How to choose a teeth?The Latest Ranking of the Latest tooth Boxer Ranking

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How to choose a teeth?The Latest Ranking of the Latest tooth Boxer Ranking

2022-05-15 00:02:38 4 ℃

The teeth have become a necessity for many friends. Friends who insist on using it for a while will feel that oral hygiene is better. However, some netizens reported that oral bleeding after a period of oral bleeding became more and more serious. This is because the tooth -flushing device they bought does not have professional technology research and development and product quality supervision. In particular, some online celebrity products only pay attention to various marketing methods. Only use the tooth punching device as a delicate small water gun. This product will only make our mouth more fragile after a long time, and even the irreversible problems such as gum atrophy, gingivitis, and periodontal disease will occur. The blogger and Wang Lei evaluated more than 30 products at their own expense, and told everyone how to choose a tooth.

(The above is part of the flusher I use)

Why do dentists recommend Chinese people to use a tooth? There are mainly the following points: the toothing device can not only clean the blind spots such as teeth, tooth decay, gingival ditch and other electric toothbrushes, remove the plaque, and prevent oral diseases from the root cause. To massage, effectively alleviate symptoms such as tootherapy bleeding and toothache; at the same time, it can also solve the problem of cleaning the gap clearance between the braces and the tooth of the orthodontics. At the same time, massaging the gums can alleviate the gum fatigue caused by the braces; Remove oral odor and facilitate normal social. However, if the structure design is used for a rough structure, the water out of the water will cause uneven water, and eventually cause severe teeth and even irreversible oral problems. (The following comes from the point of view from a professional dentist)

So how do you choose the tooth bursher? I hope that through my popular science, everyone can understand which brand of dentalizer is good. You must pay attention to buying a good point of using a teeth. And first of all, you must not be cheap.

1. The violence rinse is not desirable, especially when it is first used, be sure to use a more gentle way to care, a more mild water flow mode, because it takes some time to get familiar with the product, and the tooth gum adaptation also takes time, so you cannot pursue high high Strong impact water flow.

2. Model gears must be more, especially for the sensitive people of the teeth. Generally, the platform's household type has a 2-10 gear mode and strength. The home portable formula is generally 2-4, and the mini portable formula is generally 2-3 gears. The more gear strength, the better. Oral diseases and other conditions.

3. The main type of water flow jet mode is mainly divided into two types. 1. Pulse shooting: The special clustering effect of a periodic high -voltage pulse firing group by generating a pump machine can produce the pressure of water hammers with a much higher pressure of firing flow stagnation and increase the impact force. Essence 2. Bubble -type shooting: The air is mixed into the shot through the rolling effect of the Wen's tube. When the shooting is hit, the bubble rupture can play a mild massage and cleaning effect. Generally, the mainstream is the pulse -type shot, which will be better and more comfortable.

4. Sales type, generally tooth burstes match a variety of nozzles to adapt to various people of different people to teeth sensitive people must choose multiple nozzles as much as possible.

5. Optimum professional strength and stronger brands with higher population and population. The quality and materials of cheap teeth are not good. In order to compress the cost, the quality specifications and materials in motors, pumps and other aspects will be worse! Moreover, almost all manufacturers do not have any technical adjustment and optimization of technical adjustment and optimization of water pumps. That is to say, in addition to poor quality materials, technical research and development and adjustment are almost 0.

The above is the problem that you need to pay attention to in the purchase of the product. If you still watched it after reading it, you do n’t know how to choose the tooth. It does n’t matter. Next, I will briefly take a brief inventory of the flusher products on the market.

1. i i SII flushing dentalizer

Style characteristics: many professional -level professional -level professional -level dental treasure brands!

技术 腔 was once a dental technical solution dealer, with strong professional strength and has grown into the most professional domestic brand that does not hurt the dental brand. Rate and arrogance! Its Danle SII flushing device is "full scene, multi -sensitive, high -precision". Even under the ultra -high pulse, it can reduce the damage of more than 75%! It also made special optimizations for the difficulty of long -term chronic damage caused by the tooth flusher! Never advertising is a niche recommended by many professional dentists! Because the quality requirements are too high -production capacity, it is often sold out. As a "professional brand" selected by the major authoritative platforms, Qi Le, its professional, rigorous and safe medical research and development concepts are much more pragmatic than many brands' main value competition!

How does it completely solve the problem of teeth hurting the teeth? Qi Le SII launched an exclusive "3 -gear normal mode+ level 3 SII sensitive mode", which created an exclusive infant -level special sensitivity model and a soft mode of children. Through a larger pulse frequency, high -precision and high -coverage of different gear pulse strength can adapt to most complex oral scene environment and many sensitive people!

杂 The current status of the complicated mouth of the Chinese people, such as tooth decay, periodontitis, tooth bleeding, toothache, etc., the first eight do not hurt the black technology and the ultra -high span pulse frequency of the whole scene. Study on characteristics, more than 100 testing items such as pulse continuous decline, continuous stability of water output, pressure switching response, and accuracy of water outlets are carried out. The deviation value of the adjustment indicators is not higher than 0.1%, and the maximum does not hurt the teeth to the greatest extent! The following is a strawberry test made by professional evaluations with several different toothner. You can take a look at a reference. In response to the difficulty of after -sales and arrogant attitude of well -known brands, Qi Le also provides users with professional full -chain oral service solutions! As far as I know, there are one -to -one dental problem analysis and 30 -day oral care tracking services. In addition, it also supports the industry's exclusive time -limited delivery of 5 years of nozzle, two years of long quality after sales, 7 days without reason to open trial trials for no reason to open trial trials for no reason to open trial trials. , Sales can save more than one hundred every year! It is also used by its electric toothbrush, which is very comfortable and not hurting teeth!

