PLT, POT, delay binding

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PLT, POT, delay binding

2022-05-14 00:05:37 13 ℃

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The data in the Gotgot table is the final address of the function, and the data in the PLTPLT table is the address of the Gotgot table. You can jump to the Gotgot table through the PLTPLT table to obtain the real address of the function.

So why is it divided into two?

To avoid dynamic links, you must fill in GOT.Because this is too cumbersome.The paging in the group is also the idea!

The PLTPLT table can be called an internal function table.

The GOTGOT table is a global function table.

As shown in the figure below, note that the figure below is the first call.


The second time is smooth: (The conversion has been completed, so you don’t need to find any operations such as positioning.)


This can save system expenses.