A recommendation of AU's current work

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A recommendation of AU's current work

2022-05-14 18:07:25 14 ℃

One organization work

So far, according to the author, the only small group with relatively appealing "category" is the "Asoul Emergency Committee" with the Royal Cavaliers Weekly (the name comes from dynamics, but it seems to be deleted soon) Now everywhere) They are all setting up small groups, and they are shifting from Anna's institutional system in the peacetime to war.

The organizational structure of the wartime mode requires more improvement. The current problems are:

-The organizational structure is not clear

-In the Central Committee, it is difficult for the task to convey the task to a small group

-Axin passage is unsuccessful

-S small leaders from all over the country are helping to send messages, but many news appears distorted and incomplete.

3. The author's suggestion has the following points:

Publicity organizational structure, clarifying which organization is responsible for macro -coexistence, which organization is responsible for command and mobilization, and local organizations listen to.

Establish a channel for publishing relevant information about organizational structure so that the lower level can know where the central committee is

If the central committee is established, the structure and the list of personnel should be made in the form of a mind map and will be announced. On the one hand, there are more clear organizational information, and on the other hand, other people can discover defects and put forward constructive opinions.


architecture diagram

At the same time, the text describes the responsibilities of the minister of the department and the list of personnel and the list of personnel.

4. Establish a program and basic principles, clarify the rules of the goals and organizational operation, and clearly explain when the subordinate agencies can move by themselves, what processes go through or meet what conditions can be separated from the organization, and make a document publicity publicity.

Errifying work

Establish a news channel to follow up with relevant information in time to ensure a reliable source of information, and leave the archive of the past (easy to check and make a binding book)

Establish an organizational channel to follow up the relevant information of the organizational structure changes in time, and save the relevant documents of the organizational structure

Established the Cultural Propaganda Channel to forward, publish, and release related cultural propaganda works, including but not limited to articles, videos and music

The above channels should be directly under the Ministry of Culture and Propaganda

Make a long picture to explain the timeline and the current problem.

Sort out a guidance file, including the timeline, program, goals, and working methods of the event.

Broken operations cannot be limited to station B and Weibo, and other public opinion battlefields must also be involved

Active diplomacy, and even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be established to unite all the power that can be united.

Red Xiaohei 2022.5.14