Let the robot understand your home Shellbot Shoubei SL60 Cefilia Robot

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Let the robot understand your home Shellbot Shoubei SL60 Cefilia Robot

2022-05-15 00:02:58 7 ℃

As the quality of life continues to improve, more than more and more families are equipped with various high -tech products, but at home, it is necessary to talk about hard cores. Sweeping robots are not lower than other high -tech products at all. It's just a vacuum cleaner that will run by wheel, but don't underestimate the many sensors and powerful algorithms that are equipped. It is precisely because of their co -operating operation that the scanned robotic talent can be like intelligent, identify the home environment in the home, and complete the obstacle avoidance cleaning independently , Easily let the floor sweeping robot understand your home.

Why can the sweeping robot be so intelligent? This naturally involves many hardcore technology, the core function -laser radar scanning planning path. If you want to achieve autonomous cleaning, the most important thing is to identify the surrounding environment. When working, the "eyes" of the scanning robot need to be stared at the surroundings.

This year, with its outstanding performance, the first shell of Shellbot, which occupies the leading industry market share in developed countries and regions such as Europe, North America, and Japan, and the newly launched SL60AI intelligent sweeping robot is the best among these products. This scanning robot uses LDS lidar navigation+Lidarslam algorithm lidar, which can identify the family environment 360 ° and quickly understand every place in the family.

Although lidar has the advantages of high accuracy of large obstacles, recognition of no network, and fast scanning speed, it is actually just a tool for collecting information. In fact, the generation of topography and robotic understanding of terrain require algorithm participation.

When working in laser radar, the most direct related is the Lidarslam algorithm. The main solution is the perception of the screen -sweeping robot on the surrounding environment and its own position. With the LIDARSLAM algorithm, the sweeping robot can build the surrounding environment map through laser radar in real time, and based on their own mobile real -time positioning, with these data, it can achieve independent navigation and positioning.

In addition to the Lidarslam algorithm and LDS lidar, shellbot SL60AI smart cleaning robots also have many sensors and algorithms to assist them in their work. Under the joint cooperation of real -time data management algorithms, perception and map algorithms, navigation and sports algorithms, it can not only realize the perception, drawing, and understanding of the surrounding terrain, but also complete the planning of its own cleaning path and take the most efficient route.

The SL60AI intelligent sweeping robot also has more high -end technologies such as AI recognition. It upgrades TrueDeteCT3D obstacles. With the help of RGB monocular cameras and AI identification, sweeping robots can identify objects on the ground and avoid it in advance. Don't worry about hitting the wall, even the obstacles of toys and shoes on the ground will no longer hinder cleaning.

With the cooperation of hard -core sensors and algorithms, it is no wonder that the screen sweeping robots can understand the shape and details of the entire room like humans. This is the case of shellbot SL60AI intelligent scanning robot. With hard core laser scanning and algorithms, the scanning robot can not make the floor -going robot like a headless fly. Instead, it can truly perceive the environment and clean it efficiently. If you are interested in the scanning robot and its hardcore technology, you may wish to start with the convenience brought by technology.