The iPhone13 has plummeted, and the price collapses to outrageous ...

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The iPhone13 has plummeted, and the price collapses to outrageous ...

2022-05-15 00:02:19 5 ℃

With 4 months, the iPhone 14 series will meet us. I don't know if I am still hesitant to buy 13 students at this time. What are you struggling?

Let me briefly analyze it. It is said that due to the increase in screen costs and exchange rate issues, the price of the iPhone 14 series will generally rise by $ 100. It is definitely not cost -effective to buy a new machine directly?

In addition, the price of the iPhone 13 series is basically bottomed out, and it is a very suitable time period to buy now. After 14 releases for a period of time, Pinduoduo 10 billion subsidies followed up.

So I suggest that I have been waiting for 14, do n’t you choose an appropriate iPhone 13 in Pindy more than 10 billion subsidies?

That's right, from May 15th to May 17th, the anniversary of Pindura is here! From 00 o'clock on May 15th, the full category will be added, and the large coupon bag with a maximum of 120 yuan is waiting for you to lead you! Fold it up after the voucher! iPhone 13 is as low as 4889 yuan! Stacking coupons can be lower!

So don't forget to click the small program below to enter the main venue to receive the coupon, and then buy good things, it will save money ~

10 billion subsidy main venue

So this time it is still the old rules,

Original price is green, preferential price is red

(*Based on the price of the page, buy it first!)

The iPhone 13 series must have, this time the subsidy is very strong.

iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, the official website starts from 7999 yuan/8999 yuan, 10 billion subsidies can be stacked from 7119/7989 yuan, saving one thousand yuan directly.

The official website starts from the iPhone 13, which starts at 5999 yuan, and the tens of billions of subsidies start from 4889 yuan. What is the price of this price?

Of course, in addition to the iPhone 13 series models, other models such as the iPhone SE 3 and iPhone 12 also have different strength subsidies. There are no routines and not afraid of comparison. Ten billion subsidies are genuine National Bank!

10 billion subsidies Apple Special

During the epidemic, many schools use online teaching methods, so a cheap and easy -to -use tablet computer is essential. I am the first to push iPad 9 here. It is more than enough. With Apple Pencil, making class notes is simply smooth and smooth. You can also use it to watch the game and play games in your spare time.

The key is that the price of iPad 9 official website starts from 2499 yuan, and Pinduoduo Ten billion subsidies have only started from 2268 yuan, and the price is lower after stacked coupons!

10 billion subsidies Apple Special

If you have more professional needs and need higher performance, you can also choose the iPad Pro of the M1 chip, cutting videos, drawing, and e -sports. iPad Pro even supports the lightning port. The wired transmission bandwidth is up to 40GB/s. It can connect hard disks, docks, displays, and real productivity tools ~