Tencent "two people" sat in a hundred billion assets, but there were more than 100,000 Bora. How many low-key he has?

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Tencent "two people" sat in a hundred billion assets, but there were more than 100,000 Bora. How many low-key he has?

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He has 22% of the shares of Tencent and the second largest shareholder of Tencent. At the age of 45, his wealth exceeds 100 billion.

However, he is very low, driving more than 100,000 cars, filed his products, believes that most people are not strange, but his name is fresh!

This person is Dongguan Daxie - Zhang Zhidong, is also one of Tencent's founders.

Zhang Zhidong

Tencent was established until now 24 years, its products, such as QQ, WeChat, have been closely related to each of us.

Tencent can become a domestic Internet industry giant today, which can say that there is an important core person outside of Mahua Teng, which is called Zhang Zhidong behind Ma Huateng.

Zhang Zhidong and Ma Huateng

In the interior of Tencent, people who are familiar with Zhang Zhidong call him "Winter Melon". In 1972, he was born in Dongguan, and he was very interested in the numbers, and the game, Go will help logic thinking. Training.

It is worth mentioning that Zhang Zhidong father graduated from Tsinghua University Physical Engineering Major, and Mom is a people's teacher, so he has received a good educational influence from a small education and learned the best.

In junior high school, Zhang Zhidong came into contact with the computer in a classmate, and placed in the computer programming until high school, he finally had his first computer. Since then, he will be crazy in the room. Tap code, sometimes, even forgot to sleep to eat.

And he truly showing the company's talent is after college.

In 1989, Zhang Zhidong met the man of Mihua Teng in his life in Shenzhen University.

The two are the same as the computer system of Shenzhen University, and there are deep obsesses in the computer field, and the two of the like becomes a good brother.

However, in 1993, the two after graduation quickly "brought the rumor", Ma Huateng chose to enter the research and development of Shenzhen Runxun Communication Development Co., start the paging system, and Zhang Zhidong did not worry, and the South China University of Technology continued to study. .

China in the 1990s, there are still some strangers for the Internet, while Zhang Zhidong has begun to think about the architecture and future development of the Internet.

In 1996, Zhang Zhidong, who was obtained from South China Polytechnic University, entered the famous Shenzhen dawn network, responsible for the development of software and network applications.

Like all technological otaku thinking, the problem he thinking in work is not a competitive landscape, or the market prospect, etc., he is more concerned about the user experience, user needs, etc.

Once, Zhang Zhidong received a government network setting, and he spent a few days to complete the functionality settings.

Once the user used in the use is very small, only a few of them can be used.

This matter is very deeply touched by Zhang Zhidong. Only the new Internet architecture can improve the user experience. He began to have his dreams, that is, "technology change life."

In 1998, Ma Huateng learned from the news that the four college students in Israel made an Internet chat tool ICQ, and they sold nearly $ 500 million. This money is to put it today. It is also an astronomical figure, let alone 24 years ago!

This is too tempting to the Mahua Teng at the time. He is also the poop in the computer field, why can't you?

So he contacted his friends Zhang Zhidong and said his own ideas.

I didn't expect Zhang Zhidong to listen to the household resignation and chose to start with Ma Huateng.

On November 11, 1998, Ma Huateng and Zhang Zhidong registered established "Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd.", then Chen Yitan, Xu Chen, Zeng Li Qing successively added, and they also became a famous "Tencent Five Tiger"!

Tencent Wuhu

After the founding of the company, Zhang Zhidong was developed as a technological development, responsible for the construction of architecture chat tools.

Soon, the first instant messaging tool in China is officially launched, that is, the predecessor of QQ today.

From the name, this is "plagiarism" foreign chat software. These years Tencent are both a game or WeChat, anti-virus software, etc. The score is there, it is indeed convenient!

At that time, the software used by the Internet was almost paid, while Zhang Zhidong chose a free download. This move allows "QiCQ" only a thousand-class users only one year.

