Open the oversen -bid to buy!Buying a new national benchmark electric vehicle, the most important thing is to choose the right lithium battery

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Open the oversen -bid to buy!Buying a new national benchmark electric vehicle, the most important thing is to choose the right lithium battery

2022-05-14 18:08:07 13 ℃

I don't know if friends who travel often have found that the incidents of electric vehicles have been on fire and explosion in recent years. For example, several serious electric vehicles occurred last year.

The worst thing is that on July 18 last year, on the streets of Yuhuangshan Road, Hangzhou, a pair of electric vehicles rode suddenly exploded during the cycling. The girl's burning area reached 95%, and her father's burns were over 90%. The girl rescued for nearly 5 months, and finally left the world on the morning of December 11.

The explosion of road monitoring records

On May 10 last year, in the elevator in a community in Chengdu, Sichuan, the 5 people in the elevator were injured due to the blast after smoking, including a 18 -month -old baby girl.

Broken process of elevator monitoring records

In the early morning of September 20 last year, a community in Tongzhou, Beijing, brought the lithium battery of the electric vehicle home and charged the electric vehicle.

Beijing Fire Community Real Shooting

There is a set of data statistics. During the period from January to July last year, there were 6,462 electric bicycle fire accidents in the country, with an average of more than 900 accidents per month, of which 80 % of the electric bicycle fire occurred when charging. It is caused by lithium batteries.

OK, after reading these bloody lessons, let us go down and say, why did electric vehicles frequently occur in the past two years? The main reason is caused by lithium batteries.

The explosive lithium battery shell

Let's talk about why electric vehicles have used lithium batteries in the past two years.

For the former electric vehicle products, more than 99%of them are used in lead -acid batteries. However, on May 15, 2018, the new national standard of electric vehicles has a compulsory requirement, which is the important requirement of the new national standard electric vehicle, and must be ≤55 kg.

Many friends know that the lead -acid batteries are very heavy because the main materials are lead, so manufacturers who produce electric vehicles find that if lead -acid batteries are continued when producing new national standard electric vehicles, the weight will be severely exceeded. Do you think, in addition to batteries, electric vehicles also have many accessories such as frames, motors, and tires, so general lead -acid batteries cannot be used at the new national standard electric vehicle.

At this time, lithium batteries began to be applied to electric vehicles on a large scale at this time, because from the perspective of weight, under the same specifications, the weight of the lithium battery is only one -third of the lead -acid battery.

New national standard for important requirements

So someone wants to ask, because the lithium battery is used, is it so easy to fire and explode so much that electric vehicles are now so prone to causing fire? Nor is it because the safety of regular lithium battery production companies is still very high. This can be seen from our daily mobile phones, laptops, and charging treasures.

So why are the lithium batteries of electric vehicles so easy to fire and explode? Because there are a lot of lithium batteries on the market, not produced by regular enterprises.

The lithium battery is different from the lead -acid battery, and the technical content is much higher. The formal enterprise is basically semi -automated assembly line. It has standards and detection in quality. However, many lithium batteries on the market are indeed manually assembled by those individuals, gangs, or small workshops.

The head of the National Light Electric Vehicle and Battery Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (CEVT) technical leaders once broke the news. In 2018, a large number of lithium batteries were retired from new energy vehicles. As a result, many batteries flowed into What is the use in some small workshops? Come on by yourself and continue to use on two wheel electric vehicles.

Lithium battery black workshop

Then the problem comes. The lithium battery of these eliminated new energy vehicles has basically arrived. There are also many fault points in the interior of many lithium batteries, but these people use hand -in -series assembly to continue to get to get it to continue to get it to continue to get to get it, and continue to get it. Come to use electric vehicles, the results can be imagined.

What are the causes of lithium batteries? There are two types of inside and outside.

External reasons include over -charging, short -circuit, external collisions (squeezing, puncture, vibration, falling), high temperature, heat shock, etc. Internal reasons are relatively professional, such as batteries positive and negative electrode dislocation, chili burrs, lithium sedimentation of negative surface surface, uneven distribution of electrolytes, adsorption of electrical dust dust, etc.

The hand -assembled waste lithium battery has a lot of internal problems, and there is no professional product quality testing. This lithium battery is also continued to be used on the market, which is basically equivalent to timing bombs.

The wreckage of electric vehicles after lithium battery explosion

So why are so many lithium batteries flowing into the market? Summary two reasons.

1. High profits. The price of a group of lithium batteries is at least twice as expensive than the lead -acid batteries of the same model. The costly waste batteries are very low in cost, but the selling price can be sold very high. There are hundreds of net profits in a group. Many people will enter here to make black money.

2. Lack of standards. At least since this year, the two -wheeled electric vehicle market has no mandatory national standards for lithium batteries, which has led to the quality of lithium battery products on the entire market and unevenness. Until February 21, this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicly discussed the "Electric Bicycle Lithium ion Battery Safety Requirements" for the compulsory national standard formulation planning project for the development of the project, and the standard for lithium batteries began to go through the process.

Why is the current electric vehicle so prone to fire and explosion? The culprit is the inferior and garbage lithium batteries assembled by these black workshops!

Lithium battery black workshop

Ma Guilong, a professor of Tsinghua University, who has been committed to the technical research of electric bicycles, was called "the first person in China" by the industry, told the media last year that the new national standard did not fundamentally solve the traffic safety and fire safety of electric bicycles. Two major issues. So friends who buy electric cars now pay attention to several important issues.

1. Not lithium batteries are not safe. Insafe is not safe, inferior garbage lithium batteries.

When buying an electric car, we must pay special attention to the lithium batteries on the car, whether there are regular brands, production addresses, etc., as well as whether the shell is new, whether there are scratches and obvious marks.

You can use your mobile phone to search for a brand of lithium battery. If you ca n’t find the brand, do n’t need it. Do n’t listen to the owner of the car. What is the brand and cheap. The lithium battery must buy a regular big brand to rely on it to rely on it to rely on Spectrum.

2. Pay attention to the use of lithium batteries. Do not get the wrong charger.

Someone used the charger with a lead -acid battery to charge the lithium battery. As a result, a fire explosion occurred, and it was a brand lithium battery. Why? Because lead -acid batteries are two batteries that are completely different from lithium batteries. Therefore, when charging, be sure to use the original lithium battery special charger.

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I hope that when buying electric vehicles, especially lithium batteries, do not greedy cheap to buy those inferior garbage lithium batteries back, which is too dangerous.