2. Su Shi W3Pro flushing dentalizer

Style characteristics: 级 款 upgrade models to meet the needs of different people

Su Shi has been making a lot of small appliances. This W3 Pro introduced to you today is a main product of their family. The value is still pretty good, and this upgraded version of this dioxser is also satisfied. For more different people's needs, its main highlight is that there are three stages of strength to adjust, suitable for the needs of more people, and the cost performance is also quite good.

In terms of hardware, their family has a built -in smart chip, and the water flow is also very thin. Only a fine pulse water flow of 0.6 mm can penetrate into the gaps of our teeth and thoroughly clean up our oral residual food residue. Effectively prevent some oral problems like dental plaque.

In terms of cleaning power, his family is also doing well. There are 7+4 types of cleaning schemes, and there are 4 nozzles for different oral problems to facilitate the needs of different people. It is also pressureless for Xiaobai, who uses the flusher for the first time. His family promised a year -on -year warranty. The nozzle was installed with 2 yuan, priced at 49 yuan, and it took about 100 yuan a year.

3. OCLEANW1 flushing device

Style characteristics: better grip, lightweight and easy to carry

The appearance of the OCLEAN family is very good. There are two colors in total, Star Ziwi and Twilight White. Both colors are pretty good. You can choose according to your needs. This focus is also portable. It is small and easy to carry. The whole machine weighs only 159 grams, which is very light, so if I go out, I will carry it with it.

Although this machine is small, the cleaning power is still good. It uses air -powered technology. This technology can achieve the effect of intermittently accurate teeth. Therefore, although the machine is small in size, it is nothing to say.

Because the water tank is not large, the random tank will not be particularly large, but it is already very good for his same model. If I personally test the water, I can flush the teeth for about 2 minutes. This Time is pretty good. The warranty of his family is one year. Two nozzles are 69 yuan, and at least 4 are replaced according to the frequency of one year, which is equivalent to spending 140 yuan more in a year.

Fourth, USMILE dense waves

Style characteristics: high value, good design, good design

USMILE is a Guangzhou brand. His family has a face value and design. The product has won some design awards. The value recommended to you today is not low. It is a gradient design. There is this powder+blue The gradient color, there is also an orange+green, the two colors are very high, and the outer packaging is also very beautiful. In addition to the tooth bursher host, four portable mouthwash, a liquid are also attached to the tooth host. Toothpaste and a tooth rod, the price is not high but very dedicated.

Perhaps because of his homeowner's portable and face value, the cleaning power is not too strong. For more stubborn food residues, it is necessary to repeatedly rinse many times to clean.

The water tank is still very satisfied, with 200ml, and it is convenient to remove and clean daily cleaning. The battery is also very useful. It can be fully used in 4-5 hours. Essence I also asked everyone about the warranty rules of his family. After one year of insurance, the sale of his house was 59 yuan. Because the nozzle was consumable, basically it would be changed in the first quarter, and it cost 120 yuan in one year.

5. Bayer M3 flushing dentalizer

Style characteristics: color matching girl heart, three modes of cleaning teeth seams

Bayer is an emerging brand. Their family is also the first tooth -flushing industry. The main features are cost -effective and portable. This one has two colors, blue and white and pink, which are pretty good. The whole machine is not particularly light but not sinking. There are 2685G like this, which can be acceptable.

There are three types of models designed with conventional and gentle pulses. The conventional is not introduced. Gentle is a softer water pressure. It is suitable for classmates with sensitive teeth. The pulse is the water flow of strong and weakness. It can massage the gums and it is very comfortable to use.

His family also randomly comes with four nozzles. The nozzles are different. They are targeted at different oral problems. There are standard nozzles, periodontal pocket nozzles, orthodontic nozzles, and tongue coating. Try to see if you can use it, if you like it, it is still a good gift. 6. Dr. Bei F3 Yaker

Style characteristics: drawing water tank, 360 -degree nozzle rotation

This is also a pretty one. Dr. Bei's product line is quite wide, and he still sells toothpaste. This F3 flushing device has a clever design -pumping water tank. When you need to use it, if you draw out the host part, there will be a 180ml water tank appearing in front of it. After use, you need to store it. Press the host part into the water tank. The value is not low.

I have a good test. The button above can remove the nozzle. You can remove the nozzle with a light press, and this nozzle can rotate 360 ​​degrees, the nozzle diameter is only 0.6 mm, and easily rinse the food residue in the teeth.

It has three different types of teeth modes. It is relatively small. The life scene that can be applied is limited. It can only meet the most basic strength design. It is not necessary to ask too much on the face value. His family promised a year -on -year warranty. The nozzle was installed with 2 yuan, priced at 58 yuan, and it was about 120 yuan a year.

How to choose the tooth flusher, I have given you an inventory. The above is the 6 products I have used well. I remind everyone that choosing the toothner should not only pay attention to the cleaning power, but also pay attention to the degree of dental protection and comfort. Because many people simply pursue the cleansing power of the toothing device, they will cause excessive teeth, bleeding, teeth pain, and chronic teeth that are not easy to detect! So I suggest that you try to choose a mild water flush device to reduce gum damage. If you have any little friends who do n’t understand, you can trust me privately.