The price is nearly 1W, the number of appointments in the last line exceeds 2W, ROG Magic 162022 really worth buying?

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The price is nearly 1W, the number of appointments in the last line exceeds 2W, ROG Magic 162022 really worth buying?

2022-01-29 00:04:05 48 ℃

Some time ago, ROG officially held 2022 new product launches, and suddenly brought us a lot of new notebooks, which made our eyes in front of performance and configuration. The popularity of the new ROG Magic 16 2022 is quite high, and the online appointment is opened for two days, and the number of people involved in the appointment has broken through 20,000. It is not cheap to know that this notebook is not cheap, it has been close to 10,000, and it is still expensive for many people.

However, this also proves the popularity of ROG Magic 16 2022, and its product strength is still two brushes. After all, in the market, the laptop focused on a certain field is different, and the ROG Magic 16 2022 calculates less localized high-performance light and thin. Not only can you meet the needs of gamers, but also facing content creative workers, this laptop can also be competent, covering the population is quite wide.

After reading the configuration upgrade of the ROG Magic 16 2022, it is more in the original basis to improve the experience on the original basis. For example, memory upgrade to DDR5, the CPU is more interacting, and it is also possible to further save power. PCLE 4.0 Solid State Drive This ROG Magic 16 2022 is also supported, in a copy file, etc., the speed will be a lot of fast. 12 generations of cool 7 processors This time is not a short board. There are a lot of performance in single core and multi-core performance.

The graphics card is still RTX's 3060, but it is worth noting that this power consumption is 120W, which is enough for people who play games or work in performance. The graphics card is directly connected to the ROG, and the ROG's Olympics Center has a double-dimensional function. We can adjust the strategy of the graphics call according to your own actual situation.

Like playing games or content creation, we need to perform full-time scenes, we can choose to work alone, reduce memory bandwidth bottlenecks, improve the number of game frames. Just a simple data processing, or if the leisure watching drama does not require a high-performance scenario, you can choose to set up to work to save power, bring longer life. The hybrid mode is a dual graphics card automatic switching, using different scenarios under different loads, allowing notebooks to freely switch between high performance and long-lasting.

From the parameters, the screen is concerned, and the personal feeling is still the strength of the ROG Magic 16 2022. Its screen resolution is upgraded to 2.5K level, the display is very delicate, no particle sense; the screen refresh rate is maintained at 165 Hz and 3MS response time, greatly reduces the situation of screen smear It is very suitable for the use of gamers. In addition, it also covers 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and also passed Pantone color authentication. You can restore the original color, no bias, etc., help creators more accurate, faster, and the output content is also in line with its all-round creative.

120W power consumption graphics card, new Core 12 generation processor, DDR 5 memory, PCLE 4.0 solid state drive, these details on the details, further improvement of this Almighty experience. High score, high brush, and wide-colored domain screen, also let ROG Magic 16 2022 can freely switch in multiple scenes such as entertainment and games, and do a full range of excellent experiences. This can also explain why ROG illusion 16 2022 is sought after by so many consumers, and its sales price of 9999 is quite value ~