Will the big data major seem tall?

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Will the big data major seem tall?

2022-05-14 18:08:43 8 ℃

First talk about the prospects

Big data majors are indeed a very promising major. It is determined by this era. Big data majors are optimistic. And big data is not a new industry. It has been mature for more than ten years. It just said that it has developed vigorously in recent years, and market talent demand has continued to increase.

From the perspective of salary

Judging from the salary of graduates last year, the salary of AI and big data talents in large manufacturers is about 30W, up to 50W. From the perspective of academic degrees, undergraduate and graduate understanding accounted for more than 95%, and the overall age of AI engineers Both tend to be younger.

Employment direction

There are several directions in the future employment of big data majors. See if you go in the direction of the project or the direction of data analysis. In terms of engineering, there will be two types of data warehouse development and data platform development.

The data analysis will be closest to the business. The data warehouse is between technology and business, and data platform development will be at the bottom of the technical level.

How to learn?

Self -study or reporting

Let me talk about my view of the reporting class first: The reporting class is a way to save your time and better get started. The cost is: money

Personally, I don't think I need to exclude the training class. It is good to accept it frankly. In the training class, teachers and students communicate with each other. They can also know some connections, or a good choice.

If time or money is not allowed, can you learn yourself? Yes.

First of all, read more books, read more forums, and pay attention to some valuable public accounts. There will be a perfect knowledge system.

While learning big data technology, don't forget the basic knowledge of computer, data structure + operating system + database principle, and so on.

Relatively speaking, self -learning is much more difficult than reporting classes, and more energy is paid, but it can save costs. ### Find a job#