These details of "starting" are a domestic mobile phone modern history.

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These details of "starting" are a domestic mobile phone modern history.

2022-01-28 18:05:39 36 ℃

"Beginning" burst fire, is inseparable from the development of the plot does not try to fool the audience, but also inseparable from the details of the control.

It is, for example, the first episode of the blast site has been shown that the explosion location:

As another example, one cycle is care of the household pot aunt pulled hair, in the next cycle, she has hair tied note in advance.

Indeed, even the phone this play appeared, a domestic smart phone can give a modern history.

Play according to timeline:

2014 Wang Mengmeng bus crash suffered obscene → → Wangxing De Wangxing De couple husband and wife go Grampian City → 2019 Nian Wangxing De couple car bombing

This back and forth appeared a total of more than ten units in different years, different models of smartphones.

OPPO N1 mini

Press the play time, first appeared 15 Set 3 minutes 44 seconds, to take Wang Mengmeng encounter obscene OPPO N1 mini:

The phone on June 10, 2014 release, powered by the 28nm process Qualcomm Xiaolong 400 processor, pre-installed on Android 4.3, built-in 2140mAh non-removable battery.

Then the price of 2699 yuan.

The biggest selling point for the rotatable 13 million pixel camera, is all the rage in the year.

Of course, here it would be better if the selection OPPO N1 because N1 is the September 2013 release, the play will be more in line with the timeline.

vivo X21i?

Followed by 6 sets of 15 minutes 22 seconds, OPPO N1 mini machine main little sister mother's cell phone.

From the outside front, whether it is color or border, tend to iPhone 7 series.

However, the back surface can be seen very clearly see the rear fingerprint to unlock, dual camera module and a vertically aligned.

At the same time much of the phone to meet these conditions, but also a lot.

vivo X21i or vivo Y85 is possible.

I was not sure which one, do not know big brother did not know?

But no matter which one, not Published in 2014, but 2018.

Millet 2S

5 Set screen appears in 14 minutes 23 seconds, the phone this student, it is the year of God machine millet 2 S:

Of course, it may also be millet 2.

Millet 2s, on April 9, 2013 release, was equipped with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 28nm process, with MIUI V5.

Screen size 4.3, rear 13 million pixel camera, 2000mAh removable battery.

It is the year, with a strong performance and price of 1999 yuan, are labeled before God machine.

Millet also began a "machine" fame, until up to today.

Millet 4

14 this set, the white-shell silver frame 7 minutes 04 seconds occur, Logo printed millet millet phone 4:

The phone release on July 29, 2014.

Is equipped with 28nm process Xiaolong 801 quad-core processor, built-in 3080mAh large battery, then the price is still 1999 yuan.

Huawei Mate 40

11 Set 4 minutes 04 seconds, female reporters to use banner camera phones, from the rear view camera module.

It should be Huawei Mate 40:

The mobile phone handset 2020 October 22 release, equipped with Kirin 9000E chip 5nm technology, with a 6.5-inch curved screen 68 °.

Screen refresh rate of 90Hz, with 50 million pixel main camera, 4200mAh battery, 66W wired fast charge.

Lenovo A390t?

Back in 2019, the eve of the play explosion, Episode 8 17 minutes 19 seconds ahead of the same pot aunt on the car, and had a daughter by telephone.

It can be seen from the rear case, which is a single rear center camera old model.

Lenovo might guess A390t:

The phone released in 2013, chip Spreadtrum SC8825, with a 1500mAh removable battery, 5 million rear camera.

Of course, it could be cool, ZTE, have big brothers can see it's also a message informing about Kazakhstan ~


At 20 minutes and 55 seconds of the second episode, tanker driver in the car with the brush SMS video, although a mobile phone is blocked by a large area of ​​the shell.

But you can faintly see the left side above the mute button phones, combined with the lateral rear dual camera.

IPhone 7,8 Plus is a high probability did not run up ~

OPPO Reno 5?

Set 11 occurs at 15 minutes 13 seconds, still a large area of ​​the mobile shell.

However, it can be observed that the left front camera, chin partial width, two rear three camera packed hole.

According to my many years of business experience, plus Taobao search more than 200 red phone shell, plus little sister five years ago with a OPPO N1 mini.

It is speculated that the probability of large OPPO Reno 5:

The phone on 2020 December 10 release, the use of 6.43 inches OLED screen, powered by 7nm process Xiaolong 765G eight-core processor.

Three rear 64 megapixels camera, 4300mAh battery, has a variety of colors.

Realme GT

In addition to the above shelled, and less obvious angle of the phone, most it is Realme GT whole "start" appear.

As for why know know everything ~

In the Realme GT, the mobile phone chip has come to Xiaolong 888 chip, 6.43 inch 120Hz Samsung AMOLED display, 64 million Sony wide-angle three-bed, standard 65W flashing. The design is even more bold.

May 4, 2021, have been a year from now.

Of course, "opening" crew also has "not fine", such as this episode of 4 minutes and 34 seconds.

The drama is 2014, but the world's first four-fitting mobile phone Samsung Galaxy A9S is released in October 2018.

This difference is slightly larger than the time difference of other models.

However, this is the personal egg picking a bone.

"The beginning" plot is crossing for 5 years, because of the careful prophet group, let us have the opportunity to experience the change in domestic mobile phones in this eight years.

From 13 years of millet, the squid agitated the domestic mobile phone market, miscellaneous machine, and the garbage processor gradually retired, and the domestic mobile phone opened the stacked competition.

Big big screen, bigger battery, higher pixel camera, more color, etc., everything is not the best, only better.

Many of these manufacturers have walked through the detours, and many manufacturers began to lonely, but more or innovation.

Flip camera, telescopic camera, redefine the full screen MIX series, mobile phone shooting, etc., all in the eye.

And at that time, Huawei was still not engaged.

Until now Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo and other famous brands have made our country have become Andrews the big country, becoming a smart phone output only after Apple.

For us, more people still don't want to think about how domestic hand will be able to think that the opportunity to live and life is getting tight, and its function is also from the phone, take pictures, WeChat, now Live, short video, mobile payment.

Even became an important service.

In the past 8 years, domestic mobile phones are growing, and it is unexpected, excellent.

In the next 8 years, the domestic mobile phone will become what we can't imagine?