How do you pay the Chinese girl after breaking through sexy labels?

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How do you pay the Chinese girl after breaking through sexy labels?

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Winder prepares the All in the Chinese market.

Recently, the dimension announced the establishment of a joint venture with Vini, working on the physical store and online sales business in China. According to the provisions of the agreement, the won will have 51% of joint ventures, and Vini has 49% of the shares.

As a female underwear brand known as "sexy", in an era that is increasingly paying attention to multi-aesthetics, after the "Demodi" is suspended, through various transformation changes, go to the female physical and mental health and self-development. Reincarn with this.

As the Chinese market with strong consumption, it became the core market of the Renaissance of the Division. Holding hands in the underwear manufacturing field, there is a competitive barrier, which has become a matter of success.

Just, break through a single sexy label, and after the advantage of Vini supply chain ability, can I continue to pay the Chinese girl?

Turning to "Yue Hepa"

For a long time in the past, the keywords tied together with the dimension of the dimension were "show", "sexy". However, in recent years, with the continuous improvement of female self-consciousness and consumption capacity brought about by social progress, the preference of women's consumption has changed from "Sexy" of Yue people to "pleasing comfort", and the dimension begins with product Comfortable and health, emphasize the philosophy of women.

Just as its brand CEO Martin Waters said: "We need to stop paying attention to men, but pay attention to women."

From paying attention to "he" wants to turn to the "she" what I want, the dimension is injecting more multi-diverse brand connotations through various changes.

On the most intuitive product line, facing the comfortless steel ring underwear in the "Yue Hydro" style, the answer given by the dimension is that the comfort is not only a steel ring, no size, but "different Girl, different size. " Even the product pattern of the underwear market will be reshaped.

Therefore, the dimension starts with more designs, more styles, more styles to meet women with different needs, on the fabric, in addition to cotton, there are different materials such as silk, modal, satin. This diversity, runs through the products from underwear to home service.

The meaning of the rich product line is rich. Not only is the product pattern capable of removing the underwear market, but also doing the "Red De Defining Sexy" with the consumer in Yidai, General Manager of China, is also achieved. "Not subject to any age, body type, size limit, let all People can find suitable products from the dimension and harm happiness from it. "

In the brand connotation, the dimensions are also "sexy" of the ultimate interpretation of women, to interpret women's "different sexy", and expand the "sexy" to richer connotation definitions, encourage each woman to be confident Own.

In addition, the VS Collective continues to vocalize the female, the world ski champion, the large size name of the Vogue cover, the large size name of the Vogue cover, the young idol, HAILEY Bieber, etc. is the VS Collective member. By exploring these unique personal stories of these excellent women, give other women to inspire unknown lives, but also with these female diversified backgrounds, experience, helping the mission of establishing a lifelong relationship with women, and actively promoting the brand. Reform, rejuvenate.

On the one hand, I'm trying to focus on the changes in women's consumption trends, redefine "sexy" and enrich the product line; on the other hand, the dimension is active with women to establish a deeper relationship, and once to expand the content of the brand. Each of the times in Wi-mong has triggered a high degree of market concern, and directly promotes the growth of product sales.

This also means that in the Chinese market, the demand growth, this symbolized transformation can be reached again in a multi-aesthetic aesthetic under the times. Euromonitor is expected that the size of the Chinese underwear market will exceed 320 billion yuan in 2026, and CAGR is 7% in 2010-2026, maintaining steady growth. In 2021 domestic underwear market CR5 is only 7%, far below 13% of the global underwear CR5, the market is highly dispersed, and has not formed a head brand.

Under such trends, to "Yue" turns around, the future is worth looking forward to.

How to open the growth space in the Chinese market?

After the brand is injected into the brand new and diverse "dimension Power", it is more likely to make the market to eat "Dingxin Pill", which is a joint hand with Vini.

Vijie has always been a downtown manufacturer. This is more close "together", calculating "the heavens of the heavens".

And, as one of the world's largest underwear manufacturers, the current Ni Nie 95% of orders are from the European and American markets, and the domestic market business only accounts for 5% of the company's overall business. In the Chinese market of the annual compound growth rate of around 8%, the market space that can be developed in the future can be described as huge.

The core fulcrum that can be shaked to imagine the imagination space in China is that the tendering of Wi-Ni is the advantage of supply chain, the three potential energy of technical strength and design capacity.

On the one hand, it has accumulated the leading technology in the industry with a seamless underwear.

Vini successfully entered the underwear industry, which has created "one" and "seamless" underwear, breaking through the traditional underwear manufacturing model, and created a new era of seamless underwear development. It can be a warpage of a female underwear production industry, lie in the first hot pressing, 3-D CAD / CAM design R & D system, seamlessly bonded three core technologies.

Not only that, Vijie is leading the industry on the research and development strength and investment and patent. With capacity and technology barriers, all the industries are the maintenance of Vijieni, which can not only achieve the continuous breakthrough and innovation in the product, but also rely on the advantages of Vini's supply chain and their own channels. In the market competition, it is stable.

On the other hand, the brands of underwear brands in fashion and design are still the leader.

Although women have been in the pursuit of "Yue him" in underwear consumption, it is more comfortable with "Yuehe", "no steel ring", "no size", etc., and has been derived. . But the problem is, comfort is not the only indicator of "Yue".

After all, many "no steel rings", "no size" underwear, lack of professional ergonomics, no version, just use comfort as marketing, try to match all the body in a single product.

Underwear is a costume with strong functional properties, if it is truly comfortable, it should be "different girls, different sizes advocated by the dimension". On this basis, then take care of the fashion and color values ​​like girls, it is best.

In this way, in the design ability of Vini to boost, the stylish brand status and market experience, and the prospective control of the style can be achieved. The three superimposed competitiveness, there is no color value, and has a variety of underwear markets in the current style. It has established a comfortable, diverse and fashionable difference advantage.

Zheshang Securities also believes that the Jiemei and Vini's joints are a strong combination. It is possible to "combine the advantages of global lingerie retail faucet channel and operation, Vijie's control of product manufacturing and innovation, is expected to have a certain significant share in the currently dispersed Chinese underwear market."

In fact, the Wi-mounted self-ending of "Yue Su" turned into the self, breaking the action of the boundary, and has seen it from financial data. In view of the preceding performance of the previous sector, according to relevant agencies, the total sales of the United Nations in the year were expected to grow at $ 6.7 billion to $ 6.8 billion, expected to grow by 25% over the previous year.

Today, in the Chinese market, Wi-mou and Vini will join hands, such as Tiger, you can foresee the priority of the high-speed growth, and its future will leave us a huge imagination.

The Chinese underwear market that is large, the pattern is scattered, absolutely to have such a brand, and this brand is needed.

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