Threezerodlx Iron Man MK46, the price is super high, worth starting!

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Threezerodlx Iron Man MK46, the price is super high, worth starting!

2022-01-29 00:02:42 28 ℃

Threezero grand launch of Marvel and Marvel characters DLX DLX series next Iron Man Mark 46. Mark 46 classic red-golden color, highly reduced film: seen "Captain America 3 civil war" in smooth flowing armor.

DLX Iron Man Mark 46 of the movable element body height about 17.5 cm, with 48 of the movable joints, containing alloy skeleton, very good mobility, can easily reproduce the variety of postures, including iconic landing posture.

Dolls having two arms can be connected to the rocket can be fixed on both forearms.

Front chest and two eyes lighting function, the back side panels 4 can be turned on and off.

Accessories include special effects pieces of design effects and effects of flight, as well as the replacement of hand with different shapes.


Height of about 17.5 cm

48 movable joints

4 the back panel

LED light emitting function: the chest, the eye


2 rocket arm that can be connected

5 pairs of interchangeable hands type: one pair of fists, one pair of relaxed hands, one pair of shooters, one pair of hands and a pair of flight shooters (shooting for assembling effect)

Two pairs effect accessories: one pair of shooting effects, one of the flight effect (foot)

An action brackets


Zinc alloy, PVC, ABS, metal parts

Reservation split box discount


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