Can WeChat still perform performance test & cleaning space?New features detailed experience

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Can WeChat still perform performance test & cleaning space?New features detailed experience

2022-05-14 12:10:16 10 ℃

WeChat incarnation performance detection tool

What? WeChat also do this job part -time? The new version of WeChat's "Performance Detection Tools" has been spit out by many users. Some users say that this is not bloated enough to think that WeChat is not bloated enough? What are the uses for some users? So where is this performance detection tool? What can it do?

WeChat "Performance Detection Tools" is located: WeChat I set help and feedback the performance detection tool of the wrench button in the upper right corner.

Figure 1 Performance detection tool

WeChat's "Performance Detection Tools" mainly have several functions. One is that the number of FPS frames can be displayed. For the display data WeChat uses the floating window mode, the floating window supports drag.

However, the FPS frame number does not have 60Hz, whether the mobile phone is 90Hz or a 120Hz display mode, this FPS detection can always be detected.

Figure 2 Display FPS frame number Figure 3 Display battery temperature

WeChat's "Performance Testing Tool" is a small tool for ordinary users, but it can be taken out to see when curious. Why does WeChat suddenly go online? Xiaobian estimates that this tool is a small tools made by the WeChat internal team to test the WeChat internal test version. Will the new version of the test will be stuck? The entrance of the tool is hidden, maybe WeChat will be disappeared in the next version of the next version.

There are really related performance testing users, so why not use this clear device information app at a glance.

Figure 4 Equipment Information APP

Release the storage space occupied

The new version of WeChat also launched a new storage space management tool to allow users to better release the storage space occupied by WeChat. It seems that the mobile phone WeChat is bloated, and WeChat officials have noticed it, but it is still bloated.

The new WeChat storage space management tool is located in: WeChat I set up a general storage space.

After entering a moment after entering, you can display the storage space occupied by WeChat. The new version of the storage space management tool divides the user's WeChat data into three categories, one is the cache (can be cleaned), the second is the chat history (can be cleaned), the three of the three, three For other data (cannot be cleaned), the new version can clean up more WeChat junk files than the old version and release the storage space occupied by it.

Figure 5 WeChat storage space management


Curiosity is what everyone has. No, the performance detection tool of WeChat has caused everyone's curiosity as soon as it comes up, and even rushed to the hot search list, although it is useless for most users. Well, who makes it a must -have app for us?