Home appliance retail channel fragmentation is just ill: not in dispersing but giants

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Home appliance retail channel fragmentation is just ill: not in dispersing but giants

2022-01-29 06:03:17 49 ℃

Many people see the "fragmentation of home appliance retail channels" is not a home appliance retail channel to accelerate differentiation, spread to disperse, but home appliance retail channel is quietly concentrated, and the retail stores under the dominant sales store multi-state robbed user demand and orders.

Chang Wei || written

In the past few years, behind the "fragmentation" tide of home appliance retail channels, many appliance vendors have ignored an important inflection point.

That is, the fragmentation of home appliance retail channels is just the expression of the market. There is only one in the truth: the head appliance retail business, is quietly promoting a market shuffler "with channel retail contacts as a look". In promoting the giant and oligization of the home appliance retail pattern, it is concentrated from a few companies.

From the landscape of home appliance retail channels: Either only online physical store, or it is the online shop, relatively detailed, and is more meticulous, basically selling home appliances is still relatively high, not just need funds, team, Specialized promotion capacity, warehousing, logistics, transportation and other layouts, conversion, involving more energy. At that time, the industry is hard to imagine that a home appliance product will have more than a dozen sales prices in different retail outlets in the country.

In order to now, there is a platform for the platform for online stores, third-party franchise stores, as well as live band, shake shop, community group purchase, content e-commerce belt, and KOC, KOL and other circles users and industries Suggestions and other outlets and channels such as leaders. Similarly, the offline home appliance store also has a multi-shaped camp with a series of shares: a shares is a traditional brand store system. Another share is the next Shenmen store of the e-commerce platform. There are two stocks that are a lot of scattered home appliances. Waiting for the home appliance retail guerrilla, and regional local home appliance sales and the next sinking network.

Today, behind this home appliance retail channel seems to be "five flowers eight" fragments, many home appliance companies tell home appliances, only one of the protagonists behind, is the giants of commercial retail. With the completion of their digital distribution platform, especially the establishment of logistics distribution, warehousing and service, etc. At the same time, it is still a live band, the content belt, and even the backfinder supporters of the community group purchase and KOC belt, providing them with low-cost source and rich rebate. In addition, some head appliances companies are still promoting new retail, providing high-quality sources, prices and services for users who are scattered in home appliance retail outlets across the country.

Therefore, there have been a lot of things that have the most headache of a lot of home appliance dealers recently, that is, when the relatives and friends around me, I really don't know what price should I give them? If you give the purchase price, you will not earn a penny. Many business can't accept it. But I really gave them picking price, relatives and friends found through the Internet, but they were more expensive than the retail price of some online stores. The retail business of some home appliance products has no way to do: under the tide of home appliances and brand full homogenization, more and more retail outlets can only be disposed of in addition to the speed of the retail, fighting, and the relationship. Therefore, a home appliance has more than ten prices in more than a dozen retail channels, which is to grab the "price evil battle".

I believe that the fragmentation of this home appliance retail channel will not stop, will not slow down, will definitely in more and more home appliance companies and the "one generation, national package, national warranty" in more and more home appliances and main retail platforms. Under the retail policy, there is a new contact, new media, and new platform. Under this wave, it means that the home appliance retail pattern is not in differentiation, division, that is, more and more retailers, and a single sales outlet is getting more and more scattered, but will focus quietly to the header, platform merchants. That is, there are many online outlets to pick up from several national platforms.

Therefore, whether it is a home appliance company, or a home appliance retailer, wholesaler, agents, can not continue to stay in the past old tradition, old thinking, and old model system "mixed days". Because the fragmentation of the retail outlet is actually the beginning of a new round of home appliance channel shuffling!