The same city in the same city, the virtual plot of the Yuan universe is released!

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The same city in the same city, the virtual plot of the Yuan universe is released!

2022-05-15 00:03:11 5 ℃

To the future of the same city, the universe

Grid City is a new Internet platform built by digital plots

You can edit independently of the digital plot

You can perform the following operations with a digital plot

Playing in the same city convenience information advertisement

Rent this position

Seize the position

Edit and maintenance grid site to get returns

There is a unique coordinate code for each digital plot, which belongs to you permanently

At present, the main application scenarios are the classification information field of the same city. In the future, we will iterate more application scenarios based on new Internet thinking


Our architecture: city, grid site, grid

Grid site

There are 300 grid stations in each city digital plot

The grid site is a node -type digital plot. It is a digital plot that can be seen on the homepage map. We express it as a grid site


There are 225 grid digital plots under each grid site node

You can see that 15 multiply 15, 225 secondary digital plots can be seen

We express these digital plots as grid


The grid site and grid are the relationship between path association. Click on the grid site to access the grid under the node path.



Digital plots are permanent belonging to you


Each digital plot has the only coordinate code

Scene practicality

Edit Digital plot, show your convenience information or advertisement of your same city

Under the blessing of permanent and unique value, it has more continuous advantages


Reward-Each grid site can get a reward of 20%of the 225 grids under the node path

Rental-Rental advertising location gets returns

Income-Release your convenience information of the same city to obtain traffic increases your operating income



Based on the spirit of the new Internet web3.0, with the digital plot as the bottom layer, the grid city will continue to iterate to apply more scenarios, and build an innovative order that users create and enjoy value.

Digital plot release plan

At present, it is mainly due to the release of the digital plot of the grid site. It is expected that more than 80%of the Digital plot of the grid site before July 2022, and then enter the sales stage of the grid digital plot.

Yuan universe

The Yuan universe is the future trend

There is no script in the Yuan universe, and there is unlimited possibilities

Our exploration of the Yuan universe, based on digital plots, creates practical scenes