumping out inherent mode, doing long video content, will make Xiaomi to master the key to the wins.

In addition, standing in the advertisement main perspective, "Content" marketing has always had its necessity.

Today, Internet bonus growth see the top, mobile traffic is anxious, advertising main states are "pendant effect", both to sell and have brand assets. Only traffic trading is bound to expect, which requires advertisers to make changes in the strategy, in combination with diversified content, methods, and play, marketing combination, and use content marketing to do the necessary brand deep education.

And the quality long video content is definitely a good choice. Usually long video content will be "national explosive model", which can attract huge traffic and attention, which is an advantage that other content is difficult to alternative. One episode, variety of variety is long-term update, forming the "bait" attracting a long-term concern to the audience, and the depth and time cycle that can be carried when the brand is working together. In addition, if you choose to be more vaporized, the advertisement can also be more accurately turned into the target population. This is like the process of the funnel, one is that the mouth of the funnel is large enough, and it can absorb sufficient traffic; the second is the slower loss during the transformation, the less better.

It is difficult to know, this title is in the mountain dairy industry "Hey! The gameplay in hot mom is a typical sample.

From the program positioning, 30+ hot moms and dairy brands have a high degree of coincidence, which means that the brand is selected, and the young tide group of the quality of life has been accurately radiated.

In the program, the Huishan Dairy industry is binds the IP content in terms of playing in IP authorization, column packaging, column implantation. By customized native interactive gameplay, taking into account the creative small theater of the product selling, and the simple and clear-sized tips, the brand value is also effectively output while establishing an emotional link with the consumer.

Huishan milk powder depth implant

In addition to the show, because there is a jam, this variety will cover a huge traffic pool. There is a set of open-screen advertisements in the station as a gold entrance, TopView, information flow advertisement, custom homepage, etc., multiple forms, etc., the depth penetrates mobile End fragmentation social scene. At the same time, Xiaomi TV has also opened the power-wide formation of the power-on, focus map, patch, etc., which is equivalent to creating a exclusive super brand day on the big screen.

Further, the Huishan Dairy is actually a complete integrated marketing. Online, Xiaomi TV will improve the variety of influence through more targeted content operations; during the programs, shake, watermelon, today's headlines, etc., the entire byte system flow matrix will be fully open, traffic pool and content pool The thickness is deepened; and the line, Huishan Dairy and "Hey! Hot mom, I also selected a few major key cities to do outdoor advertising, and a broader population, the brand sound is maximized.

Does hardware manufacturers do content, can it be feasible?

The experience of the streaming media has shown that the quality content can form a forward flywheel and can drive the entire platform potential energy growth. But the hardware manufacturers do content, which is from or will be questioned for their content production and operational capabilities.

Hardware vendors do feasible, and exactly existing typical cases in foreign countries. For example, Apple's Apple TV + has been online for more than two years, its content has covered a number of types of original comedies, drama, thrilters, documentaries and children's programs. Tim Cook is not only disclosed, and Apple TV + is launched is to enrich the content selection of users, so that hardware users can establish a deeper connection with the platform.

For example, ROKU does the hardware TV box to start a home, and then cooperate with a number of TV manufacturers to build a TV box hardware module from the large screen terminal, set the free ROKU channel and acquire quibi to the original content homemade content attack. Roku therefore became the black horse that broke out in the overseas streaming, and drove the market value and the share price.

In China, Xiaomi TV Internet Business Incoming Content track also has enough bottom gas.

First hardware advantage is the premise of presenting long video content. From the perspective of equipment, Xiaomi TV shipments in mainland China have been steadily in three consecutive years, and have become the first entrance to China's family scene flow.

Not only is the number of coverage, but the new and middle-aged family in the people covered is also higher, and there is also a higher consumption power accordingly. It can be said that the user's level is dominated; in addition, Xiaomi OTT is also leading Industry, accounting for 20% of the share of the market.

In addition to hardware, the AIOT ecology intelligent hardware service provided by Xiaomi has also superimposed another heavy advantage for long video content marketing.

In the ecology, smart hardware devices can cover and connect to multiple scenes, making the content distributed more diverse, and also help brand advertisements into content and services, and subtle the penetration of the target users.

The experience and technology have formed a premise of obtaining "traffic", and the accumulation of the real content is the key to "post".

In recent years, Xiaomi Marketing has been upgraded in product and system, which has been exposed to content, better touches users, shorten the distance of users and explosions.

For example, Xiaomi OTT upgrades the recommended engine to make the user find the explosive content of the self-interest in smarter and more divided into a smarter. And Xiaomi TV's unbound desktop, short video videos can make users immerse in a better viewing experience, and inspire interest in content. At the same time, Xiaomi TV will also use IP to associate other similar types of high quality IP content, allowing users to be able to associate faster, jump to other interests.

Video background lane

In the content operation level, Xiaomi TV is based on the system, platform, and the content is completely opened, and the "operational ecology" is built.

For example, for the focus of the iQiyi drama "Wind, Luoyang" and the fog theater, Xiaomi OTT will target key operations, including the column area in the homepage, innovate in content planning, create high quality visual effects, enlarge the impact etc. In order to give the head IP more attention and payment, Xiaomi TV also has custom exclusive theater discounts, attracting more users paying. At the same time, Xiaomi Marketing also made content operation and content customization for more brands.

For example, last year, Xiaomi has created an exclusive New Year theater, aggregated brand micro-movie, New Year's Eve movie, interactive lottery game, and conveys brand values, and also deepened the emotional connection between users while drinking Coca-Cola.

Xiaomi Marketing also combined with dairy brand Qijia launched "Anjia Baking Channel", with brand custom baking courses to start brand awareness and popularity. At the same time, through the entrance of Xiai Ai classmates, Xiaomi mobile phones, Anjia also naturally integrates more daily baking cooking scenarios; Breaking the own and third-party platforms, online and offline channels are struggling.

Xiaomi Ott "Anjia Baking Channel"

Once, OTT is still a new flow, now, OTT has entered the advertiser and the public's field of view, and the platform has also come to mining more possibilities, finding other new traffic in the big screen. Xiaomi TV Internet Business Incoming Content Tracks and puts in content, will make OTT's content marketing increments gradually appear, and will gradually drive changes in advertising main lines.

The accumulation of content production capacity and operational experience is not a long, but it takes a long layout and input. On the way to let Ott content marketing become "new wind", Xiaomi Marketing has taken the lead in a step.