In 2000, QLCQ has become a leader in China's instant messaging, just like today's WeChat, its status is unmanned.

At this time, Tencent was sent by the foreign ICQ, why everyone knows.

The other party asks Tencent's QiCQ to rename, otherwise it will be prosecuted by violating the ICQ registered trademark.

Ma Huateng is hard, and the user doesn't like after the rename, and Zhang Zhidong is not panicked. After a little thoughts, take off the IC in QiCQ, turn it into QQ, and replace the software avatar to fat penguin.

QQ development history

QQ can now have billions of users, knowing that he is a Ma Huateng product. In fact, Zhang Zhidong is a real "QQ father"!

According to data, due to data, the number of QQ is up to 30 million in QQ, and now users exceed 300 million people, and it can be said that it accounts for 90% of netizens.

In 2020, a sudden epidemic, there are more than 120 million users to participate in online education, with a single day in QQ, with a single-day call, group classroom participation in online broadcast, there are nearly 14 million people through group operation function Submit online job. Today, QQ's basic system architecture is still the one of Zhang Zhidong, in technology, he is a myth.

As Tencent's "two homes", Zhang Zhidong has 22.86% of shares at the beginning of the establishment of Tencent, which is the largest shareholder of Tencent except Ma Huateng.

In 2004, Tencent has been launched in Hong Kong, and there is constant capital injection. Zhang Zhidong's shares have been diluted to 5%.

Even so, as Tencent has skyrocketed, Zhang Zhidong's price has skyrocketed. In 2017, his wealth has become more than 100 billion Daily, and has become the rich in Dongguan. He is 45 years old.

If it is not a close to your own eyes, it is difficult to imagine that Zhang Zhidong, who is a million assets, is just a hundred thousand Bora.

Maybe you know the founder of Amazon - "Jeff Besos", his car after boarding the world's richest, is still a 96-year Honda Accord, one for more than ten years.

Jeff Besos

Therefore, many people said that Zhang Zhidong is the Chinese version of "Jeff Besos".

A Bora made more than ten years, until the first few years, the company heard that Zhang Zhidong changed the new car, everyone guess what luxury cars?

Who knows that when he saw Zhang Zhidong's new car, a piece of power is still a new treasure.

Luxury cars, luxury homes, may be something that ordinary people pursued for a lifetime, but very few people can be like Zhang Zhidong, it is really admiring!

As a moment, it is time to keep thinking about the user experience, Zhang Zhidong's crisis is not technical innovation, but his age.

As a chat tool, QQ is a chat tool, and he is also afraid that he can't keep the thinking of young people, do not understand the needs of young users.

At the beginning of WeChat research and development, many executives held against opinions, they believe that there is no need to develop a product with QQ.

And Zhang Zhidong has supported Zhang Xiaolong to develop WeChat products. He believes that the Internet, only constantly innovation can better develop.

At the same time, he also wants to leave more opportunities to young people.

In March 2014, Zhang Zhidong announced the resignation of Tencent's executive director and chief technical officer, and turned a lecturer at Tencent College.

Zhang Zhidong, which is removed, is also focused on Tencent's development. From a manager, it becomes a bystander, may develop Tencent's question.

For example, he has repeatedly criticized Zhang Xiaolong's WeChat team appeared in the "dull product dull" "user experience poor"!

In addition, a "Tencent has no dream" article once special fire, pointed out some problems of Tencent.

Zhang Zhidong also forwarded this article in a circle of friends, and evaluated: "There are some untrue bugs in the text" but sharp criticizing the goose factory is a good thing ...

It can be seen that Zhang Zhidong will rationally look at the opinions of Tencent. Tencent can achieve today's achievements, must not leave Zhang Zhidong's truth from facts! "

As of 2021, Zhang Zhidong currently its price of 17.5 billion, ranking 58 in Dongguan, global.

2021 Dongguan Rich List

Perhaps, Zhang Zhidong pursued from the luxury car, beauty, but pure technology pursuit, from the spiritual level, he is "rich" than anyone!